How Much Does Anytime Fitness Membership Cost? | Updated (2020)

As you’re looking for a suitable fitness center within a reasonable price, you want to know how much does Anytime Fitness membership cost. Depending on the type of membership, location, and amenities, the fees of membership may largely vary.

Another reason is that individual franchisees are the owners and operators of these fitness centers. Usually, it may cost in average $30 to $36 per month based on the membership.

But, most of them cost an annual membership fee of $39 and some other may cost up to $44 for the membership of a monthly basis. For all of them, their annual rates range between $450 to $500.

A Brief About Anytime Fitness Center

When you’re in search of a crucial fitness center with the most essential facilities, get into Anytime Fitness center. It’s a reputed fitness club with 24-Hour service and based in Woodbury, Minnesota.

After establishing in 2002, it operates more than 4,000 franchises in 50 countries right now. Also, it was the fitness club with the fastest growth pace in 2014 that has said by Forbes.

And it was at the first position in the ranking in Entrepreneur Magazine in 2015 on their list of the global franchise. There are over 3 million clients of this fitness club across the world.

Why You Should Choose Anytime Fitness

Before we go through the topic of how much does anytime fitness cost, it’s significant to know why you should be a member of Anytime Fitness center. We can answer it very short.

While you’re looking for a great fitness center that comes with the most possible capabilities, you should choose Anytime Fitness. It could be your best choice to meet the goals of your fitness and workout sessions.

This fitness club is a leader on all other in the US that’s more suitable for every type of individuals. Also, it could be a perfect choice for the gym goers that don’t require a higher membership and monthly fees.

Anytime Fitness Membership Prices and Service

By now, you know how much does it cost to join anytime fitness. For the reason that we already have discussed the fees of Anytime Fitness centers where we have learned that it varies widely. The membership fees are usually depending on different factors like the services and location of the fitness club.

Along with the regular membership plans, they also offer discounts for their members. Such as, from both male and female members of the gym get a month free membership. They give the offer for the member with the highest attendance percentage.

It’s a great chance to get the option of saving some bucks if you can be a ‘gym rat.’ Besides, there are some other types of memberships with different benefits. Let’s know them below:

Single members & Two Adults

Getting membership as a couple is cheaper than doing it for a single individual applicant. The initial fee for a single member may cost up to $50. But, it could be in between $30 to $40 if you prepay your annual fee of $400 to $500.

Now, you’ll ask how much does anytime fitness cost per month for two adults of a couple. The monthly fee for a couple or two adults is from $50 to $70 with an annual prepay amount of $700 to $800.

That means it’s less than $100 for two adults. For these fees, you’ll get an affordable service from Anytime Fitness in compare to other high-priced gyms of the country.

As a result, a person with an average income can manage a monthly membership to their service. Thus, this gym has been so popular for its affordable cost and the most possible services.

The good thing about a single membership is that it provides access to various locations of Anytime Fitness globally. This offer enables you to use their services all over the world without paying an extra charge.

So, if you’re a frequent traveler, you can use your nearest gym in the country you visit with your native country membership. But, you should be confirming whether your franchise allows global roaming with your membership.

Anytime Fitness Activation Fees

There is another type of fee, the activation free that just $50 for all Anytime Fitness members. Also, the company has a special program named ‘No Member Left Behind.’

This program offers nutritional recommendations to the new members with two special training sessions. Moreover, the members of this program get a 30-day workout plan without any cost.

Some Other Discount & Promotion

Anytime comes with different promotions, offers, and discounts that can involve its membership fees for in a specific location. In the same way, there are variations on the cancellation fees and privacy policy in different states.

Final Thought

Hopefully, the issue of how much does anytime fitness membership cost has become easier for you to understand. It’s because you should understand the contract fully before signing, despite having a reasonable membership fee.

Another thing is that there may remain some hidden charges such as some gyms charge $186 as a key fob deposit. So, before you take membership from Anytime Fitness Club, don’t forget to read their policy and fee structures.

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