How Much Does 9round Cost in 2023

If you love kickboxing and want to include it in your exercise schedule, 9round will be your best companion without a doubt. The gym has branches across the world and offers a unique workout plan for everyone.

You can come and go to the gym as per your schedule and arrange it accordingly with the available gym trainer on the spot. However, before you jump big into 9round fanaticism, you should know how much does 9round cost.

To put it shortly, a monthly subscription for 9round is about $100. But it varies from location to location.

The reason for price variation and exact costing will be described elaborately in the coming sections.

What Is 9round

I have already told you that 9round is a gym. However, it is far from being a regular standard gym with a scheduled gym session. In most cases, all gyms cater a fixed timing for you.

And when you fail to attend the scheduled time, you are left alone to fend in the gym room and do nothing actually. 9round comes ahead here with its virtually a schedule-free gym timing.

You can visit the gym anytime you wish, and there will be an instructor ready to help you with a good 30 minutes to 1-hour gym session. Each franchise of 9round gym has a highly skilled trainer who waits for you throughout the (multiple trainers round the clock) day.

Whenever you visit the gym, these trainers will come out of your thoroughly planned gym charts and provide you best assistance during the workout session.

The trainer will create an extensive workout schedule to mobilize every part of your body and maximize the effect of workouts, and that’s where 9round stand out from standard gyms.

How Much Does 9round Cost

As you see the unique workout structure of 9round and its benefits, you might be wondering that it will cost more than standard gyms.

Although the though is legitimate, it doesn’t have any base.

9round works like all regular gyms and won’t cost you more than $100 for each month in most cases. However, it will vary slightly in different locations, since various franchises run the gym in other areas.

Therefore, an average monthly subscription for 9round will cost you around $80 to $100, which is similar to most standard gyms. You will get effectively full access to all the regular workout facilities within the monthly subscription fee.

You can also choose from 6-months and 1-year subscription, which have a slightly low costing compared to the monthly expense.

Also, you will have to register for the 9round workout when you first initiate it. The first initiation fee varies around $50 to $200 depending on your geographical location and owner of the franchise there. Nonetheless, your first workout in this unique gym is always free.

So, in our opinion, 9round is an affordable workout space across the globe. Also, it’s a unique offering with a 24X7 trainer, and a detailed workout plan keeps it leagues ahead of others.

What Includes Within the Subscription Fee

When you subscribe for 9round gym and also pay the initiation fee, you get access to all standard gym accessories. Plus, you will get a pair of gloves and hand wraps.

So, it will save you a few bucks as you won’t have to look for another pair in a long time. What’s more, some 9round gloves even have intense pulse within the gloves. The pulse mechanism monitors heart rate with the attached belt.

You can connect the heart-rate monitoring feature with your mobile phone and see it instantly. The continuous reading will help you know how much calories you have burnt- no more and no less. That’s impressive!

What Else Should You Know About 9round Gym

9rounds have developed a brilliant workout plan for everyone, depending on their physical structure and calorie needs. Thereby, each session lasts for three minutes. An assigned trainer will intensely monitor the entire session.

You won’t get bored and stale in a particular workout type, thanks to the continuous shifting of the workout places. You will get access to nine various workout sessions within the gym, and each has a set of specified tasks.

Your trainer will tailor each session with a sufficient interval to maximize the workout effect without much boredom.  Since every session is customized to meet your physical requirements and endurance, you won’t have to worry about overdoing the sessions.

The 9round workouts are a combination of kickboxing, abs, and core training sessions as well as formal strength training as you move from one station to another.


So, this is all of our detailed discussion on how much does 9round cost. Also, it includes what you will get in exchange for spending in the gym. It is a gladdening matter that most franchises for 9round ask for $80 to $100 for the monthly subscription, which is affordable if not cheap compared to most gyms.

What’s more, you get quality gloves and tailored workout sessions under the supervision of a trainer during any time of the day in 9round. S, when you are joining 9round for toned abs and strengthened muscles?

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