What Does the B1 Honda Service Cost?

A Honda car displays service codes when it requires maintenance. One of the most commonly seen service codes is the B1.

Upon finding the code on your car, it’s only natural to ask about the B1 Honda service cost and procedure.

The price can range anywhere from $150 to $225, depending on the dealers in your area. The price can fluctuate a lot based on the fuel price as the service includes a full oil change, along with other services.

Average Annual Honda Maintenance Cost

Here’s a table depicting the average annual maintenance cost of Honda vehicles.

ModelAverage Annual Maintenance Cost
Honda Fit$390
Honda Civic$368
Honda Accord$400
Honda CR-V$407
Honda Odyssey$547

What Is a B1 Honda Service?

The B1 service of Honda is a part of the Maintenance Minder System. This is a digitalized system that notifies you whenever your Honda vehicle requires servicing or maintenance. 

It’s a great addition to Honda’s customer support as it doesn’t require you to keep tabs on estimated maintenance dates. The Maintenance Minder is equipped with algorithms that help it track the performance and health of the components.

So, what is the B1 service? The system notifies the user through a letter which is either A or B and a sub-code that’s mostly a number.

If you get a ‘B’ code, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Replace the engine oil of your vehicle
  • Replace the oil filter with a new one
  • Inspect all the brakes
  • Check the parking brake adjustment
  • Get other essential components such as fluid levels and brake hoses checked

Then there’s the sub-code ‘1’. This instructs you that the tires must be rotated and the tire spin must be adjusted.

So, once the B1 service code is displayed on your vehicle’s dashboard, you must perform the mentioned actions to resolve the issue.

How Much Does the B1 Honda Service Cost?

The B1 service costs anywhere from $150 to $225. Now, if this is the first time you’re maintaining your car, you may feel that this is too expensive. Let us break down the prices, and we bet you’ll feel different!

Let’s start with the oil change. An oil change for a Honda vehicle usually costs from $35 to $70. Prepare to pay $10 more if you want synthetic oil. Note that this usually includes the oil filter replacement as well.

Then there’s brake adjustment. This will cost you at least $60 and may cost above $80 depending on your region. If only the price of these two is considered, the cost rises to $150.

On the other hand, you get these and a ton more with B1 Honda servicing. As you can see, the servicing cost isn’t only reasonable, but it won’t be a stretch to call it a steal.

This is why we highly recommend getting a B1 servicing done on your Honda as soon as you get the service code pop-up.

Why Is a B1 Honda Service Important?

A B1 Honda service will not only help your vehicle run smoothly, but it’ll also prevent future issues from arising. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how a B1 servicing can affect your vehicle and what will happen if you stall it.

Oil and Filter Change

Did you know that more than 2 million cars broke down in a year from April 2018 to March 2019? There are many reasons behind a car breakdown, but one of the most prevalent is engine oil issues.

The Honda vehicles keep track of the oil and oil filter condition of your car. Once the quality drops below a certain threshold, the car’s management system notifies the user to change the oil and oil filter.

There are multiple reasons why you shouldn’t delay this. Firstly, dirty oil can’t lubricate engine oils. Rather, it’ll stain and jam the components with dirt and grime, thus increasing friction.

The higher the friction, the greater the heat generation. Moreover, dirt and other particles can even get stuck in between components, rendering them ineffective.

Last but not the least, dirty oil reduces the efficiency of a vehicle engine, thus making it consume more fuel.

As you can see, delaying oil change will not only incur future expenses, but it’ll also increase fuel expenditure.

Tire Rotation

Generally, tires must be rotated after each five to seven thousand miles. This allows the driver to keep the wear level on each tire similar, thus improving the overall handling and balance of the car.

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A B1 Honda service cost is very reasonable. Also, as it’s clear from our discussion, you get a lot more than your money’s worth from these maintenances.

So, you should get your vehicle serviced as soon as it requires one. If you stall, you’ll only incur future expenses, and those won’t be cheap by any means.

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