Top 8 Best Chairs for Fire Pit Reviewed and Rated

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We updated this article on 28th July 2022 to add more information about each featured product,

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a quiet evening spent on a fire pit in your backyard. Whether it’s to provide you with light during backyard parties or you’re just spending some quiet time alone, a fire pit proves itself to be a great investment.

But let us tell you what else you need. You would also need the best chairs for the fire pit. Having these around provides you and your guests the comfort you need, so you maximize your time spent around the fire pit.

If you need help with choosing, we’ve got you covered. Here are 8 of the best there are in the market. We’ll also take the time to tell you why we like them.

Best Chairs for Fire Pit Reviews

No matter which season it is, a fire pit is always a joy to behold. Make sure to maximize your comfort around your fire pit with these 8 chair options.

1. Outdoor Interiors CD3111 Eucalyptus Adirondack Chair

To give you a brief background, the Adirondack seat was conceptualized and created in 1903. Over the years, there have been several versions that surfaced. But whatever version it is, the purpose remains the same, and that is to bring a comfortable seating arrangement to summer homes.

One of the designs whose popularity stood the test of time is that of the Eucalyptus Adirondack. These chairs are those that go well with a built-in ottoman. This provides added comfort. Most chairs of this design measure about 20 to 23 by 15 inches, which sits really well in your fireplace area.

Because these chairs are made from eucalyptus, you are assured of their durability. It should last you for many years. Aside from their durability, these chairs are also treated with the highest-quality materials that ensure their protection from rust and UV rays.

As such, you can absolutely leave this chair outside without worries of immediate wear and tear.

What we like about this is that the chair requires minimal maintenance. It requires a bit of an occasional cleaning using regular soap to ensure that it maintains its luster and shine.

Also, because of its eucalyptus make-up, the seat transforms into a beautiful pink-brownish hue over time. While it may change its shade, this should not worry you one bit. Its insides remain strong and unaffected.

Most chairs made of strong materials do not usually come as comfortable. This chair, however, tells a different story. It is very comfortable, which makes this a perfect choice for fire pits. It is built with a slight curve. Also, its footrest is a great addition as it provides additional comfort while you sit down and rest.

Constructed in just the right size, you can never expect this chair to take up so much of your space. As such, you can purchase multiple chairs and have them arranged around your fire pit at home.

Overall, this is one of the best outdoor chairs for a fire pit. It is elegant, of good quality, and is just luxury personified.


  • Designed to be more comfortable
  • Low maintenance
  • Made from solid eucalyptus
  • Affordable


  • Does not include a wood oil

2. Polywood AD5030BL Best Classic Fire Pit Chair

Because of its Polywood construction, our second option on this list brings with it durability beyond compare.

What is Polywood? To give you a brief background on the material, Polywood is made from HDPE. It does not contain wood, nor does it contain natural fibers.

Because of that, this material is an ideal go-to when you are looking for a low-maintenance alternative for outdoor furniture. It is sturdy, strong, and easy to assemble.

And because this chair is constructed from genuine Polywood lumber, you can expect this to last you for many years. Aside from that, the chair can also withstand a wide variety of climates. Whether it’s too much sun, rain, freezing cold winters, or strong winds, you don’t have to worry about seeing any sign of wear and tear.

Aside from its durability, you can rarely find furniture made from Polywood materials to crack or chip. It also does not peel or rot, even when exposed to different elements. This is just Polywood being Polywood.

We like its design. It is made in such a way that it is easier to store. We understand how some backyards can lack space. And so if you have that kind of backyard, chairs like this are perfect as they can easily be folded for storage.

Not only is it beneficial in terms of storage, but it also benefits you when you need to transport these chairs from one location to another.

Finally, if there is one thing that we can absolutely say about this chair, it is the comfort level that they provide. Holding true to an Adirondack chair’s promise of providing extreme comfort, this chair is no disappointment.

This is, overall, a decent choice.


  • Polywood materials for durability
  • Foldable for easy storage and transport
  • Comfortable
  • Can withstand different weather conditions
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • Too low to the ground as compared to other brands

3. Lakeland Mills 4-foot Cedar Log Love Seat

We know everybody loves a well-decorated patio or fire pit. You can now upgrade the overall look of your fire pit with these love seats.

It should be emphasized that aside from its elegant appearance that contributes to the upgrade of your fire pit’s look, you also get to save the world by choosing this chair.

The chair is made from a renewable source, which is a great enough reason for the guardians of the environment to rejoice. Aside from that, the chair is also designed to be wide enough for loving cuddles.

In a world where pollution is becoming normal, this natural cedar log masterpiece is a breath of fresh air. The manufacturer believes that nothing should go to waste as the chair is made from a by-product form of the logging industry.

But the great things we can say about this chair do not end there. The chair you are seeing is made to be insect and weather-resistant.

This means that 1) you can leave this chair outdoors for a period of time without worrying about wear and tear due to weather conditions, and 2) you can absolutely stay outdoors without thoughts of bugs and creepy little creatures crawling about.

The chair is engineered to be slightly curved for more comfort. This is perfect for moments around the fire pit at night, or even for a nap on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

While some would point out that the chair is heavy at 58.8 pounds, this is really beneficial during windy days. It is sturdy and stays in place.

Aside from its weight, there seems to be no other concern with the chair. In fact, we believe that this is one of the best chairs for a fire pit out there. It is sturdy, environment-friendly, comfortable, and amazingly easy to clean.

Finally, we should point out that this really looks good. Just one look at that rustic aesthetics and you’re in love. Who wouldn’t fall for that look?


  • Eco-friendly construction
  • Insect-resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable


  • Heavy

4. Giantex 4-Pack Folding Fire Pit Chair

We know we all want the best outdoor fire pit chairs available in the market. What usually stops us is the hefty price tag that comes along with the best. But we should tell you, not all high-quality chairs come at a high price. Some can be more affordable and provide great value for your money. This is that chair.

If you are on a tight budget, this brand comes with four chairs. Now, with a single purchase, you can already have three more friends and family covered.

We mentioned that the chairs come in great quality. Yes, they do. The chairs are made of high-quality materials. And unlike other items that are easily affordable, these chairs are durable and should last you for many years. Its materials are also known to possess properties that add to the comfort the chair provides.

When we go beyond the cushions and the fabric, there is a thick steel frame that contributes to the chair’s reliability and durability. They do the job so well that the chair can hold as much weight as other expensive brands.

And aside from their durability and reliability, these chairs are also comfortable. What we like about these chairs is that they do not absorb as much heat as compared to other chairs.

So, when you are in a location where summers are fierce, this chair adds a layer of advantage. Compared to other brands, these chairs would not be too hot to sit on even after their extended stay under the sun.

And finally, they’re easy to store. The chairs are lightweight enough that it can easily be moved around. You can even have these chairs transported from one place to another without so much of a hassle.

Obviously, not all of the best fire pit chairs come with a demanding price tag. There are those from Giantex that do the job well without breaking the bank.


  • More affordable than other brands
  • Does not easily absorb heat
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and reliable


  • Average look

5. Lifetime Faux Wood Adirondack Chair

What this chair brings to your backyard is its ultimate design.

Just like any other Adirondack chair on this list, this is very comfortable. But what sets this apart is its design.

Designed for outdoor use, the chair is made of high-quality polystyrene. And because of its high-quality materials, this is more durable than other brands.

Aside from that, this chair is weather-resistant. One of the things that set this apart from other chairs in the market is that this is UV-protected. Whether it is snow, sleet, rain, wind, or sun, the chair can withstand anything nature throws its way.

Some of us prefer wood, while others would prefer other materials, and we respect that. But in case you are looking for anything other than wood, this is a great enough option. Unlike chairs made of wood, this chair will never splinter. It will never warp or even rot.

Also, what makes this different from other furniture available on the market is that this is made from simulated wood. We also adore its capacity to hold more weight than other brands; because believe it or not, this chair can hold as much as 300 pounds of weight.

The chair is also stain-resistant. Aside from that, this is also easy to clean. Because of its faux-wood construction, the beauty comes in the fact that you retain the look of the chair even after some time.

Also, this is not really made of wood, but it just looks like wood; therefore, this is not as heavy as the real thing. This chair is as lightweight as lightweight can be, making it easier for storage or transport.


  • Stain-resistant and easy to clean
  • Can hold as much as 300 pounds of weight
  • Great even with water-surfaced areas
  • Lightweight
  • Does not splinter or rot
  • Made from polystyrene


  • Pricier than other brands
  • Needs to be assembled

6. GloDea X36 Natural Lounge Chair For Fire Pit

At first glance, you would be entranced by how this chair looks. It has a beautiful color scheme. Aside from that, its learning design is just amazingly-different as compared to other chairs on the market.

What we like about this is its rustic appearance. If you’re into the rustic vibe, we know this is one of the best chairs around the fire pit for you.

The chair is constructed with solid pine wood. Its construction brings with it durability because aside from its material of pine wood, this is also designed with stainless-steel hardware added to its assembly.

What makes it more durable is that it is applied with a sealant and stain protection before each chair is released to the market.

Because of its construction, chairs like this can be left out in the open all year round without you worrying about their deterioration or decay.

And because chairs made of wood are oftentimes heavy, the manufacturers made sure that this is more lightweight than the others. At only 19 pounds in weight, you are assured of easy transport and storage of this chair whenever necessary.

Now, while lightweight, the 19 pounds is enough for the chair to stand upright even during windy seasons.

The chair comes in a natural, pinewood hue that comes with natural knots that make up a soothing look. But we know others prefer a knot-free look, and yes, you can have that should you choose. This chair’s manufacturer can certainly do that for you.

And before we forget, while what you’re seeing is the alligator green color, there are loads of other shades to choose from. The wide array of colors provides you with the freedom to choose whatever suits your fancy.

Overall, this chair is amazing. It is rustic-looking, durable, comfortable, and lightweight. On top of that, the chair is really beautiful. What more can you ask?


  • Portable and light
  • Reasonable price
  • Comes in different colors
  • Beautiful


  • The stainless-steel screws sometimes look out of place

7. Keter Rio 3-Piece Resin Wicker Patio Set

Because of its polypropylene resin construction, each seat is durable. This brings with it an assurance that you will have the furniture with you for years to come. Aside from its durability, its material also contributes to its rust-proof properties, making this an ideal choice for fire pits that are out in the open.

When compared to the traditionally-woven rattan chairs, this is more durable. Each chair is designed to avoid warping, peeling, or even getting dented.

We know for a fact that these are common issues encountered by those who own rattan-made furniture. Also, we should point out that this can hold a weight of as much as 299 pounds!

And because we value comfort among others, this chair is also as comfortable as anything else on this list. Some chairs are ultra-comfortable but lack the sophistication of their design. This is not that kind of chair.

The chair is not just limited to fire pits alone. You can have this beside your pool, by the beach, or anywhere else. For this reason, it is extremely important to ensure that the chair can easily be transported from one location to another. With a weight of 22 pounds, this chair is one of the most lightweight you can ever find.

Before we forget, your purchase comes with beige cushions. That’s an added comfort for you. And while these cushions are weather-proof and more durable than other cushions on the market, cushions will always be cushions.

What we mean is that when left out in the open for a long time and in varying weather conditions, the cushions may need to be replaced. But that’s a minor issue, we know.

Even while the cushions are not as durable as the chairs, these are still ideal for outdoor use. Each chair can easily be assembled. It takes about ten minutes, and you got yourself a stylish and comfortable chair you can place around your fire pit.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Designed to easily recline
  • Comes with cushions for extra comfort


  • Cushions need to be replaced once in a while

8. GCI Outdoor Rocker Portable Folding FirePit Chair

If there is one thing that comes to mind upon seeing this chair, it is its portability. The chair is obviously engineered with this in mind.

At first glance, we know everybody would fall in love with the chair’s foldaway look. But what you need to know is that its ease and convenience would eventually be its major selling point more than its looks.

When it comes to camping chairs, this is nothing but perfect. It is lightweight, comfortable, durable, and strong. Plus, it looks great!

The chair is constructed with a steel frame that’s powder-coated. It is sturdy and strong enough to hold the weight of as much as 250 pounds. This is super amazing, considering the chair only weighs 12 pounds.

Aside from its durability, the chair is built to also provide comfort. Who can resist that spring-action rocking mechanism the chair brings? The chair comes with a smooth and gentle rock to it, making this one of the most ideal chairs for sleeping in.

This is just perfect for cozy days when all you want is a quiet afternoon or evening spent beside the fire pit.

And while most camping chairs easily break, this chair tells a different story. Unlike most ordinary camping chairs, this is sturdy and durable. We know you can have a lot of wonderful memories with this chair in the years to come.

And hey, let’s just admit it. We love the cup holder. Because for us, if a piece of furniture cuts down the time spent standing up just to get a drink, that furniture is a sure winner. We’d certainly go for that right off the bat.


  • Provides a smooth, gentle rock
  • Durable
  • Comes with a cup holder
  • Can hold as much as 250 pounds of weight
  • Lightweight at 12 pounds


  • Some find the chairs to be lower than other brands

Some Common Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you know a lot about these chairs already. Some of you may already have had chairs in the past and have sufficient knowledge about chairs for fire pits.

But for those with nagging questions, we took the time to answer some of them. Here they are:

1. How far should you position the chair from the fire pit?

The answer is subjected to debate. What most experts say, however, is that a chair should be at least about 3 to 5 feet away from the fire pit. That would be safe enough.
However, some experts can go as much as 7 feet away from the fire pit. The reason for the extra two feet is that it provides more space to move around.

2. Are chairs for the fire pit expensive?

Most of these chairs would be more expensive than ordinary ones. The reason for this is that these chairs are UV-treated, making them strong enough to withstand the forces of nature. You can easily leave these chairs outside without so much a worry.

3. Why do most chairs for fire pit come unassembled?

Not all chairs come unassembled, but most are. The reason for this is that manufacturers want you to varnish or stain the parts first. This is to ensure it endures different weather conditions.
But these chairs are easy to assemble, so they should not pose a problem.

4. Are fire pits and seats sold together?

Some dealers do, but this does not happen most of the time.

5. Do I choose a chair or built-in seats?

We think this is a matter of personal choice. For us, the greatest advantage of chairs over built-in seats is the capacity to move the chair around. With chairs, you can easily move or adjust them to your preference. This is something built-in seats cannot do.

Final Words

A fire pit is truly a joy to behold. This can only be enjoyed when you are in your most comfortable state.

This is where the best chairs for the fire pit come in. Now that you have a list of choices, which one would you choose?

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