10 Best Acoustic Guitar Forums to Join as a New Guitarist

If you’re a new guitarist, you might have lots of questions regarding playing guitar.  It doesn’t matter you’re learning guitar from the web or attending somewhere in music classes, it’s very important and a good idea to join an acoustic guitar forum.

As most of the related information is available on the websites, people visit forums very hardly ever these days. But, there are still many reasons to join forums when you don’t find satisfying answers to your personalized issues. That’s why here we’re with some top forums for acoustic guitar.

Top 10 Acoustic Guitar Forums on The Internet

  1. The Acoustic Guitar Forums
  2. Ultimate Guitar Community
  3. Harmony Central Forums
  4. The Jazz Guitar Forums
  5. Guitar Tricks Forums
  6. Guitar Forums
  7. Guitar Noise Forums
  8. Acoustic Guitar Community
  9. The Gear Page
  10. The Canadian Guitar Forums

1. The Acoustic Guitar Forums

It’s one of the largest acoustic guitar forums in the world. Also, it’s the most active acoustic guitar community that brings real-time conversation, communication, and other related information. That’s why it’s very popular to the acoustic guitarists, artists, guitar manufacturers, builders, and retailers.

If you’re a newbie in this sector, it’s potentially the best forums among others and perfect for you. Most people start learning guitar playing with the acoustic guitar and this is the forum where the main point of discussion is about acoustic guitars. As a result, most beginners are active members of this forum.

Also, it has some other type of members that have accounts in it and look for their issues regarding guitar. It’s because many experienced guitarists reply to the questions. Overall, it’s quite suitable for new guitar learners. Also, you’ll feel comfortable to ask something here.

2. Ultimate Guitar Community

This guitar forum comes with the assorted types of contents, including sole discussion about some hot topics. Also, you’ll find the forum discussion the instruments like techniques of guitar, gear, customization, and accessories. It means that the discussions are not just limited to the single issue of acoustic guitar.

For example, you’ll find loads of threads out there if you have an issue with your bass or electric guitars. Moreover, there is a different section for the general music lovers that have information and news on bands and artists along with poetry and lyrics. The forum is also great for you if you want to promote your band.

So, you just need to a part of the thread named ‘Musician Talk’. It covers everything about music production. You’re not just able to create tabs; you also can learn and share them in this forum.

3. Harmony Central Forums

It’s another great forum to join for the beginners. This one is suitable for you if you like to look around for a large range of choices regarding guitars. Apart from remaining with some interesting articles, the forum comes with user review, expert review, and news. These all are related to your interest in learning guitar. 

Apart from acoustic guitar, you’ll also find some topics about electric and bass guitars with some general music. Like the previous forum, you can promote your brand in it as well. When you’ll promote your band here, you’ll get so many expert reviews and suggestions on it.

Moreover, you can display your videos to show your talent to the world. Another good thing about the forum is that it’ll help you to learn how to create your personal songs. So, we can say that this forum also provides you everything about the music.

4. The Jazz Guitar Forums

A place where you can ask anything about music is the Jazz Guitar Forums. Aside from asking questions, you also can share your musical ideas, concerts, and workshops. Also, you can share anything about jazz guitar as jazz guitarists from anywhere in the world.

Besides, the forum is dedicated to the things that relate to the acoustic guitar. It also highlights the showcases of a different acoustic guitarist each month. There are loads of links to different guitar resources that are very useful for guitar enthusiasts.

In addition, you’ll find some interesting articles regarding various guitars. Many experts are giving their valuable advice out there that you can use for the improvement of your guitar learning.  That’s why this forum is also highly recommended for beginners and for the experts too.

5. Guitar Tricks Forums

This is a classical guitar forum, which is completely free to use for its members. When you’re looking for a wide range of choices about guitars, the Guitar Tricks is the most suitable for you. To post a question or use any of its resources, you just need to register and then you’re all set to go with it.

Along with discussing different issues about acoustic guitar, the forum also has some other activities. These include various reviews, news, and acoustic guitar related articles. That means this forum is not restricted to just different issues of acoustic guitar. It comes with many things that you can use to learn the guitar.

Even if you like to buy a guitar, you can get suggestions from the experts in this forum. And you may get a suitable guitar from any of the members while you’re discussing the point of purchasing. As a result, this very active guitar community is the first choice of beginner and expert guitarist.

6. Guitar Forums

It’s a decent acoustic guitar forum of the guitarists that its name entails clearly. The forum also comes with some other content with and without related to the acoustic guitar. Apart from the guitar topics, you’ll find some people are discussing their birthdays to ghosts.

But, it needs just a single click on the tab of ‘Open Discussion’ that will bring you to the community that you’re looking for. When it comes to the discussion points, this is a great and ideal platform for you. It’s because you’ll find it very helpful as a new guitarist and easy to get solutions to your question.

Also, there are some different categories like ‘Skills’, ‘The Gear’, and ‘In The Studio.’ This makeup the layout of the forum where there are some smaller categories as well. These categories come with everything that you need as a guitarist. Even it helps you to collaborate with some other expert artists.

If you are interested in collaborating with other aspiring artists then you will find many others on this site with the same wishes, hence allowing you to show off your talents and broaden your knowledge of music.

7. Guitar Noise Forums

This forum is a community of people who like to share their common interest in acoustic guitar. It’s a great forum for the guitar lovers that allows you to exchange your learn and information with one another. Like all other forums, this one is also a great place to learn reviews from the experts.

But, don’t forget to introduce yourself in the “Meet and greet” tab when you join first in the forum. The Guitar Noise is a better thread where you can find and meet new guitarists and musicians.

Also, you can share your issues and questions that you need to get a good solution. You can join with loads of guitar players of different levels and tastes if you want to know more techniques about playing guitar.

8. Acoustic Guitar Community

You’ll positively love the forum and its layout to get going. This is the type of forum that not just comes with lots of interesting contents, it’s also visually enjoyable. There are some forums that people feel bore to join because of old modeled format and design.

But, this forum comes with a great visual attraction that will magnetize you to go with. When it comes to the point of what you can get from this forum, this is indeed the most perfect for the beginners. From the discussion section, the beginners will be able to learn more about how to play the guitar.

You’ll also find a query section, which has made by existing plus new guitarists. It discusses topics like the ways of taking care of the guitars. Also, some more interesting topics are there for you.

9. The Gear Page

The forum has many types of posts that have made by its administrators and the old members. But, it’s a great place for beginners to get the answers to their queries and other trending topics.

Also, the forum has different announcements for its membership programs with interactive threads of administrators for the current associates.

To make the members’ enjoyment, they have a thread of live/recording sound discussion. In this thread, the members will be able to share their questions and opinion about the related topics.

10. The Canadian Guitar Forums

As its name suggests, this is a Canada based guitar forum. It’s an ideal platform where you can join and get the most as a new guitarist. No matter you might be learning guitar via the internet or by attending classes, you can face some issues with it.

That’s why if you join this forum, you’ll get a large and open field to discuss your issues with a broad community. The community is full of experts and experienced guitarists and musicians.

So, it’s the perfect place where you can get your problems solved. What’s more, you have the chance to show your talent through this forum.


An acoustic guitar forum is the right platform to learn how to play it with efficiency. You just need to follow the guidelines regularly exactly that will introduce you with a wide learning community that has the same interest.

The forums are especially ideal for the new guitar learners because they face loads of problems initially. Joining the above-said forums obviously will be helpful to you while looking to improving your guitar playing skills.

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