Arozzi Verona Pro V2 Review | Updated (2020)

The success of making the unique Verona gaming chair has encouraged Arozzi to build the Pro V2 version with some major improvements. Usually, people purchase a chair looking at its additional features and the padding.

Sometimes you prefer to get a chair that can make a statement. The Arozzi Verona Pro V2 is the type of chair that’s not just eye-catching; it also has many features to draw your attention.


The manufacturer has replaced the model by the Pro V2 is the most notable thing about the chair. So, it’s still a valuable chair and let’s know the Arozzi Verona Pro V2 review below.

Stuff That Needs For Gaming

The Pro V2 is a mid-range featured gaming chair from the Arozzi. The design of the chair is tempting for new and old hand gamers. The chair offers some proven features that Arozzi fans are probably familiar with them already.

Also, it comes with a completely racing-inspired design that’s more decent than many other brands. The second edition of the Verona has extra space that’s visible in the backrest and seat pan.

Most significantly, the latest one comes with improved ergonomics. Almost all areas of the chair don’t have a scope of the complaint without the used foam for padding.

The Support & Ergonomic Design


The chairs, especially gaming chairs essentially need to be ergonomics in design. That’s why Arozzi provides such chairs that have the same approach irrespective of the price.

Even many gamers know that this V2 is the first and best option for a gamer in this category because it really has equipped better in design than many other gaming chairs of the same range. If you’re moving up to the stylish chair from the entry-level one, you’ll find it amazingly comfortable.

The hanging design of this chair mainly impacts on the user where it needs the lateral support in a very smaller portion. The idea literally has borrowed from the seats of the racing cars. Thus it has the combined efforts to provide the most out of the chair. 

hello my name is Leah when this is my review on the Verona Pro v2 gaming chair the chair was bought from the Orochi website which is a Swedish company it cost about 300 to euro including equipment and I especially wanted the carbon black version one of the key features of the chair is the ergonomic design the adjustable armrest the ranking function the tilt talk function and of course the the metal frame and the glass for gas lift before I bought the product I also had a look on the Max anomic website they have a line of pro gaming and office chairs and one that actually caught my attention was the alta pro version other alternatives you can find on the noble chair website here you can find products that are made in Germany for products that are with a real leather and synthetic leather but some things that I didn't liked about this product are the stitching's as you can see on the seat there are crossed line stitches and when you sit on them they're not actually very comfortable another company that is from Germany is even they offer some lines like champion calling hero or flash they mostly differ in color and sizes and if you do a little bit of search under net you will see that they have a lot of high quality products for low prices when the Orochi chair arrived from sweden and was actually a bit surprised because the package is very very large but I was I was happy because the components inside the pass would didn't have any defects to it and I started to assemble them pretty fast it took me like half an hour max I think and one other thing that had really helped was the textile herbs that came in the package they really help you during the assembly process one thing to mention is that the backrest have some cuts on each side two of them of course are for the balls that come in but the large one is for the plastic component that cover all the the balls so don't worry about them so this is how the final product looks like after assembly it moves actually very easy on a wooden floor so I don't have any issues like getting stuck in a carpet or something like that I heard that some people have this issue but one thing that actually surprised me is that the base is not aluminum it's it's a heavy nylon but I don't know I would have expected that in this price range some aluminium base would have been better I think one other thing that actually is also surprised me was the the leverage for the the tilt function I think it actually opens a little bit so I don't know why does that maybe because it is plastic on the backrest as you can see the is the ROC logo it looks very nice also we have the the band's the elastic bands that keep the pushing in front of the chair they actually are very good so they are not very loosened I didn't made any modifications empty actually came like this on on the package so I didn't have any modifications to do to them like no tighten them or something like that the the metal bat backrest is very sturdy it actually feels very nice the the padding on the metal frame is very also very comfortable you can actually feel the cold foam inside inside the chair the system at the plastic component that I told you about this actually enters in the at a large hole that you saw earlier and in its its it doesn't feel very premium and the one other thing is the leverage on the side that has a small issue I think it's it's very very tensioned and you need to put a force into it just to make the backrest use the details and function it goes back 130 degrees but it works it works and the thing is that when you really try to pull hard on the leverage it kind of makes some sounds in that plastic cover case another the less the chair is very comfortable very sturdy like I said being a bit big really goes nice with a normal desk and also one thing that really helps with a sitting position or the armrest the I'm gonna start not for weight interactional but they go up and down you can adjust the height pretty nicely and also the the padding on and Ammar is very soft the curve inside them really it helps with the sitting position also softer the pillows that are seated in front of the chair they are covered in the same letter as the as the whole chair you can actually move over them using the elastic bands like I said della statements are not very tight okay and you can the low pillow you can actually Direction it on any way you like on the Midway on the lower back if you like and it really helps with with a normal posture in the chair also the foam used in the on the seat is very medium I think it's not really soft if it was really soft you probably have this lower back problem like like you see on other chairs like the DX racers but it's very it's very medium it's not very hard like noble chairs for example that are made in Germany and I really like the the foam that is used in the in the whole chair it gives you a really nice comfort in the experiments very pleasant and I'm actually really recommend this chair to to from the guys from Sweden

Back Pillows For The Additional Help

A large number of gaming chairs in this range of price don’t much highlight on position. But, the Pro V2 will offer you some attractive extras that will help you to understand how important their posture is when they’re sitting for a long time.  The chair comes with two pillows with it in the lower and upper sides.

In these two chairs, the lower one provides your lumbar support. It has two straps with the option of height adjustment that’s suitable for the users of an assortment of heights. Besides, the upper one is suitable for supporting your head and you can remove it when you don’t need it.

A Fun & Functional Steep Recline

If you unfairly blame the Arozzi for its some shortcomings then that are not the issues with its steep recline. It’s because the Pro V2 has all of the fun and functionality that need to make it the best gaming chair. When it comes to the recline function, you can lie down it up to 165 degrees.

So, you can set it according to your desired angle that provides them the highest comfort. It makes taking a break from playing games quicker and you don’t need to leave the chair. Also, it can be time to straighten and relax your spine after a long time of sitting.

what's up guys it's nicolas and around six months ago I did a video review about the Orochi verona pro I bought it off mass drop and at the time I'm receiving it I said it felt sturdy and I was hopeful that it would last but I said that I would have to do an update video later on to tell you guys where it was and how it was doing so I guess the question becomes how did the chair hold up is this actually a second chair did I bought because the first one broke I guess I'll have to find out ok ok ok I'm sorry I know that was kind of an edgy intro yes this is the same chair that I purchased all those months ago and it has held up amazing believe me I would have made a video much sooner if this thing it started to break down because I'm the kind of person that winds and lets everybody know when something breaks and yeah but this thing has held up awesome and it shows no signs of kicking the bucket so far I want to start this off by saying that I'm a pretty good-sized guy six foot tall about 200 pounds and that was my big concern with this chair because the last chair I owned which was this ugly brown pleather high-back executive chair from Staples for about a hundred dollars everything just kind of it felt good at first but then the padding on the seat broke down it felt like I was sitting on plywood and it just made my experience editing and gaming and anything like that just unbearable and it felt plasticky and cheap and so when I found a gaming chair and mass drop for about 80 dollars more than I paid for my original chair you can bet your grandmother's prized knick-knack collection then I was just a little bit skeptical just just the tiniest bit I floundered about wanting to spend the money on the chair and eventually the piece of plywood I was sitting on broke down my resolve and I ordered the chair but sitting here now months later I am so so glad that I did honestly I don't think I could have made a better choice now if you want to know what I thought about the chair originally when I first unboxed it and put it together look at my first review I'll try to link it down below or maybe up here somewhere not used to linking videos but yeah watch that first if you want to know what I originally thought when I got out of the box so like I said my biggest concern was the actual seat of the chair cuz coming from my old chair yeah I I really just need something that was gonna hold up and when I first sat in this I was blown away and to be honest not much has changed it may have a little bit more give but not enough to affect the comfort and that's what I'm impressed by for less than $200 the metal base and the casters have not caused me any headaches which that's great but that's not usually the part that fails on chairs so I'll give them a good job for keeping up with the rest the height adjustment and recliner lock work exactly the same as when I bought this thing there one little difference that I want you guys to know is that there is some clicking and popping when you work line but not as much as I've heard on some more expensive chairs so I will give them a thumbs up for that the lever and mechanism that lets you recline the backrest of the chair hasn't given me any problems but honestly after that first initial couple weeks of use where it was like a novelty like oh I can lay back in my chair yeah I don't really use it might very much anymore so yes it works still but I don't use it very much I have a nice comfy bed to sleep in so why would I sleep in my office yeah the armrests are still holding up great barring the one time that the bolts did come at loose enough it like all the sudden that I was actually able to like rock it back and forth a very good amount I probably should have shot video of that but all in good time my friends no I'm just kidding but yeah it was literally as simple as me pulling out an allen wrench and just tightening that out the lumbar and headrest pillows are both just as squishy and supportive as when I first got it this was a concern because I had seen where they were like and they get flattened and then they just never popped back mine's still working great both of them the one thing to know is that the embroidery or the embroidered logo on the headrest pillow what you guys are seeing now it's kind of starting to fray and yeah and it's just a cosmetic thing it doesn't affect the comfort but still you should know what you're getting into on the topic of stitching and and all that all the rest of the stitching on the chair has held up fantastic I'm really surprised that I don't have any other loose stitches but I've looked and I don't so yeah speaking of cosmetic gripes I don't remember this material on the backrest being wrinkled like this when I first got it so I mean just something cosmetic but just again so you know what you're getting into it must have bunched up at with use that's all I can assume the other thing is that the material that is stretched across the actual seat of the chair is a little bit more loose and so I'm gonna guess again that it stretches out with use and then doesn't quite go back to its original shape but it doesn't affect comfort so I don't really see any reason to take points off for that so congrats I guess to wrap up and conclude this I'll say if you're in the market for $200 or sub $200 chair there's not a lot of options there is more than there used to be but honestly I don't think you can go wrong with the Orochi verona pro it's on mass drop quite often so if you are looking just keep your eyes peeled watch there and I think I'm gonna be picking up another one for Amber soon so you'll see that on probably the live streams alright guys leave me a like if you guys liked the video leave it a dislike if you disliked it let me know down in the comments what you like her what you disliked subscribe if you guys aren't already tell your friends family and crazy neighbors about the channel make sure you are subscribed Twitter Instagram and patreon down in the description if you guys like the content we make and you wanna see us make more and better content become a patron even at the $1 tier it still helps us out immensely it all goes towards gear for the channel and just tech reviews so thank you to all of our patrons you guys are awesome and other than that thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one

Get Moving With A Rocking Function

The chair has a rocking function that’s cool to use. Obviously, the users of this chair discuss the impact on the superior activity level. However, gamers know that this is indeed a fun way to be focusing and entertaining when there is substantial pressure.

That’s why most gamers enjoy its rocking function as it’s rarely available when its core gets some opening. Besides, it’ll provide you a great posture benefits while sitting in a fun way. It also helps in getting the improvements in your postural muscle.

Enough Adjustability For The Gamers


Some more features were indeed possible to add in the gaming chair. But, this is not always the issue when the users like to get the freedom of choosing the kind of characteristics they need in it. It’s the major reason that V2 is a leading solution among many others in terms of the adjustable backrest.

As you already know that it has two support pillows, they offer a unique characteristic. The reality is that some gamers identify the chair just when they find these two pillows with straps of the height adjustment.

Also, the reclining function is very helpful in this case. In some other cases, many gamers can feel the limitation by real support and armrest. It especially happens when they have 290lbs or more bodyweight.  

Great To Talk About Armrests

As the armrests of this gaming chair are not fixed, this is a great and positive aspect. However, it’s as adjustable as you can do with the Torretta that allows its users to get their preferred height.

As a result, this chair is typically recommended for gaming purposes. In this case, the biggest player is the height-adjustable armrests that you know it allows you to find the right height that you need for the highest comfort.

Best Value Of The Pro V2

The Pro V2 is obviously valuable to invest in and will return you the most of your investment. Apart from adding more value, it’s all set to avail you the most freedom in terms of ergonomic design and extraordinary space. Thus, it gives you as much sustainability as you need to be a design of the future-proof.


The Arozzi Verona Pro V2 is one of the great gaming chairs that can meet your needs if you’re a gamer. As it has some major improvements, this is the perfect successor of other Arozzi Verona gaming chairs.

With the best weight capacity in comparison to other chairs of the same price range, this one is highly recommended. Hopefully, this Arozzi Verona Pro V2 review will help you select the right gaming chair.

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