7 Top-Rated Best Bottle Jacks For Lifted Trucks To Consider

Finding a proper bottle jack is enough difficult as it is. It becomes tougher when you have to find one for a lifted truck. The jack needs to be taller and requires a larger weight capacity.

To make your search a bit convenient, we’ve created a list for you. The list consists of the 7 best bottle jacks for lifted trucks that you can get for efficiency. Before getting to the reviews, let’s get some basic things clear. 

What Is A Bottle Jack?

A bottle jack is often called a piston jack too. The function of this piece of equipment is to lift a vehicle up when maintenance or repair is needed. You can also use a bottle jack to temporarily support the vehicle but the primary task of this tool is to lift your vehicle.

What Is The Most Important Feature Of Bottle Jack?

There are a few things to consider in a bottle jack. The most important one is the weight capacity. Next comes features like materials, quality, hydraulic or pneumatic, ease of use, etc. The ideal attributes will certainly vary, depending on your vehicle.

What Are The Advantages Of Hydraulic Jack?

Several reasons can make a user go for a hydraulic jack. We’ve mentioned a few benefits that you can enjoy with a hydraulic jack.

  • Comparatively easier to operate
  • Can lift large loads with less effort
  • Less affected by rust
  • Requires less space to store
  • Highly effective for lifting heavy loads

How Much Weight Can A Bottle Jack Lift?

The weight capacity differs from one bottle jack to another. If you’re looking for a range, a bottle jack can have a weight capacity of anywhere between 2 tons and 50 tons. You will have to select a bottle jack, depending on your vehicle.

Bottle Jacks Comparison Table

FeaturesAmerican Lifting Off-Road Jack StandAFF Bottle JackJEGS Bottle Jack
Weight Capacity3.5 tons20 tons20 tons
Minimum Height18 inches12 inches12 inches
Maximum Lifting Height30 inches20 inches20 inches
Weight32 pounds44 pounds33 pounds
Dimensions18 inches x 18 inches x 12 inches12 inches x 11 inches x 8 inches11.2 inches x 11.3 inches x 8.1 inches
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

7 Best Bottle Jack For Lifted Truck Reviews

After comparing the significant features, we have selected 7 bottle jacks for lifted trucks. Go through these options and consider the one that’s most suitable for your truck.

1. Heavy Duty And Expensive: American Lifting Off-Road Jack Stand

Best Bottle Jack For Lifted Truck

One of the best jack stands you can get for your lifted truck is this one from American Lifting. It’s made of alloy steel, which ensures a sturdy build. Features like safety pins, anti-sink plates, and weight capacity certainly make it a viable choice for everyone.

With a height range of 18 to 30 inches, this jack stand will excel in performance, especially for someone looking for extra tall jack stands. It’s not only suitable for garages but also for outdoor surfaces. The anti-sink plates make sure that the jack stand stays sturdy even when the surface is muddy or sandy.

The load capacity of this jack stand is 3.5 tons. So, you can easily use it for your lifted truck. Besides, the high-quality hot rolled steel makes this tool one of the most durable and toughest products available on the market.

If you want a jack stand with a universal fit, it can be a great option to consider. In addition, the safety pin will allow you to feel more secure and make the device operate with ease.

There is one downside to this jack stand. It’s comparatively more expensive than the other ones. However, considering the features, the price is worth it.  It’s one of the most extended-height jack stands you can get.


  • Premium-grade material
  • Wide height range
  • Universal fit
  • Easy to operate
  • Safe to use


  • Comparatively expensive than other options

2. One Of The Best Overall Deals: AFF Bottle Jack

Bottle Jack for lifted truck with Hydraulic Air Car Lift and Welded Tank

You can expect to get a high weight capacity by choosing this bottle jack from AFF. There are seven height positions ranging from twelve inches to twenty inches. Besides, it can support up to 20 tons, so there shouldn’t be any confusion about whether it will be suitable for your truck or not.

The jack features a twin hydraulic system to ensure the highest level of efficiency. You can also lift your vehicle comparatively faster with less effort. You can pump, position, and store your bottle jack by using the 2-piece handle.  

An added safety feature creates more value for this bottle jack. It comes with shielded release screws that will prevent any accidental lowering when the vehicle is on the stand. Anyone doing the maintenance will feel safer this way.

The entire structure of this bottle jack is extremely sturdy. One particular detail is the flanged side pates that contribute to its stability. Even though the price is a bit higher, you won’t find a jack stand that offers these features in a cheaper price range. Besides, it’s one of the tallest bottle jacks you can get.


  • Easy maneuverability
  • 20-ton weight capacity
  • Highly stable
  • Injury-proof design
  • Faster, easier, and efficient lifting


  • Expensive option compared to others

3. Best Value And Under Budget: JEGS Bottle Jack

20 Ton Capacity Bottle Jack for lifted truck

If you’re dialing down your budget a bit, consider the JEGS bottle jack for your lifted truck. It’s reasonably priced with some attractive features. In addition, it comes with a weight capacity of 20 tons.

You can operate this jack in two ways. One way is to manually use it, in case you don’t have a source of air supply. Another way of getting the best out of this bottle jack is to operate it with an air pressure supply to get faster lifting.

One significant feature of this jack is its safety overload valve. It offers extra security for the user when the jack is loaded with a heavier weight than it can handle. 

Even though the height range is from 10-7/16 inches to 20 inches, a 3-1/8 inches extension screw lets you fine-tune the jack from a specific height. The yellow finish is another nice touch to the product. It not only serves aesthetic purposes but also makes the exterior more durable.

The air line length is 52 inches and comes with a ¼ inches NPT fitting. Overall, it’s one of the best bottle jacks for lifted trucks. 


  • 52 inches long air line with NPT fitting
  • Can also be operated manually
  • Safety overload valve
  • 20-ton weight capacity
  • Fast and strong lifting power with air pressure supply
  • Reasonably Priced


  • Their customer service isn’t prompt

4. For Seniors: SPECSTAR Pneumatic Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Hydraulic Easy to use Bottle Jack with Manual Hand Pump

We have another 20-ton bottle jack with a maximum pressure of 200 PSI. It’s a high lift hydraulic bottle jack that you can also operate manually. Whether you own a car, truck, or trailer, this jack will be able to lift the vehicle whenever repair and maintenance are necessary.

Both the rod and the spring are extremely efficient in their functions. You can conveniently adjust the height to make your task easier. Besides, it’s easy to reset the unit once you’re done using it too.

Considering the features, it’s reasonably priced and comes within budget. The tool comes with two handles that can be connected to each other for storing conveniently and offering easier maneuverability. There are rubber sheaths at the end to protect your hands from any kind of injury.

With dual lift mode, this tool becomes widely diverse. You can either use the pneumatic way to lift your vehicle or do it manually. Besides, anyone can operate this unit without facing any complexities.

Considering the price, ease of use, diversity, and weight capacity, this is certainly one of the best 20-ton capacity jacks you will ever find.


  • Dual lifting system
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Reasonably priced
  • Flexibly adjustable rod
  • 2 handles for convenient use and storing


  • You may have to wait before the entire load is lifted

5. Easy To Operate For Newbies: Mophorn Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Hydraulic Heavy Duty Auto 20 Ton Bottle Jack

With independent cylinders to make the unit more durable, the Mophorn bottle jack is certainly something else. It features a weight capacity of 20 tons, allowing you to use it for a variety of vehicle models.

The rod itself is durable enough to endure strong pressure. It’s also corrosion-resistant and can flexibly adjust heights for superior efficiency.

There are two splicing handles that you can connect to each other. These handles ensure convenient operation, as well as storage. The handles also feature a lift valve to ensure a reliable internal oil circuit.

Another thing we must mention is how versatile this bottle jack is. With a 20-ton capacity, it can be used for a wide range of lifting jobs. It can endure harsh abuse and still offer delightful service with durability.

The maximum pressure for this tool is 200 PSI. You can get quick and effective service from this unit in emergencies. Overall, it’s one of the best high lift floor jacks for lifted trucks available in the market.


  • Independent cylinder makes the unit durable
  • Corrosion-resistant rod
  • Diverse use
  • 20-ton weight capacity
  • Well-built and sturdy


  • The pneumatic function can be slower than expected

6. Low Cost And Affordable: Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack

Affordable Powerbuilt Unijack for truck lifting

If you don’t want a large-capacity jack, you can cut down on cost and get a simpler unit like this one. It’s an affordable option to consider if you don’t need more than a 3-ton weight capacity. In addition, you will get extra benefits with this one compared to others.

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The most attractive feature of this jack is that it’s an integrated unit to do multiple chores. Unlike most other jacks that are used for lifting your vehicle up, you can use this one to keep the vehicle in a lifted position. What we are saying is, that it’s a combination of a jack and a jack stand.

The base is sturdy and flat enough to provide ample support. Even when you’re lifting your vehicle on a comparatively softer surface. As for the lifting range, the minimum height is 11 inches, whereas the maximum height is 21 inches. So, it’s one of the most convenient tall jack stands for trucks.

To sum this review up, if you’re searching for a portable jack for lifted trucks at an affordable price range, this is the one to go for. Besides, if you don’t have a jack stand, getting an integrated unit will certainly be beneficial for your vehicle.


  • Combination of jack and jack stand
  • Can support up to 3 tons of weight
  • A wide flat base offers superior stability
  • Lifting ranges from 11 inches to 21 inches
  • Well-built yet affordable  


  • Understanding how to use it can be a bit complicated for some users

7. Cheapest Alternative: BAOSHISHAN 3 Ton Bottle Jack

compact 3 Ton Bottle Jack for car

If you’re looking for a long ram bottle jack, the best one would be BAOSHISHAN 3-ton bottle jack. It’s not only effective but also extremely cheap compared to other options. It’s the perfect option for someone who is tight on budget.

The double ram design offers you three lifting stages. It also allows a better clearance for a wide variety of vehicles since the starting height is only 6 ½ inches. This somewhat limits the maximum height to 16 ½ inches.

It’s one of the small jacks for lifting that allows you to easily carry it with you. And speaking of portability, there’s a case provided with the jack. The small size also contributes to portability.

The bottle jack is made of alloy steel, so it’s sturdy and durable enough to last for a long time. Another feature you may like is the one-year warranty for the double ram jack. It’s always good to know that you have a backup in case anything goes wrong.

Overall, it’s one of the cheapest and most practical floor jack extensions for lifted trucks you can find on the market. It’s not easy to find an affordable yet functional lifted vehicle jack.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Double ram jack
  • Backed by one year warranty
  • Alloy steel construction
  • Comes with a carrying case


  • The maximum height is only 16 ½ inches

How to Use a Hydraulic Bottle Jack?

Hydraulic bottle jacks are popular for their ease of use. Take a look below to understand how to use a hydraulic bottle jack.

  • The first thing you will have to do is park your car on even ground. Even when it’s an emergency, try to find the evenest place you can find. Also, make sure there is no traffic and people around the parked car.
  • The next step is to place the bottle jack under the car. Note that the position where you will place the bottle jack will differ from vehicle to vehicle. So, make sure to check the user manual to find the precise position.
  • Turn the bottom screw anti-clockwise to expand it. Continue doing so until it comes in contact with the vehicle or gets close enough to do the lifting.
  • You will find a valve at the bottom of your bottle jack. You have to lock it using the collapsible handle. Turn the handle clockwise until it’s tight.
  • The next step is to insert the handle into the sleeve and use it for pumping the bottle jack. Keep pumping until your vehicle reaches the desired position.
  • Use a jack stand to keep your vehicle standing while you work. Do not use the bottle jack to keep the vehicle lifted for a prolonged period.
  • If the job of your bottle jack is done, use the handle again to unlock the valve at the bottom. Turn it clockwise very slowly until your car comes back to the ground.  

What are bottle jacks made of?

Bottle jacks are made of high-quality steel most of the time. The reason for using steel to make bottle jacks is to provide them with sturdy construction. The responsibility of this tool requires robustness and durability.

Can a bottle jack work without the stand?

You can lift your vehicle using the bottle jack without the stand. However, you must use a jack stand when you’re working under the car. The function of a bottle jack is only to lift your car, not support it while you work.

How much does a bottle jack cost?

The price of a bottle jack isn’t fixed. It widely varies depending on the type, quality, material, features, and weight capacity. So, the price of the bottle jack will vary, depending on what brand and model you’re going for.

Are bottle jacks good for changing tires?

A bottle jack can be the perfect tire jack for a lifted truck. However, sometimes even lifted vehicles don’t have enough ground clearance to use a bottle jack. In that case, you can get a floor jack extension for lifted trucks. It’s a great bottle jack alternative.

Can you repair the hydraulic jack?

Most hydraulic jacks are disposable. That means you will have to get rid of the tool once it’s broken. However, some high-quality hydraulic jacks are re-buildable. You can also find rebuild kits for those jacks. So, consider this feature when you’re getting a hydraulic jack for a lifted truck.

Final Verdict

We hope that this review of the best bottle jack for lifted trucks has been helpful for you. Note that no product is an all-rounder. If you want a high-end jack with fancy features, you will have to pay a high price for that. Similarly, getting cheaper options will mean sacrificing some features.

The good news is, that by analyzing the important criteria, you can find a middle ground and get an option that optimizes all features.

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