10 Best Lightweight Transport Wheelchair for your active lifestyle

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We updated this article on 27th July 2022 to add more information about each featured product, based on extensive research done by our team.

If you’re looking for a wheelchair to meet your quick transport needs like a quick trip to a park or just movement within your building, you should consider one of the best lightweight transport wheelchairs.  

Lightweight transport wheelchairs are blessings for family members and caregivers that make the pushing of the older people or mobility disabled much easier. These wheelchairs are easier to carry and move around to all distances and occasions.

Unlike the traditional wheelchairs that are difficult to maneuver, transport wheelchairs are easy to lift, transport, fold, and store. However, choosing the right transport wheelchair for your needs can be difficult and time-consuming with too many options available.

Here’s the good news. We’ve reviewed the top lightweight wheelchairs on the market in this article. Also, we’ve provided a detailed buying guide to help you to the extreme to find which is best for you.

Best Lightweight Transport Wheelchairs Reviews

After some extensively researched studies, we have selected the top ten transport wheelchairs for you. Be with us as we show you what makes them special and the countless benefits they have.

Karman Healthcare S-2512 Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

Our first pick is the S-2512 lightweight transport wheelchair from the popular Karman Healthcare company. Since 1994, Karman Healthcare has been dedicated to manufacturing the best home medical products.

They are well-known in the industry for producing a full line of wheelchairs, rollators, oxygen regulators, power wheelchairs,  bathroom safety, walkers, and other home care products.

This model was designed to offer relaxation and comfort to mobility impaired individuals. Also, the stress-free rest that the wheelchair provides will make your rest time comfortable.

If you’re tired of pushing yourself around or want something light to transport you easily, then the  S-2512 can be the ideal option.

The model is the best rated lightweight transport wheelchair on our list. It weighs in at only 18 pounds, making it ideal for wheeling you around your favorite shopping mall or home.

Concerning its durability, the chair is built with sturdy materials such as high-end composites, polyurethane, and a 6061 T-6 Aircraft-grade aluminum frame. These materials make the chair durable enough to withstand daily use for a long time.  

We loved that the unit comes with pouches and pockets on the back where you can keep your small belongings like a book, wallet, or even mobile phone.

You should not worry if the wheelchair will fit perfectly in your car. Thanks to its ability to fold to a compact size, which is easy to transport and maintain. All you need to do is clench it for quick folding.

The wheelchair has a seat dimension of 17 × 18 × 18 inches with a seat belt and anti-tippers, while the height is 18 inches.

Furthermore, the chair can withstand 220 pounds of weight capacity, which makes it perfect for most adults. It comes in both transport and self-propelled options weighing 18 and 19.8 pounds, respectively. 

The wheelchair features 20-inch flat-free polyurethane wheels in the rear with rear wheel locks to keep you from slipping away. Moreover, the companion brakes come with a drive-by locking system that keeps the brakes in place to ensure a secure and safe ride.

All you need to do is to pull the brake lever if you want to apply the brakes. The high-quality brake system makes this wheelchair highly beneficial when descending or ascending a slope.

What more? The S-shape seating frame of the chair was designed according to the body’s natural functions and curves.

It is patented in the EU, the US, and many other developing countries. This ergonomic design helps to reduce the risk of developing pressure scoliosis and ulcers.


  • Lightweight and compact design make it easy to store and transport
  • Highly durable, made with sturdier materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum and polyurethane
  • Offers extreme safety and comfort, thanks to its ergonomic design
  • 20” flat-free polyurethane rear wheel offers a smooth and comfortable ride on the rugged surfaces
  • Offers a weight capacity of 220 pounds, ideal for most adults


  • Product is quite expensive
  • Not hard-wearing

NOVA Bariatric 332R Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

For many years, NOVA has successfully enticed a lot of customers with sleek designs, high-quality, and elegant accessories. NOVA’s Bariatric 332R transport wheelchair is one of the best models in its category.

It has many benefits in store just for an affordable price—this wheelchair boasts a lightweight design, weighing only 27 pounds. Despite the lightweight design of the chair, it can hold up to 400 pounds of weight.

Its weight capacity makes it ideal for carrying most adults without any hassle. If you’re a person who gives high regard to safety, then this wA wheelchair will be the best choice for you. It is designed with several important safety features in mind.

 First of all, it features 12” rugged back wheels that move smoothly on rough surfaces. It also comes with the NOVA feather touch hand brakes, making the chair controllable on bumpy or uneven surfaces. 

Furthermore, the wheelchair comes with a safety belt that prevents slipping. We loved that this heavy-duty wheelchair features an extra-wide and deeper 22” seat with dimensions of 15.5” in depth and 21.25” in width.

The wide seat is composed of a rugged black nylon material, which is to maintain and clean. Bariatric 332R is easy to fold, carry, and transport anywhere without any problems. That’s not all. This wheelchair was equipped with a secondary wheel lock, which delivers you lifelong safety and comfort.

Additionally, the unit was also designed with gear wheels and patented hand brakes to keep the speed and brakes in control. These additional functions make the chair ideal for taking precautions in safety measures.

Most wheelchair users complained about the inability to move very closer to dining tables, but that’s not the case with this model. This model comes with desk arms that allow users to easily move closer to the table for comfortable sitting when eating.

Besides, the armrest features a flip-up option to make sitting more comfortable. We loved that the NOVA Bariatric 332R model offers great durability and quality for an affordable price.

Another interesting feature that catches our attention is its replaceable and removable footrests, making them manageable and convenient for the user.

These footrests also come with heel loops, which help the user relax their feet in a relaxing state. The users can also rest their feet from a height of 5 to 9 inches away from the floor.

There’s also an adjustable seat belt which adjusts up to 41”, and small storage space for keeping your cell phone and keys.


  • Offers maximum safety and control
  • Wheelchair fits into small areas, thanks to its fold-down back and quick release technology
  • High-quality and durable materials for an affordable price
  • Comes with gear wheels and patented hand brakes to control the drive speed
  • This heavy-duty chair will give you a comfortable ride through a 12” back wheel
  • Heavy-duty capacity weight of 400 pounds
  • excellent portability


  • Might be difficult to use by disabled people
  • Not designed for shorter people

 NOVA 352B Medical Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

Here’s another great product from the popular NOVA company. The NOVA company is not a newbie in the industry of home medical products.  They are well known for manufacturing high-quality products that stand the test of time.

The NOVA 352B lightweight transport wheelchair boasts top-tier design and high-end quality. It features adjustable armrests, which make it easy and efficient for table or desk use. This lightweight mobility wheelchair comes with 12 inches rugged wheels.

Although the wheels may not be as big as some other wheelchairs on the market, it was ruggedly designed to be maneuverable and sturdy enough for excellent smooth motion.

The wheelchair features a glossy black design with a colored durable steel frame that is robust enough to support up to 300 pounds of weight. Also, it boasts of handbrakes that deliver the maximum security and safety that the user requires.

Furthermore, the seat is very comfortable with padded upholstery and an inbuilt seatbelt, which helps to secure the user during mobility. For optimum safety against potential stretching or ripping, the chair comes with bolstered arm pads.

Moreover, the wheelchair guarantees absolute security and safety, so you do not need to be under persistent inspection when using the chair. The NOVA 352B lightweight transport wheelchair is completely affordable to offers portability for easy transport and compact storage.  

Its compact design makes it ideal for users with small living spaces to get on with their everyday routine. Most companions face issues when transferring the users from a bed or car to a wheelchair.

But that’s not the case with this chair. It comes with removable and flips up padded desk arms that allow the user to mount up to a table, car, or chair more easily. We are also happy to find out that the wheelchair possesses removable footrests that are easy to lock back into places.

These footrests are easy to modify, and they come with heel loops that enable the users to rest their feet. The wheelchair may weigh up to 27.5 pounds, which is considered heavy for some people to lift.

But the good news is that its footrests and desk arms are removable-by removing them, the wheelchair will become much easier to carry to the back of your car. If you’re looking for a wheelchair with a sleek design, basic functionality, and protection, then the NOVA’s 352B lightweight transport chair is for you.

It is more comfortable to push someone else or yourself in, and it offers a perfectly smooth ride. What more? It features an adjustable seatbelt, and just like its predecessor, it comes with a storage pouch that provides space for your cell phone and keys.

The only downside to this chair is that it tends to skid on laminated floors. But when all things are considered, this is an all-around good product.


  • Wheelchair has a very sturdy and durable steel frame
  • Handbrakes and seatbelts included for effective safety measures
  • Foldable with a sleek, compact design that makes it easy to move and transport
  • 300 pounds weight capacity is robust enough to accommodate most adults
  • 20-inch high seat is very comfortable
  • Incredibly safe


  • Tends to skid on laminated floors

Drive Medical Bariatric Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

The Bariatric lightweight transport wheelchair from Drive Medical is a dashingly engineered product that is incredibly sturdy. For so long, Drive Medical has been dedicated to providing a durable steel design that is considered a user-friendly wheelchair.

This model is a lightweight and portable wheelchair perfect for individuals that require to be pushed around. However, it doesn’t have traditional wheels that will help you propel yourself.  

We loved that the product is a perfect option for users that are disabled permanently with limited or no use of arms. The wheelchair requires support for movement but is robust enough to handle long-distance trips.

Another interesting thing you should know is that it provides both transport and ambulance facilities. It is also ideal for people who want to maintain optimum safety while traveling.

For easy and comfortable storage, it features a handy lever with a padded foam grip that folds down without any hassle. This transport chair comes with rugged 12 inches rear wheels for easy movement on most surfaces.

The unit also comes with padded, fixed full-length desk arms and swing-away footrests to offer additional comfort. There’s also an adjustable push bar coupled with a padded foam grip, making it very easy to push around.

Moreover, the Bariatric lightweight wheelchair weighs 33 pounds and can support its weight up to 450 pounds. Most people considered the product weight to be slightly heavy to lift, but its heavy-duty weight capacity has covered up for that.

This heavy-duty wheelchair is equipped with companion-activated wheel locks and levers to maintain maximum safety and security for the users.

We also noticed that heavy-duty upholstery is nylon reinforced with two carry handles. This product is one of the best rated lightweight transport wheelchairs with standard features-footrests, seat belts, hand brakes, wheel locks, etc.

This chair is one of the best transport wheelchairs you could come across on the market. Although, we hated that the unit can’t propel by itself. You will need a companion for movement to your favorite places.


  • Comes with a compact and portable design
  • Swing-away footrests enable quick and easy transfer
  • Chair is way easier to transport
  • Folds back down easily for convenience of storage
  • Outstanding weight holding capacity
  • Accommodates bigger sizes
  • Ideal for bariatric users
  • Rear wheels are equipped with safety brakes
  • Excellent durability


  • Cannot propel by self

YOU WELL Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

If you’re searching for a transport wheelchair for young adults or children, this is an ideal option. The YUWELL Ultra-lightweight transport wheelchair is specially designed for keeping small-framed adults or children.

This unique piece of ultra-lightweight wheelchair is the best choice for your trip’s accessories packing.

Are you Looking for something that folds down easily? YUWELL’s wheelchair is designed with the top easy fold quality to help you reduce the preparation time for extra comfort. The great folding function of this wheelchair makes it more transportable anywhere without any problems.

Additionally, it comes with a carry bag with a shoulder strap that can be carried just at the back of your shoulder.

It doesn’t matter if the user is weak physically or paralyzed. You will enjoy your journeys and trips with this ultra-light portable wheelchair. There’s no need for an extra lift for holding the unit.

This cost-effective transport wheelchair is one of the most affordable products on our list. usually, wheelchair costs around $500

We loved that the unit comes with a superior grade aluminum alloy frame with a corrosion-resistant coating. The chair’s frame is enough to support an individual weight up to 165 pounds.

It is the lightest wheelchair on our list with just 15.5 pounds of total weight. This unit comes with a seat width of 12.5 inches only, which is considered suited for individuals with smaller body frames. However, the ample cushion is guaranteed to deliver maximum comfort to the user.

What more? It features a standard built-in handbrake to control the brakes and movement of the wheelchair. Also, there’s a removable and foldable backrest for added comfort.

We loved that the cushion seat is breathable and comfortable. Another thing you should know is that the wheelchair is completely washable for easy maintenance.  

That’s not all. There’s more. The premium quality wheelchair meets and exceeds the standards of the CE and FDA. So, you don’t need to doubt the quality of the chair. It is a very reliable and great value for money.

Overall, this is a top-quality wheelchair with a unique design that delivers exceptional maneuverability in tight entryways. However, it is not ideal for heavyweight users. But apart from that, the wheelchair is a very good product with excellent features.


  • Perfect for small adults and children
  • Ultra-lightweight weighs only just 15.5 pounds
  • Comes with a removable and foldable backrest
  • The wheelchair is completely washable
  • Foldable design for easy transport and storage
  • Superior corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy frame
  • Incredibly easy to control with handbrakes


  • Seat size is small
  • Not ideal for heavyweight users

ProBasics  TCA191612BK Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

ProBasics is one of the leaders in the wheelchairs and wheelchairs accessories industry. They are dedicated to making the use of a wheelchair more comfortable and enjoyable for anyone with mobility impairments.

The TCA191612BK is the company’s newest model, equipped with excellent functions to offer wheelchair users graceful comfort. This transport wheelchair offers you pain-free sitting and greater relaxation every time.

It has proper storage, which is maintained by its back release hinges. The heavy-duty chair features a permanent armrest with a full length of padded frames for extra support.

Also, it boasts a durable aluminum frame to provide safe and comfortable transportation. In terms of its weight capacity, the chair has a high weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Furthermore, the wheelchair assures more quality as it offers the perfect smoothest ride. It comes with 12 inches rear wheel to deliver better performance on any surface.

We loved that the lightweight transport chair is equipped with companion-activated hand brakes, which makes it ideal for controlling the rear wheels during motion for added safety.

That’s not all, this model also comes with a seat belt and swing away footrests coupled with heel loops and footplates. These turn away footrests are removable and adjustable for added comfort while sitting.

The large 19 inches seat width is robust enough to provide you with maximum comfort while sitting. When complementing the seating area, there’s a sturdy backrest area to help keep users sitting up straight.

Besides, TCA191612BK boasts of fold-down back to enable compact flat storage, making it comfortable to transport. What more? This cost-effective transport chair comes with full-length permanent armrests that are padded and durable for maximum comfort.

Also, ProBasics TCA191612BK is safe, perfect, and very comfortable for travel or everyday use. This folding wheelchair features nylon seat straps for easy folding and lifting.

To be honest, the chair is an ideal transport chair for people on the go, and it fits flawlessly into the back of your car. Concerning its assembly, this unit doesn’t feel restricted, and minimal assembly is required. You don’t need to have technical skills to set it up.  


  • Affordable price for top quality
  • Durable aluminum frame carries up to 300 pounds of weight
  • Performs well in narrow spaces
  • Ergonomically designed with a convenient lever for back release
  • Comes with a simple fold mechanism for easy folding for both storage and transport
  • Can be used anywhere; it helps you travel anywhere with its rugged 12 inches rear wheel
  • Ideal for most adults


  • Footrests could have been equipped with a stable design

Medline MDS808200W Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

If you want to purchase a transport wheelchair for your injured loved ones or yourself, nothing can match the Medline MDS808200W lightweight transport wheelchair.

It is ideal for individuals with mobility impairments who require a companion to help them move around a park, neighborhood, or house. The model comes with elegant ergonomic handgrips that allow the companion to move the chair with ease. You don’t need to worry about hand fatigue or strain.

We loved that the wheelchair is equipped with restaurant-style permanent armrests with an extraordinary shape. This unique shape allows the user to sit comfortably close to tables.

With an ultra-lightweight of just about 23 pounds, it might surprise you that this wheelchair can still support up to 300 pounds of weight. This heavy-duty capacity makes the chair strong enough to handle the heaviest individuals.

Also included are a side bag and back pockets that are perfect for storing your personal belongings like keys, cell phones, wallets, rings, etc. This great transport chair is foldable, which makes it easy to carry or store.

Its compact design is accompanied by push-button adjustable footrests and ‘stow and go’ clips that neatly lock the footrests onto the wheelchair’s sides when not in use.

The 8 inches rear wheel adds more durability to the chair while the caster type front-wheel delivers greater mobility, making it one of the best rated lightweight transport wheelchairs on our list.

This amazing transport chair features a high-grade burgundy frame coupled with padded nylon upholstery to add both comfort and durability to one product. The seat width is 19 inches, while the depth is 16 inches. Furthermore, it features a safety belt that helps to secure users from falling.

The Medline lightweight transport wheelchair is designed with portability in mind; it is a well-rated, steel-framed wheelchair that most end-users have found satisfactory and reliable. What more? It comes with a lever that enables the backrest to fold down in half, making it very compact when folded.

That’s not all; it’ll surprise you that the chair comes with a convenient storage bag that you can easily mount on the armrest. This mini bag can be used to carry smaller items and can be very useful.

There are two downsides to this wheelchair. Firstly, it does not come with handbrakes. Instead, it is equipped with a foot wheel lock. Secondly, it might be a bit tipsy because of its small wheels.


  • Convenient storage bag is included
  • Completely foldable, making it portable, compact, and convenient
  • Ultra-lightweight option that can support up to 300 pounds of weight
  • Comes with a safety belt for added safety
  • Includes mesh pocket for easier storage
  • Ergonomic handgrips reduce hand strain and fatigue


  • No handbrakes

Medline MDS808210ARE Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

If you want something to transport your dearly disabled ones as easily, comfortably, and safely as possible, the Medline MDS808210ARE lightweight transport wheelchair is another option you should consider.

It is another top-quality wheelchair from the Medline company that stands out from various manual wheelchairs available on the market due to its durability and remarkable design. This makes it very comfortable for bystanders and users to help move around with great ease and comfort.

Compared to other wheelchairs on the market, this product is built to be much more lightweight for easier maneuverability. Thanks to its dynamic design, you will be able to navigate through narrow spaces and tight spots.

It features rugged 12 inches wheels that are robust enough to move smoothly even on uneven outdoor surfaces. Besides, this heavy-duty chair comes with loop-lock handbrakes for controlling the speed and locking the 12 inches rear wheels.

This function ensures that the safety and security of the user are guaranteed. It is good to know that the unit is well equipped with armrests, footrests, and seatbelts.

The detachable footrests and full-length armrests add to the user’s comfort while the seatbelt ensures that the user does not fall off during transportation.

Furthermore, this chair is foldable to offer maximum compactness, which allows you to carry it around or load it in the back of your car. It also features a collapsible back that folds down, making it easy to stow while you travel.

For your information, this wheelchair is much easier to carry around than other products on the market, weighing just 23.5 pounds. It might surprise you that the maximum weight capacity of this lightweight wheelchair is up to 300 pounds.

Concerning its durability, it features a solid aluminum body frame built to stand the test of time. Also, for added strength, the structure is powder-coated. You also get to benefit from the comfortable wide seat with breathable nylon upholstery for support.

The seat is 19 inches wide and 16 inches deep to accommodate even the heaviest and largest individuals.

However, the only downside is most customers complained that the price range is a bit steep compared to other models.


  • Breathable nylon seating is very easy to clean and comfortable
  • User-friendly, very easy to maneuver
  • Foldable and collapsible for easy transport
  • Comes with handbrakes and seatbelt for emergencies and for security of the user
  • Great outdoor performance with its large wheels
  • Durable and sturdy body frame with powder coating


  • Pricey

Carex Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

If you’ve been carrying your patients with a wheelchair only to realize that the chair leaks and squeaks from places, there’s nothing to compare with how upset you’d be. 

Why not consider the Carex lightweight transport wheelchair! The wheelchair was manufactured by one of the leaders in the industry for the disabled, handicapped, and adults.

You can always trust this brand. Many of its customers have testified to the quality and durability of its products. The entire structure has an impressive build; all the users will feel more comfortable using this wheelchair.

This transport wheelchair is durable enough to accommodate a wide range of patients, meaning that many users will find peace and comfort in this chair’s foam housing.

The first thing we noticed was the durable steel frame that delivered full support for the users’ everyday transport. Since it’s a foldable wheelchair, it folds down easily for compact storage and transport.

It will fold up to fit perfectly into the back of your car. Carex lightweight wheelchair is an ideal medical wheelchair for transferring a patient from the hospital to home.

If you’re on the go or require a folding companion wheelchair for occasional use, this is the best choice. Another interesting thing we found out about this great chair is that it doesn’t require assembly.

The portable wheelchair features adjustable and removable swing-away footrests to increase its compactness and add to its overall comfort. There’s a wide 19 inches seat that delivers ample seating space for users for added comfort.

Furthermore, the chair is also equipped with a secure seat belt to ensure the users’ safety and security. Whether you have a chronic medical condition or just recovering from serious surgery, the Carex transport wheelchair will take you around comfortably and safely.

The comfort level that this wheelchair provides is just unexplainable. Apart from that, the rear wheels of the unit are controlled by push-to-lock wheel brakes to ensure that the user is safe and secure.

Moreover, the total weight of the wheelchair is 25 pounds, meaning that doctors, caregivers, and nurses can transport the chair without having to worry about cumbersome weight. With its lightweight, the Carex transport chair can support an individual weight of about 300 pounds.

However, the wheelchair has two flaws. Firstly, some customers complained about its quality and durability, and secondly, the product seems too short.


  • Supports an individual weight capacity of up to 300 pounds
  • Best budget with outstanding benefits
  • Designed by a reputable and reliable company
  • Large 19 inches seating area provides ample seating space
  • Folds up perfectly for easy storage and transport
  • Comes with a secure seatbelt
  • Excellent choice for comfort, safety, and durability


  • Durability and quality of the chair are questionable
  • Too short

Drive Medical TR39E-SV Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

Suppose you’re looking for an exceptional and exquisite wheelchair that will transport the patients around without the added seriousness of traditional wheelchairs. In that case, this is the right product for you.  

Drive Medical’s top-of-the-line wheelchair is lightweight and compact. This wheelchair has been designed to be as light as a feather and as comfortable as a recliner.

The Drive Medical lightweight transport wheelchair possesses all the added advantages of a good wheelchair. It features lightweight architecture that makes it collapsible, allowing caregivers to move patients from one place to another easily.

There are also adjustable swing-away footrests for enhanced comfort. This feature ensures that the users will feel very comfortable using this product, which means maximum portability and convenience. The choices are just endless with this product.

Drive Medical’s 19 inches chair comes with two options detachable desk arms or fixed arms. These cushioned armrests are padded, ensuring that users can rest their arms and hands without discomfort. The foam is spongy, soft, and durable to add comfort.

Besides, it features a durable steel frame that is strong enough to accommodate up to 250 pounds of body weight. However, it is advised that the chair should be used for patients with lower body weights.

This Drove Medical mobility device does not come with handbrakes, but it can be easily controlled in emergency cases. The rugged, composite  8 inches wheels are robust enough to withstand a lot of stress. There are handlebars with a perfect grip to ensure easy maneuverability.

The 19 inches nylon seat upholstery is breathable and washable. You can clean and wash the chair without any hassle. Maintaining this wheelchair can be done with little effort and less time.

Also, the backrest and chair are completely foldable for easy storage and transportation. Its foldability function makes it ideal for people with small households.

What more? This mobility device has a sleek design that makes it easy to be maneuvered in small spaces and narrow indoor layouts. We only hated that the chair does not come with handbrakes to control the chair’s speed.  

In short, our best lightweight transport wheelchair reviews will not be complete without adding this product. You’re missing out if you’ve not gotten this chair for your patients.

The Drive Medical lightweight chair isn’t just a framed product; it does well in performance too.


  • Collapsible foldable design is a huge benefit
  • 19 inches seat width makes it useable by a wide range of users
  • Armrests and seat are padded with top quality foam
  • Sleek design and architecture are pitch-perfect
  • Accommodates 250 pounds of weight
  • Wheels and steelwork offer maximum durability and stability
  • Breathable seat
  • Ideal for work use, thanks to its detachable desk arms


  • No handbrakes to control the speed of the wheelchair

What to Look for Before Buying a lightweight transport wheelchair?

Whether you’re a caregiver, nurse, or doctor — your choice of wheelchair will affect the comfort and safety of the patients. It is highly important to get a good quality wheelchair that will offer your patients comfort and safety.

There are tons of wheelchairs on the market with different brands and manufacturers. Surely, you will see some manufacturers trying to use dubious descriptions and tricky performance measurements to deceive you.

To avoid disappointment after making a wrong purchase, we’ve prepared a detailed guide for you to follow. This buying guide will help you choose the right wheelchair for your needs. It contains the things to look out for before making a purchase.

Comfort and Safety

Of course, first and foremost, a good wheelchair should be comfortable and safe. A lot of things attributes to the comfort of a wheelchair. The seat, armrests, footrests, and backrests all play a significant role in the comfort of the wheelchair.

Choose a wheelchair that has armrests and a seat padded with premium quality foam. We recommend nylon seat upholstery because it is breathable and washable. Full-length, adjustable, and detachable armrests are all available on the market today.  

You should also look out for the footrest package of the chair. Consider the elevated footrest and swing-away footrest options. These footrests help the user to rest their legs for maximum comfort.

The backrest is also an important feature to look out for in the wheelchair. Lastly, the wheels of the chair should also be considered because it determines how smooth the transport would be on different surfaces.


The light weight of the wheelchair is an important factor to look out for before making a buying decision. You should go for a wheelchair that is lightweight because it makes it easier for the caregiver to maneuver and move the chair around.

Lightweight transport wheelchairs normally weigh less than 26 pounds with the lightest one in our review with just a mere 18 pounds.


This feature determines if the wheelchair is transportable or not. Most traditional wheelchairs are known to be heavyweight with non-foldable design. Meanwhile, lightweight transport wheelchairs are portable and lightweight with adjustable and detachable parts for added portability.

This high portability range makes lightweight transport wheelchair more comfortable to fold and transport. Wheelchairs’ portability also helps to reduce the pressure and stress on caregivers.


Transport wheelchairs with larger rear wheels and front wheels are easier to maneuver. It is because they possess a tighter turning radius when compared to most standard wheelchairs.

Lightweight transport wheelchairs do not have propeller wheels, making it easy to maneuver through tight spaces. They are narrower than manual wheelchairs, which allows them to go through fast passages.

Furthermore, lightweight transport wheelchairs normally feature foldable footrests and seats. They can fold back down to compact size, making them easier to store in a tight storage area or the back of the car.

Seat Size

One of the important features that you should consider before buying a wheelchair is the seat size of the transport wheelchair. Knowing that different patients require a different size, you should buy them according to the user’s waist.

Check for the seat dimensions to get the appropriate wheelchair for the patient.


Before buying a product like a wheelchair, the first thing that should come to mind is the price. You don’t necessarily need to break the bank to purchase a new transport wheelchair.

Our list consists of a lot of budget-friendly wheelchairs that are effective and reliable. There are inexpensive wheelchairs with outstanding features and benefits for middle-class families on the market.

Seat Height

When buying a travel wheelchair, you should consider your height as well. It is because most traditional wheelchairs come with a height range of 20-22 inches from the landscape.

The most lightweight wheelchair will be more comfortable for patients who are 5 feet tall. If you’re taller or shorter than that height range, then you need to check for the seat height that best suits your height for more comfort.


The durability of your preferred wheelchair is the most influential factor to consider before making a buying decision — lightweight wheelchairs with solid body frame tens to serve you for a very long time. So, look out for the material used for making the frame. We recommend a body frame composed of aluminum or steel materials. The aluminum frame is lighter than the steel frame. But they are both strong and sturdy. So, invest in a wheelchair that will function for long without breaking down.

Frequently Asked Questions

When discussing the use of most home medical products, some compelling questions arise about the utilization of these mobility devices.

If you have a wheelchair, here are some answers to the frequently asked questions about these lightweight transport wheelchairs. These questions and answers will help you get familiar with these devices.

How do I control the speed of the lightweight wheelchair?

The braking system can control the speed and motion of the wheelchair. Most wheelchairs on our list come with loop-lock handbrakes to control the speed and movement.

Some wheelchairs feature companion brakes that come with a drive-by locking system that keeps the brakes in place to maintain a safe and secure ride.

What is the ideal weight of a transport wheelchair

The ideal weight of a lightweight wheelchair falls between 20 and 28 pounds. However, we have the lightest on our list with just 18 pounds. It is more suitable when a wheelchair falls between that weight range for portability.

Any transport chair above 30 pounds is considered heavyweight. However, the higher the price when the weight of the wheelchair is reduced. Lighter transport wheelchairs are usually costlier than the average ones.

Are there any differences between wheelchair wheels?

Yes! There are three major wheels in wheelchairs: foam wheels, air-filled wheels, and solid wheels. Although we recommend the solid type of hoops because they offer the smoothest ride, making them ideal for movement on uneven surfaces.

How do I maintain a transport wheelchair?

Consistent usage is the ideal maintenance of any device. We recommend that you check out all the various parts of the wheelchair and clean it very well.

The wheels are also an important part that requires maintenance in a wheelchair. Make sure you lubricate the wheels to keep the wheelchair at best. Repair all the rusting and damaged parts of the wheelchair frequently.

Closing Thought

There you are, in the final session. I hope you got your preferred choice among the best lightweight transport wheelchair in our review. All the products on our list are budget-friendly, cost-effective, reliable, comfortable, and durable.

Make sure you consider all the things from our buying guide before making a buying decision. This guide will help you make a wise decision when choosing the right transport wheelchair for your needs. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

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