How Much Does a Baby Grand Piano Cost?

The price of a baby grand piano can be confusing, especially if you’re a beginner in this field. The price varies dramatically and there are certain reasons behind it. So, how much does a baby grand piano cost?

An entry-level new baby grand piano will come between $10,000 and $20,000. However, if you are searching for higher-end models of baby grand pianos, the price can range from $85,000 up to $2,00,000.

Of course, there are other pianos that will come in between these ranges. Let’s dive a bit deeper into this matter.

How Much Does a Baby Grand Piano Cost?

Different types of baby grand pianos come in different price ranges. To understand the pricing better, let’s talk about different types separately.

Used Baby Grand Piano Cost

The cheapest option you can find for a piano is a second-hand baby grand piano. These will cost you anywhere between $500 and $10,000, depending on the condition and type. However, it’s better not to expect a high-end piano at this price point.

These pianos are suggested for you if you’re only getting started with a grandbaby piano. The sound quality will certainly not be similar to the high-end pianos.

Entry Level Baby Grand Piano Cost

If you want a new piano, you can get started with an entry-level baby grand piano. The price ranges from $10,000 to $20,000. So, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your first piano, this is the perfect option for you.

Many people don’t want their pianos to be used. This can be a suitable option for them too.

Mid-Range Baby Grand Piano Cost

For someone who is looking for a piano that’s neither expensive nor cheap, a mid-range piano will be the best option. These baby grand pianos come between $20,000 and $85,000. So, if you have a budget close to this range, you can get a pretty solid model for yourself.

High-End Baby Grand Piano

The best of the best baby grand pianos are insanely expensive. But they also come with the best particles. These pianos will last multiple owners without any damage, as long as you use the piano with care.

The price of these high-end baby grand pianos starts from $85,000 and can get up to $2,00,000. If you have the budget to spend on a timeless piano piece, I suggest you invest in a high-end baby grand piano.

However, you must figure out everything before you invest this amount of money. Consult professionals and experts before judging whether the piano is authentic and worth it or not.

Fun Fact: The most expensive baby grand piano to date was sold for $662,500. Marilyn Monroe’s mother was the original owner of this piano. Later it was sold to the famous pop diva Mariah Carey.

To Sum Up

The table below shows all the price ranges for different types of baby grand pianos.

Piano TypePrice
Low-end baby grand piano$500 to $10,000
Entry level new baby grand piano$10,000 to $20,000
Mid-range baby grand piano$20,000 to $85,000
High-end baby grand piano$85,000 and up

Why The Prices Vary So Much?

If something is a combination of a lot of separate components, it’s natural for the price to vary. Imagine a piano that’s made of many separate particles starting from the plate, the pin block, and ending with the case of the piano.

Prices of these particles widely vary, depending on the quality. Another aspect to be considered is the manufacturing procedure. Not all production companies use the same way to gather the particles. This changes the pricing.

Prices also vary, depending on the brand. More exclusive brands will ask for more prices compared to mid-range pianos. Overall, this is something that will last you decades. Building something that durable is certainly costly.

What To Consider Before Buying A Baby Grand Piano

If you’re determined about getting a baby grand piano, there are a few things you must compare between alternatives. Let’s take a look at them.


When it comes to size, the larger the better. This, of course, depends on the amount of space you have allocated for the piano. However, make sure that the piano is not less than 5’.

Also, remember to keep 3’ additional seating space in front of the piano before you calculate the space in your room and the piano size.

The Interior

Before you jump to buying the first piano that looks nice on the outside, it’s important to check everything from the inside too. There are a lot of parts inside a piano that lead up to making a piano worth it as a whole.

For instance, the plate, the strings, the soundboard, and the overall assembly matter a lot in determining how well the piano is. Even if you’re buying a used one, make sure that the internal components are intact and high-quality.

The Exterior

The exterior also matters. It not only serves aesthetic purposes but also affects the sound quality of the piano. So, before you land on the piano you’ll be buying, consider a few aspects that matter.

The rim of the piano, the number of pedals it has, the fallboard, the casters, and the adjustable lid props are a few examples.


If you have a decent budget for your piano, it’s highly recommended to get a piano from a reputed brand. For instance, Sauter, Bluthner, Bosendorfer, Sauter, Steinway, etc are a few of the brands that will not disappoint you in any way.

Note that getting a piano from a reputed brand does not necessarily mean that you will have to spend a fortune. There are plenty of affordable options that you can get.

New Versus Old Baby Grand Piano

One of the most commonly asked questions is whether to buy a new piano or an old one. The thing is, it’s very difficult to find a piano that’s cheap and in good condition. However, as rare as they may be, they’re not impossible to locate.

If you decide to go with an old piano, make sure that all the components are in good condition. Get the piano thoroughly checked before purchasing. Note the model number and the serial number of the piano.

These numbers will tell you when and where the piano was made. It’s essential to inspect the piano thoroughly to ensure there isn’t much wear and tear. Sometimes, the exterior of a piano looks perfect but the internal components get damaged over time.


Because you’re spending a large amount of money on the piano, it’s better to get the perfect color that suits your room’s interior. Explore your options and don’t settle for anything less.

However, if you do find a piano that’s perfect in every aspect, don’t let the color be the only thing stopping you from buying it.

Final Words

I hope that you’ve gotten everything you needed to know about how much does a baby grand piano cost. Make sure that you’re absolutely certain about investing this amount of money on a baby grand piano. Once you’re certain, consult a professional about getting you an authentic piece that’s worth your money.

This way you will be able to get the best value on the piano and the money you spend will be worth it.

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