Arozzi Verona Pro V2 Review in 2022

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The success of making the unique Verona gaming chair has encouraged Arozzi to build the Pro V2 version with some major improvements. Usually, people purchase a chair looking at its additional features and padding.

Sometimes you prefer to get a chair that can make a statement. The Arozzi Verona Pro V2 is the type of chair that’s not just eye-catching; it also has many features to draw your attention.


The manufacturer has replaced the model with the Pro V2 is the most notable thing about the chair. So, it’s still a valuable chair and let’s know the Arozzi Verona Pro V2 review below.

Stuff That Needs For Gaming

The Pro V2 is a mid-range featured gaming chair from the Arozzi. The design of the chair is tempting for new and old hand gamers. The chair offers some proven features that Arozzi fans are probably familiar with them already.

Also, it comes with a completely racing-inspired design that’s more decent than many other brands. The second edition of the Verona has extra space that’s visible in the backrest and seat pan.

Most significantly, the latest one comes with improved ergonomics. Almost all areas of the chair don’t have a scope of the complaint without the used foam for padding.

The Support & Ergonomic Design


The chairs, especially gaming chairs essentially need to be ergonomics in design. That’s why Arozzi provides such chairs that have the same approach irrespective of the price.

Even many gamers know that this V2 is the first and best option for a gamer in this category because it really has equipped better in design than many other gaming chairs of the same range. If you’re moving up to the stylish chair from the entry-level one, you’ll find it amazingly comfortable.

The hanging design of this chair mainly impacts the user where it needs the lateral support in a very smaller portion. The idea literally has been borrowed from the seats of the racing cars. Thus it has the combined efforts to provide the most out of the chair. 

Back Pillows For The Additional Help

A large number of gaming chairs in this range of price don’t much highlight on position. But, the Pro V2 will offer you some attractive extras that will help you to understand how important their posture is when they’re sitting for a long time.  The chair comes with two pillows with it on the lower and upper sides.

In these two chairs, the lower one provides your lumbar support. It has two straps with the option of height adjustment that’s suitable for users of an assortment of heights. Besides, the upper one is suitable for supporting your head and you can remove it when you don’t need it.

A Fun & Functional Steep Recline

If you unfairly blame the Arozzi for its shortcomings then that are not the issue with its steep recline. It’s because the Pro V2 has all of the fun and functionality that need to make it the best gaming chair. When it comes to the recline function, you can lie down it up to 165 degrees.

So, you can set it according to your desired angle that provides them the highest comfort. It makes taking a break from playing games quicker and you don’t need to leave the chair. Also, it can be time to straighten and relax your spine after a long time of sitting.

Get Moving With A Rocking Function

The chair has a rocking function that’s cool to use. Obviously, the users of this chair discuss the impact on the superior activity level. However, gamers know that this is indeed a fun way to be focusing and entertaining when there is substantial pressure.

That’s why most gamers enjoy its rocking function as it’s rarely available when its core gets some opening. Besides, it’ll provide you a great posture benefits while sitting in a fun way. It also helps in getting improvements in your postural muscle.

Enough Adjustability For The Gamers


Some more features were indeed possible to add to the gaming chair. But, this is not always the issue when the users like to get the freedom of choosing the kind of characteristics they need in it. It’s the major reason that V2 is a leading solution among many others in terms of the adjustable backrest.

As you already know that it has two support pillows, and they offer a unique characteristic. The reality is that some gamers identify the chair just when they find these two pillows with straps for the height adjustment.

Also, the reclining function is very helpful in this case. In some other cases, many gamers can feel the limitation of real support and armrest. It especially happens when they have 290lbs or more bodyweight.  

Great To Talk About Armrests

As the armrests of this gaming chair are not fixed, this is a great and positive aspect. However, it’s as adjustable as you can do with the Torretta which allows its users to get their preferred height.

As a result, this chair is typically recommended for gaming purposes. In this case, the biggest player is the height-adjustable armrests that you know allow you to find the right height that you need for the highest comfort.

Best Value Of The Pro V2

The Pro V2 is obviously valuable to invest in and will return you the most of your investment. Apart from adding more value, it’s all set to avail you of the most freedom in terms of ergonomic design and extraordinary space. Thus, it gives you as much sustainability as you need to be a design the future-proof.


The Arozzi Verona Pro V2 is one of the great gaming chairs that can meet your needs if you’re a gamer. As it has some major improvements, this is the perfect successor to other Arozzi Verona gaming chairs.

With the best weight capacity in comparison to other chairs of the same price range, this one is highly recommended. Hopefully, this Arozzi Verona Pro V2 review will help you select the right gaming chair.

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