Best Chairs for Programmers in 2022

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We updated this article on 23rd July 2022 to add more information about each featured product

A very common scenario for every programmer is sitting in their usual workspace and working for hours. Writing a code might be a spontaneous job if you are a pro at it, but sometimes, debugging can take up all day or all night.

Sitting for hours and looking at the screen for a long time doesn’t only affect your mental health but severely harms your neck, back, and sometimes even your whole posture.

For that, you need to get the best chair for programmers specifically because it would focus solely on the fact that you would be spending more time on it.

There are many chairs with lots of specifications that would get you baffled if you try to search for one. You should go for something that can keep your spine straight, gives you amazing lumbar support, and boasts a great head, neck, arm, and footrest.

10 Best Chair for Programmers

Here’s a list of the top ten chairs for programmers based on comfort, ergonomics, materials, and longevity to filter out that one chair that meets all your needs.

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair (Expensive Programming Chair)

The first chair on our list is this classic, old-school fabric one from Steelcase in the color black. You get excellent lumbar support on this chair –  ensuring comfort and support to your back all day long.

This simple-looking chair has a maximum capacity of about 400 pounds, which is amazing compared to the other chairs on the list.

The fabric on this leap chair is made of 100% polyester ensuring a comfort you won’t be getting from other materials.

If you’re someone who loves to recline back once in a while during coding breaks, then you would love the LiveBack technology on this baby. It not only mimics your spinal movement and adjusts itself, but also the easy adjustment on the swivels and armrests gives you enough comfort to get you through the whole day.

The armrests on this product stay in parallel with your desk or work surface even when you’re moving, hence keeping you focused on your code with fewer distractions. You can also fully pivot them in certain directions to give your arms the support they need while your shoulders stay relaxed.

There are slats designed on the chair’s back and seat that provide thermal comfort and ensure breathability to keep you from sweating all over.

This bad boy is a must check-out if you want to go all-in for comfort and ergonomics. Because from air pockets on the seat cushions to the adjustable height and lumbar support, you get everything!

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair (dream chair for programmers)

Here, we have this perfectly structured ergonomic chair from the prominent company Ergohuman, which is basically the dream chair for programmers and gamers.

The feature that stands out among all the other good things in this chair is the 3 different tilt and lock positions that it comes with.

Depending on what you’re doing on your screen, you’ll be able to change your inclination as needed. You can fix the chair inclination in one position with the locking mechanism, which is convenient if you want to maintain posture.

There are pneumatic cylinders under the Ergohuman chair that lets you change the chair’s height whenever you want.

Coming to the lumbar support system, you get a high adjustable headrest that would come in handy for tall coders who prefer reclining back now and then. Not only that, but this chair also rocks a seat made from 97% recyclable products, so you’d like that if you’re someone from the environmentally aware group.

The synchro-tilt feature will allow you to correct your posture so that you’re not left with pain all over the body, especially on the back after you’ve pulled an all-nighter sitting on the chair.

Apart from all the good things, one thing that might bug you is that this great choice of chair can only hold up about 250 pounds. But then again, 250 pounds isn’t too little for a chair that comes in this budget. This modernistic chair not only has good features, but it also has a good-built that is made to last.

SIDIZ T50 Home Office Mesh Back Desk Chair

If the previous chair wasn’t modern enough for you, then check out this sleek silver chair from SIDIZ that looks like something out of a Star Wars or Star Trek movie. This chair not only tops because of the looks, but the sturdiness will also make you feel that the force sure has awakened.

The tilting and adjusting features are what sets it apart from all the ergonomic chairs. You can almost adjust everything on this bad boy to make you want to sit on it all day even if you don’t want to work.

Comfort is something that is written all over this chair. And if that is the only thing you are looking for, then nothing can stop you from getting it. The backrest on this baby is also very different and is S-shaped which most posture correctors recommend. This design is proven to help prevent your back from sudden shocks and aches.

Above, we listed the Ergohuman chair with 3 different tilting positions, but well, this one has five angles you can adjust to! Whether you want to slope or slide back, it will let you relax in any position you like.

There is a lever on the lower part of the chair to change the tilt’s angle and another one to adjust how strong you want the tilt to be. The mesh back is there to prevent sweat on hot summer nights. And you also get armrests that are adjustable in three ways that don’t cause harm to wrist joints.

VERTAGEAR S-Line 2000 SL2000 (budget friendly chair for programmers)

If you are a programmer who is also into gaming, then you’re looking for something where you can effortlessly spend almost the whole day with minimal movement. The VERTAGEAR SL2000 is the best choice for you to do all the sitting without worrying about your posture or back.

The installation of the components on this is pretty basic and easy for anyone to do at home using a few tools. You can just slide in all of the parts and have your bad boy ready for use.

You will find that the premium foam on the seat’s cushion will last you a long time for solid comfort. The seat is made from materials that would prevent any kind of deformity when used for long sessions.

Covered with faux leather, this chair also acts as an item of great furniture in your room that will leave everyone in awe. On the wheels, you get Penta RS1 casters that let you glide on any surface softly and smoothly.

The memory foam is also on the backrest, giving you extra support and comfort other than the usual lumbar support. Arms also get comfort from the foamed armrests, giving your shoulders the rest they need after grinding all night.

Furthermore, the backrest can be tilted up to 140 degrees, which is great when you want to have a short nap in between your coding sessions.

If you want to add your personal touch to this baby and improve the already gaudy-looking chair, then you can go for the RGB kit and light up your room.

Ficmax Ergonomic Chair (programming chair under $200)

These gaming chairs are so good with their features that we couldn’t resist including another one. This Ficmax chair is the game-changer that every programmer needs in their homes because of how well-designed it is in style, quality, and comfort.

Even though the 350 pounds weight capacity is convincing enough to make it live up to its claims, we will still blabber on about the other features and how it is one of the best ones on this list.

The whole chair is covered with PU leather that can take up any dirt and spill without fading its original color. Plus, the thick memory foam will give you enough support to go through endless hours of debugging and fixing codes even when you forget to move your limbs a little.

If we’re calling this bad boy a beast, it must also pass the longevity test. The complete framework is of metal that ensures that it is indeed heavy-duty. You don’t even have to worry about the colors fading off or the parts being loose.

Another amazing thing is the footrest that comes with this beast. You can flip out the footrest and have a complete rest when you need to, as that is something most coders find hard to get. With the 180 degrees fully reclined tilt, you can also try having a full sleep if you’re too tired to get to the bed.

Between the amazing massage lumbar support and the USB-powered massage pillow, we don’t know which feature to choose as its best one because it has so many!

YAMASORO Ergonomic Chair PU Leather  

We totally love this soft and comfy reddish-brown leather chair by YAMASORO. This bad boy comes with lumbar supports as well, so programmers can code away all day long without worrying about lower back pain. You do you, man!

With a total weight capacity of over 300 pounds, this baby is guaranteed to hold you up in great posture for hours on end. We love the fact that the chair comes equipped with faux leather material for its seat. This fabric material is known to be sort of immune to sweat and food stains.

At the same time, faux leather is super soft, comfy, and breathable as well, so you probably will not be sweating in the first place!

The wide backrest makes the chair very comfortable to sit on for long hours at a stretch, therefore minimizing joint issues and numbness. At the same time, the seat cushion is elevated to provide relief from lower back pain.

Now, the best part about this chair is probably its chic design, which, to be honest, is quite neutral. The simplicity of the product, coupled with its neutral colorway, makes it a must-have item in every programmer’s den!

Along with style and modernity, this baby can also provide seamless control to the user. Thanks to the pneumatic parts, you can easily rotate this chair up to 130 degrees with one motion.

As brownie points, the armrests of the chair can be flipped up. This will allow you to customize the chair in any way you want- i.e., with or without armrests (resulting in more space!).

Hbada High Back Chair in White

If reddish-brown is too “luxurious” of color for you, maybe you would like to take a look at this minimalistic, white baby by the brand Hbada!

Sporting a super simple but highly modern look, this white-colored chair for programmers is made of breathable textile and mesh material. The product can easily withstand up to 300 pounds while weighing a mere 9 kilograms itself!

The soft and “matter-of-fact” white color is what caught our eyes first. The shade is nothing extraordinary, yet it can easily get you hooked onto the chair at first glance. We think the simplicity and chic design of the chair have a lot to do here as well.

Other than that, the chair is specially designed for sporting an ergonomic curve structure, which works well in relieving lower back pain (something programmers can gladly make do with!).

The soft-padded seat, headrest, and backrest have been designed to move with your posture, therefore allowing your spine to be in perfect posture throughout the day.

Similar to the previous product that we just reviewed, this Hbada programmer chair also comes with pneumatic controls. You can easily tilt the backrest up to 150 degrees with one smooth motion.

Thankfully, you can also lock the swivel in one direction if you happen to worry about reclining too far back. However, we doubt you will need to fret about falling backward though since the inverted triangular structure on the back of the chair can hold up all your weight for hours on end.

Luckracer PU Leather Chair (programming chair under $150)

Our eighth chair on this list is the Luckracer leather chair, specifically made for gamers and programmers coding away all day. Although stated to sport a gray color, we think the shade is a tad bit too dark to be considered monotone.

Moving on from that, we have the noteworthy features of this bad boy starting off with its structure. This chair has been constructed with strong and durable alloy steel. The material makes this product very sturdy, although maybe become prone to corrosion if not taken care of properly.

On the other hand, the chair can hold up to 21.2 kg at once only, which we think is actually kind of a bummer. Unless you are a really skinny programmer, we think this chair might not be able to hold your weight with ease.

However, the plus points of this chair reside in its soft and breathable material of construction. We definitely love the thick polyurethane leather on the armrests, which provides optimal comfort and relief from carpal tunnel.

A comfortable footrest made of a high-density sponge also comes equipped with this programming chair, so leg numbing will not be a problem either. Unlike traditional separate footrests, the one equipped on this chair can be extended outwards so that you can recline comfortably.

Those with allergy issues know that the fabric on this chair is approved by international standards, so we doubt allergic reactions will be an issue either.

Ideal for programmers, gamers, and even offices, this bad boy is versatile and a must-have chair in your life!

OHAHO Ergonomic Chair in Black/Orange

Our penultimate choice of product for this review is the OHAHO swivel chair in combo shades of black and orange. This bad boy is pretty similar to the previous Luckracer chair, but its weight capacity is what sets it apart here.

Capable of withstanding up to 300 pounds (which is 136 kilograms for comparison), this baby is strong, sturdy, and a force to be reckoned with! The ergonomic swivel and recline design of the chair coupled with its soft textured leather material makes this chair highly sought after by programmers and gamers.

We love the fact that this chair allows up to 180 degrees recline while also coming equipped with an extendable footrest. Now, you can nap right where your code all day long without having to move an inch! The cherry on top here is the 360 degrees swivel on the round base.

The base of the product is combined with an anti-explosion gas spring which prevents unforeseen accidents and mishaps.

On top of that, the wheels of the chair are also of polyurethane material, so you do not have to worry about scratch marks on wooden floors (this does not stand for tiled or mosaic floors, though).

Individuals suffering from joint and lower back pain will benefit the most from this chair, as it comes with a removable head pillow and cushion for the lumbar area. You can strap them back into place when coding for long hours at a stretch or simply take ’em off if not needed.

Furmax Leather Chair in Black

The last product to be reviewed on this list is this black-colored programming and gaming chair by the brand Furmax. This beast might look simple and minimalistic, but come on, “less is more,” right?

Standing true to the age-old phrase, this chair comes with super soft and comfy padded armrests that promote thorough blood circulation in the arms. This prevents numbness and joint issues for those suffering from carpal tunnel and arthritis.

The material used on the armrests, backrest, and seat are all a combination of mesh and leather, so you can easily tell that this chair will be breathable and soft to sit on for long hours.

On top of that, the seat is a “bucket” designed one, which basically means it has a wide indent in the middle.

You can expect this baby to also hold up your weight without issues, as it can withstand up to 280 pounds without showing wear and tear. Also, we love how this chair comes with wheels that rotate 360 degrees, so mobility will not be restricted either.

The wheels come with special casters as well so that no scratch marks appear on your wooden floors. Plus,  the adjustments for the height are also done by pneumatic controls, so you can easily bring the chair up or push it down whenever required.

Although not as fancy as the other products in this review, we think the simplicity and ease of usage of this leather chair allow it to be on par with the other beasts in this article.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Programming Chair

Since we are done with our product reviews, let us take a look at the key factors to consider before actually investing in a programming chair.

The factors mentioned below are pretty generic and should apply to most high-quality chairs. You should consider opting for a product that comes with at least 2-3 of the mentioned features to get the best deal.


This should be a no-brainer if you deal with joint issues and any other kind of arthritic problems. Whether you like to code away for hours on end or just for a few minutes at a stretch, comfort should be your priority when getting a chair.

From being equipped with a soft seat to a smooth reclining backrest, the chair should promote proper blood flow throughout your limbs.

It is a plus point if the chair you want to invest in comes with lumbar support as well, as that will hold your spine in place and allow great posture throughout the day.

However, note that you should still take a moment or two to get up and get some movement in your routine, just to get some exercise in.

Fabric and Material of Construction

Next, the fabric used for the seat and soft parts of the chair, along with the material used for the construction of the entire frame, plays a great role in determining the quality of the chair you have in mind.

Fabrics such as polyurethane leather and mesh are usually the most breathable. The majority of our reviewed products today come equipped with this fabric for the seats and backrests. The armrests should come with soft springs and thickly layered sponges for optimal comfort as well.

However, you should skip going for a chair made with PU leather if you are prone to sweat excessively. The fabric might be very breathable itself, but it does not really do well with sweat stains, unlike plain leather and mesh fabrics.

Make sure to first check if the fabric used for the parts of the chair has been approved by international health standards or not, or else they might cause allergic reactions.

On the other hand, the material of construction should either be alloy steel or aluminum cast material, as these are very strong and sturdy. While the former material might become prone to premature rusting, the latter is simply the most ideal for programming and gaming chairs.

Extra Features

Who doesn’t like extra features? A top-quality programming chair will also come with extra items at its disposal, such as a footrest, lumbar cushion, and headrest pillow.

These items are meant to enhance the experience of your programming while increasing comfort and enjoyment. The footrest should be attached to the chair itself, which can then be extended outwards when required. This will allow you to lie completely back on the chair and take a nap if needed.

At the same time, the headrest pillow and lumbar cushion should be removable as well so that you can unlatch them from the chair when not required.

Are gaming chairs also good for programming?

Yes, gaming chairs are pretty good choices for programming or coding as they tend to be a lot more ergonomic. Unlike basic office desk chairs, gaming chairs will provide hardcore programmers extra relaxation to make the long sittings very comfortable.

The foam cushioning is also a great help for the programmers when they need to rest.

Should I go for mesh back chairs?

Mesh back chairs are a lot more breathable and comfortable than usual leather chairs. You can get mesh back chairs at a reasonable price. They are just the right fit that doesn’t take up a lot of your space. Even though they don’t look very comfortable, they give the proper support to your back.

Are programming chairs good for your back?

Yes, programming chairs are suitable for your back as they have lumbar support and are ergonomically designed. Many programming chairs also have the feature where the backrest moves along with your spine for better support.

Which is the best chair for programmers?

The Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Footrest is our recommendation for programmers, in our opinion. This chair excels in all factors that programmers look for, like- comfort, durability, and sturdiness.

We think the best part of this chair is that you will be receiving amazing features at a really budget-friendly price. So, this way, you can get quality assurance from a renowned brand without having to burn a hole through your wallet.

What should I look for in a programming chair?

Programmers tend to sit on their chairs for a long time because of all the coding they do. For this reason, they need something that will give them comfort and support their back throughout the session. A few things to consider in a programming chair are – comfort, framework and build, fabric, and back support.

Final Words

Now that you know about what features make up the best chair for programmers, we hope you have a clear idea about which one you want to get. We would suggest that you keep in mind the three most important factors – comfort, build, and material.

A good chair is necessary so that your body gets proper care when you’re working hard towards your coding dream. So, pick your choice from our list and grind your way to the top without compromising on your posture or back pain.

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