What is The Best Chair for Sewing Long Hours?

If you sew daily and for hours, you should invest in a quality chair that won’t give you physical malaise like neck, backbone, or leg strains. Many chairs on the market claim to be ergonomic sewing chairs, but are they?

For your convenience, I have selected the top 3 chairs considering their features, comfort, and price. These chairs will assist you in maintaining ideal postures throughout your daylong stitching work.

Let’s dive right in.

What Types of Chairs are Best for Sewing?

Best Chair for Sewing Long Hours

Hunching down for hours isn’t a natural posture human usually follows. It’s a good thing that several companies produce chairs dedicated to workaholics. But when it comes to selecting the best chair for sewing machine, it definitely requires an in-depth assessment to tell.

Here we have arranged a couple of types that can be considered good choices for sewing.

1. Desk Chair

The desk chair is particularly designed for workspace at home or office. It’s designed to support your back the most while working your neck forward. Incredibly, all the top picks on our list are the type of desk chair. So you can easily choose your required one.

2. Arm Chair

Usually, armchairs come with plastic materials. These are the most versatile chairs for long time usage. You can use them as both sewing and office chairs. Most professionals like using the armchair to rest halfway through the design of the arms. So, it reduces the sturdiness of long-time stitching work.

3. Ghost Chair

If you want the chair to match your home decor, go for the ghost chair. It’s similar to the armchair and is also designed with plastic materials and arms on two sides like the armchair. This type of chair can also provide the utmost comfort for sewing longer times.

How to Choose the Best Chair for Sewing Long Hours

Some of the crucial factors you must consider before purchasing the best chair for a sewing job or else you won’t get appropriate support, and it will cause several problems and make you physically unfit. Here’s what to consider-

●  Flexible Seat Height

The height of a sewing chair should be easily adjustable. It’s the primary concern to ensure while purchasing a chair.

●  Lumbar Support

A chair cannot be a quality chair without great lumber support. Thus, a sewing chair must deliver perfect lumber support to get proper assistance to the inward curb of your lower back.

●  Seat Materials

You also need to focus on whether or not your chair has comfortable seat material and sufficient padding. It will help you spend a long time with ease without any back pain. So, seat materials are also important to consider to prevent back pain from sewing.

● Swivel

Your ergonomic sewing chair should have a perfect rotating feature to move at any angle. It should rotate easily without straining.

● Backrest

Since the most common and primary issue is back pain from long-term sewing, you must check out the backrest system of your chair. Your chair should be designed to be at least 12 inches wide and can go up to 19 or 20 inches in chair width.

3 Best Chairs for Sewing Long Hours

Picking out the top-notch from thousands of products was pretty challenging. However, after researching many chairs and their specifications, I’ve made my shortlist.

These products were enlisted in my top list considering their affordability, performance, durability, comfort, and outstanding features. And, needless to say, these are the top-sold chairs on the present market and are also highly appreciated by professionals.

Comparison Table

Product NameDimensionWeightWeight CapacityMaterialsColor
Arrow H7013B16″D x 18″ W x 1″H25 lbs150 lbsEnamelMulti
Arrow H812316″D x 18″ W x 18″H26 lbs250 lbsPlastic & WoodDiuches Blue
Boss Office Delux25″D x 25″ W x 35″H18 lbs275 lbsPolypropyleneBlue

1. Arrow H7013B Highly Adjustable Sewing Chair

Product Specifications

  • Dimension- 16″D x 18″ W x 1″H
  • Weight-  25
  • Materials- Cotton
  • Color- Multi
  • Maximum Weight Capacity- 150 KG
  • Style- Modern
  • Finish Type- Enamel
  • Pattern- Paisley

If your sewing machine is on a standing desk or designed with a longer height, the Arrow H7013B can be a great choice. It has an adjustable height and tilt. You can effortlessly lower or raise the seat height according to your sewing desk and physical height. 

In terms of its unique design, your middle, and lower back will get outstanding lumber support with the brilliant application of its comfortable cushions. So, you’ll be allowed to sit for a long time and stitch without developing any back pain. Continuing to stitch for hours will no longer be an issue.

The rolling wheels, on the other hand, will offer additional support when you need to move a little farther, like back, in front, or along the edges of your sides. Sitting on the Arrow H7013B, you don’t have to leave the chair while moving in your sewing room or cabinet.

This rolling feature will give you a great feeling during your working time. Additionally, its multi-color eye-catching fabrics match any of the sewing studio’s interiors.


  • The back of the chair will fit your back perfectly
  • Provide effortless moving
  • Delivers a good balance between neck and shoulder


  • Its seat can be hard after months of constant use
  • Pretty bulky

2.   Arrow H8123 Sewing and Craft Chair

Product Specifications

  • Dimension- 16″D x 18″ W x 18″H
  • Weight-  26
  • Materials- Plastic & Wood
  • Color- Duchess Blue
  • Maximum Weight Capacity- 250 KG
  • Style- Modern
  • Finish Type- Painted
  • Pattern- Solid

To get a sewing chair with all-in-one quality, check out the Arrow H8123. It’s a versatile sewing and craft chair that can be used for several purposes. You can use it for sewing as well as your other official activities.

And, when you need a helping hand to assemble your newly purchased chair, the Arrow H8123 can be the perfect solution, as it’s extremely easy to assemble and set up without anyone’s assistance.  Arrow H8123 is designed with no arms to allow you to swivel out quickly while raising the seat up or down to reach the adjustable height.

This highly adjustable chair has outstanding lumber support and a push cushion design. It can adjust the maximum height and support up to 250 lbs of the highest weight. So, you no longer have to worry if you’re overweight. It will provide excellent stability and easy movement.

The robust caster, however, will help you roll your chair from one place to another without creating any marks on the floor. Its stylish design will enhance your confidence and also enthusiast you to spend more time sitting in your working place.


  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Maximum weight capacity of up to 250 lbs
  • Available in nine more colors


  • Pretty expensive

3.   Boss Office Delux Fabric Task Chair for Perfect Posture

Product Specifications

  • Brand- Boss Office
  • Dimension- ‎25″D x 25″W x 35″H
  • Weight-  18 lbs
  • Materials- Polypropylene
  • Color- Blue
  • Maximum Weight Capacity- 275 lbs
  • Style- No Arms
  • Finish Type- Fabrics
  • Pattern- Task Chair

If you want a high-quality chair at the lowest price, go for the Boss Delux chair. To get a dynamic sewing solution, Boss Delux will fit you the most. You’ll get an easy-to-understand manual to install the chair effortlessly. It’s designed with a waterfall seat style. So, it can easily increase the blood circulation of your legs and reduce stress. 

For your long-lasting comfort, the Boss Delux chair is manufactured with high-quality body construction along with a fabric guarantee. Sitting on this chair will ensure your accurate posture for sewing and relieve your back pain.

The hooded wheel casters are featured to ensure added stability and smooth movement.

Moreover, it will offer an ergonomic fit with its one-lever seat height and seat back design. Because it’s well-suitable to customize the height and depth according to your sitting comfort and sewing desk height.


  • Perfect for overweights with its 275 with a max capacity
  • Its stubble pattern will fit long term
  • It takes less space to place


  • It will be uncomfortable for short-height users

What Should Be The Height Of My Sewing Chair?

It completely depends on your height. Not everyone comes with the same height. Also, the table you use for sewing cannot be the same as others.

However, the usual seat height varies from 16 to 21 inches off the surface which works best for most professionals.

Should I Choose A Chair With Or Without Arms?

For sewing purpose, using armless chairs are the best because these chairs will give a good move and also independent posture. However, considering your choice and necessity, choosing a chair with arms isn’t bad.

What If I Use The Regular Chairs For Sewing Purposes?

You can, but the sewing job is fully different, where you have to lower your neck and head afterward. So, choosing a chair particularly manufactured for serving purposes will surely develop your posture.


It’s essential to focus on the chair you sit on when it’s a long time to sit and work. Especially when you have a sewing job, a quality chair is a great way to make your posture accurate. And maintaining the right posture will relieve you from back pain, headache, or muscle aches. Although users find it tough to choose the best chair for sewing long hours, you won’t be troubled once you check out our shortlist. The chairs we’ve selected are well-featured, focusing on the sewing professionals.  

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