10 Best Office Chairs for Tall Person in 2022

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We updated this article on 21st July 2022 to add more information about each featured product, based on extensive research done by our team. This included adding information on product features, benefits, and drawbacks.

Most office chairs out there generally focus on offering the proper support and comfort for people of average height. They might be a comfortable chair for some but not indeed for tall persons.

And as a team of writers with plenty of tall members, we got pretty tired of sitting with keeping our knees flexed. So, we tried grabbing the best office chair for a tall person.

However, our first experience was not that good. Even though many options claim to offer the proper lumbar support for tall users, not all of them have the right ergonomic features. So, we did not get the comfort that we were looking for.

Eventually, after thorough testing and research, we managed to find out the chairs were meant for big and tall users. And we will talk precisely about them in this article.

In A Hurry? Check Our Top Picks of Best chairs for tall person

  1. Oak Hollow Aloria Series Tall Office Chair
  2. Zuri Gates Genuine Leather Office Chairs for Tall
  3. SIDIZ T50 Chairs for Tall People
  4. HON Ignition 2.0 for Big and Tall people
  5. Laura Davidson Bowery Fully Adjustable
  6. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ideal for People 6’4”
  7. Oline ErgoPro Ideal for All tall people
  8. Gabrylly Ergonomic Best Budget Office Chair for Tall Person
  9. DEFY DESK Best Value Chair for Tall People
  10. Komene Ergonomic Office Chair

How Are We Defining Tall?

We must admit that height is a pretty relative concept. A person who is five-eight can seem tall to someone that is about four to five inches shorter. In fact, different countries have different standards regarding it.

However, considering the average height of the USA, which is about 5 feet 9 inches for men and 5 feet 4 inches for women, we are considering the 6 feet plus height as tall. And all of our recommendations will be for the users that are in that height range.

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10 Best Office Chairs for Tall Users

It is pretty clear to us that even if the brands promote their offerings as tall office chairs, most of them are for people of average height. So, we considered all of the critical ergonomic features and went through all of the best-selling office chairs. And these are the ones that stood out:

1. Oak Hollow Aloria Series Tall Office Chair

Adjustability options are one of the things that we prioritized the most when we scrutinized the best office chairs for tall people. And this offering from Oak Hollow impressed us in that regard.

There are a host of adjustability features on this option. You will find adjustable armrests, adjustable lumbar support, adjustable headrest, and finally, adjustable seat depth. These four features increase the chair’s ergonomic support and make it possible for tall people to personalize the seating experience.

This tall office chair even has different tilt options. There are tilt tension settings on the backrest and two pneumatic seat height options. And you will have complete control over the seat position, which will let you customize it to a great extent to make it the perfect office chair.

In terms of design, the brand emphasizes offering a premium feel. That is why they have utilized premium materials, good mesh backing, and genuine leather on the seat cushion. This mesh chair even adds a dash of professional looks by using sleek curves. And due to the high-quality materials, the weight capacity is high too.

On that note, the seat width is perfect for big and tall people. It even has a tall backrest, which will let you properly rest your back. And there will be no need to keep your thighs exposed to the seat’s edge. For the adjustable features, this ergonomic chair will be great for short people too.


  • Sports fully adjustable arms
  • The seat cushion is of premium leather
  • Has two different seat height
  • Flaunts the right seat depth for tall people
  • Boasts a 300 pounds weight capacity


  • Not that easy to assemble
  • The reclining resistance of the backrest tilt might be too much on some units

2. Zuri Gates Genuine Leather Office Chairs for Tall

Leather chairs indeed look aesthetically pleasing. But most of the good-looking leather office chairs that are available are not really for tall people. However, that is not the case for this one.

Let us first talk about the overall outlook first. This chair has gone through the bonded leather manufacturing process. That makes the leather pop out and look professional and sleek at the same time. As the leather is genuine, you will not even have to worry about it tearing or getting scratched that easily.

Beneath the leather cover, this chair for tall people has high-density foam padding. The padding is both under the seat cushion and on the back. These foams are exactly what makes this offering a suitable office chair for comfort. And the great part is that these foams do not provide that sinking feeling.

It is not like the other office chairs that limit the user from customizing the overall experience. This office chair for tall people even has advanced ergonomic features. The Synchro-tilting mechanism will ensure that you can customize the seating experience according to your preference.

There are casters on the base too. And these casters are not like the ones that an average office chair use. These wheels move smoothly. So, you will be able to move from one place to another without putting that much effort. Also, there are five different color options available.


  • Utilizes genuine bonded-leather
  • Packs high-density foam padding
  • Offers excellent ergonomic support
  • Provides the right amount of comfort for tall people
  • Has different adjustable ergonomic features


  • Does not have adjustable armrests
  • Might not ship with assembly instructions

3. SIDIZ T50 Chairs for Tall People

Ergonomic chairs are something that all tall people want. However, most of the chairs for tall people do not really emphasize that factor that much. Well, that is certainly not the case for this offering from SIDIZ.

The first thing that makes this office chair stand out is the S-curve design. This design provides the right amount of lumbar support. Also, the spine will remain at the correct position throughout the whole sitting session, thanks to how ergonomic the back is. And that is crucial for a healthy spine.

This desk chair is not a bit behind the best office chairs when it comes to customizability. There are tiling and adjustable seat depth settings. And the best part is that the tilt tension is just right on the lever. This office chair even has an adjustable headrest setting.

Besides that, the build quality of this computer chair is stellar. The brand has utilized solid materials to increase the overall durability. That is why the chair is a bit heavy. Even the weight capacity is comparatively higher than some of the big and tall chairs that are available in the market.

Due to the advanced tilting mechanisms, it will allow you to take the seat forward pretty easily. And as it is possible to customize the seating position according to your preference, you will stay more focused on your work. Also, the adjustable headrest has memory foam inside. So, it will not lose its shape that quickly.


  • Utilizes a highly ergonomic S-curve design
  • Provides superior lumbar support
  • Has better build quality than some premium chairs
  • Features adjustable seat depth settings
  • Sports adjustable headrest mechanism


  • The seat cushion is a bit firm
  • Not that easy to assemble

4. HON Ignition 2.0 for Big and Tall people

On the lookout for a suitable chair that is perfect for a standing desk? You might want to take a look at what HON is offering here.

Firstly, the maximum seat height is just right for the standing desks. Also, the seat height is adjustable. With just a single push or pull of the lever, you can change the back height and modify the seating position. And for the amount of lumbar support it offers, you should stay fully stable while sitting on it.

Talking of adjustability, this one even has adjustable armrests. You can relax your arms by adjusting the width of the armrests. It even has a lean forward mechanism that will enable you to keep your arms in a comfortable position. Also, the headrest is adjustable.

There are reclining settings for this chair, suitable for offering the back the right amount of support. And the mesh that it features on the back is breathable. That makes this executive chair conforming and comfortable even during the warmest summer days.

The overall construction of this executive chair is highly praiseworthy too. It is full of high-quality materials, which not only increases the weight capacity but increases the overall lifespan of the executive chair. Also, there are caster wheels on the bottom that will keep you mobile in your office.


  • The seat height is adjustable
  • Offers the proper amount of lumbar support
  • Keeps the arms in a comfortable position
  • Has a high weight capacity
  • Exceptionally durable


  • The tolerances on the armrest feel a bit sloppy
  • Does not have a dynamic lumbar support mechanism

5. Laura Davidson Bowery Fully Adjustable

What if we told you that we tried out a mesh office chair that features a design to offer all-day comfort! Yes, this one from Laura Davidson is that office chair!

Unlike the other mesh chairs, this office chair features a modern design. The design will make it blend right into your modern office environment. It will look exceptionally great on the minimalistic setups as well. It certainly takes the spot when it comes to the best office chairs that look great.

Again, it is easily a good pick as the best tall office chair in terms of comfort. The seat width is just right for a tall person. There is a reclining seat depth adjustment setting as well. That setting will allow you to change the depth to five different stages, which means you can easily customize the overall seating experience.

On that note, the maximum seat height is more than enough for tall people. There will be no need to sit in an awkward seating position on this. And thanks to the thickly padded seat, you will have no issues in terms of comfort even if you plan to sit all day on it.

Furthermore, it is possible to adjust the seat angle. It has four locking positions, which will all enhance the overall comfort. And for the lumbar support, it will be pretty comfortable for you to sit back by kicking your feet up. The office chair even has adjustable armrests. You can adjust that to six different heights.


  • Sports a modern design
  • Has a seat depth adjustment setting
  • The maximum seat height is enough for a tall person
  • Boasts thickly padded seat area
  • Offers the ability to adjust the seat angle


  • Might creak a bit right out of the packaging
  • The caster wheels are not that smooth

6. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ideal for People 6’4”

Office workers have to sit on their office chairs for the whole day sometimes. And many office chair manufacturers understand how vital the role ergonomics play in making the all-day sitting period enjoyable. Well, NOUHAUS has acknowledged that which is why they have brought out this offering to the market.

The most highlighting thing about this office chair is the 3D lumber system. It is basically an adjustable lumbar support system that will make your spine conform to the backrest. The office chair offers about 135 degrees of back tilt. And the tilt tension is just right. It stays in place!

Additionally, this ergonomic chair comes with a smooth HydraLift mechanism. It will be possible to adjust the seat height using that. Also, the seat width is proper for tall people. There will be no need to keep your legs in an awkward position when you lift them up.

Furthermore, the dual castors on the bottom make this one a high-quality chair. The castors have a 5-point base, which offers the office chair the right amount of stability. And due to that, it also achieves a heavy-duty weight capacity. The maximum weight it can support is 275 pounds.

Another thing that makes this offering the best desk chair is the seating cushion. It is thick and has the right depth for tall people. And as both the back and seat cushion is breathable, you will not have to worry about sweating too much during the harsh summer days.


  • Sports the right seat width
  • The seat height is proper for tall people
  • Has adjustable lumbar support system
  • Utilizes a five-point base for getting higher stability
  • Features breathable seat cushion


  • Assembly is a bit hard
  • It creaks a bit when the tilt is adjusted to the maximum amount

7. Oline ErgoPro Ideal for All tall people

If we asked you what makes the best office chairs the best chair for the office, what would your answer be? Well, if you asked us, we would prioritize design, build quality, and comfort. And this unit from Oline checked them all.

Firstly, let us talk about the thing that makes this a comfortable and ergonomic chair. It utilizes a curved-back design that will offer the spine the right amount of support. In fact, the lumbar support is more than what most office workers look for in an office chair.

Secondly, unlike some office chairs for tall people, this one has a great build quality. It features a construction of premium materials. And the overall construction does not only make it exceptionally durable but also makes it achieves a higher weight capacity. It can support a tall person weighing up to 275 pounds.

In addition to that, there are plenty of adjustable options. The tilting mechanism will allow you to recline from 90 degrees to 135 degrees. And the great part is that the tilt tension is capable of holding the tilting position firmly. You will not have to worry about falling off.

When it comes to design, this one is pretty sleek. The modern notes that it has will make it easily blend into different office environments. In fact, the design is sleek enough that you can use it as a gaming chair or drafting chair. Yes, this computer chair is that versatile!


  • Offers the right amount of lumbar support
  • Sports a good build quality
  • Features a lot of adjustability settings
  • Can support a tall person that weighs up to 275 pounds
  • Sports a versatile design


  • The chair depth is not adjustable
  • Some of the units might ship with an off-centered backrest

8. Gabrylly Ergonomic Best Budget Office Chair for Tall Person

When it comes to ergonomics, one of the go-to options for most office workers is the offerings that are from Gabrylly. And if you were wondering what makes their chairs so good, you need to go through this review.

Unlike the other average chairs, this one features a large mesh seat. The seat width is pretty extensive, which offers the ability for the user to sit according to their preferred position. Also, thanks to the ample seating area, the chair achieves a weight capacity of 280 lbs, reasonably higher than most office chairs.

The seat height of this ergonomic chair is pretty praiseworthy too. It is perfect for tall people. Also, the adjustable seat height option will allow you to change the height according to your preference. Also, the headrest and armrests are flexible as well. So, it will be possible to extensively modify the seating experience on this.

Talking of which, the armrest of this chair for tall people also has a folding mechanism. The user can pull it up and convert it into a gaming chair. And the comfort it offers in that configuration is superior to what some gaming chairs can offer.

Other than that, the material on the back and the seating area are breathable. It ensures a proper circulation of air, which will eventually increase the overall comfort. Also, the installation process of this office chair is pretty easy than gaming chairs.


  • Boasts a large mesh seat
  • The seat height is adjustable
  • Features adjustable armrests
  • Utilizes breathable material for the back and seating area
  • Easy to assemble


  • Tilt tension is a bit loose
  • Might ship with missing parts

9. DEFY DESK Best Value Chair for Tall People

It is a well-known fact that you can significantly enhance your productivity by getting yourself an ergonomic office chair. However, only a few ergonomic office chairs out there keep the assembly as simple as this one.

As we have mentioned, the assembly process for this office chair is pretty simple. All you need to do is go through a couple of simple steps, and you will be able to get this one up. And as the overall construction is of premium materials, it will last for an extended amount of time as well.

On that note, due to utilizing high-quality materials, it achieves a higher weight capacity. It can handle tall people that are up to 300 pounds. And thanks to the waterfall seat edge design, it offers a highly professional look. A gaming chair might have a build quality such as this, but that will indeed not have such a design.

When it comes to comfort, it might even beat the best gaming chair that is available in the market. The S-shape backrest will offer the right amount of lumbar support. It will ensure that you do not face any back pains while sitting and working on it for a prolonged amount of time.

Aside from that, there are multiple adjustable mechanisms. You can rock the chair back and forth, swivel it to a full 360 degrees, and tilt the backrest according to your preference. Also, the mesh backing and seating cushion will ensure maximum air circulation, which will keep you chilled and relaxed.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Can support up to 300 pounds
  • Offers a high amount of lumbar support
  • Has plenty of adjustable mechanisms


  • Does not have an adjustable seat height mechanism
  • The caster wheels are not that high in quality

10. Komene Ergonomic Office Chair

On the lookout for the best tall office chair that is relatively affordable? Well, in that case, you need to consider this chair for tall people from Komene.

Even though it does not cost that much like the other chairs for tall people, it does not lag one bit behind in terms of comfort. The seating area is of breathable mesh, and the back is of the same material too. These two will keep you comfy while ensuring that the air circulates through without facing obstructions.

The installation process of the office chair is pretty easy too. You can set this thing up in about 15 to 20 minutes. There are PU wheels on the bottom, which will allow you to move freely in your working space. Also, as the seat width is pretty large in comparison, you can comfortably sit on this with your legs up.

This chair comes with an adjustable armrest too. It is possible to flip them up to about 90 degrees. And as it is possible to flip them down to the same amount, it will be easier to store the chair. Also, the load capacity of this unit is 250 pounds, which is more than enough for tall people.

Other than that, the backrest of the unit has an ergonomic design. Your spine will naturally rest on the backrest. And thanks to the adjustable seat height, there will be no need to sit by keeping your legs in an awkward position. Also, the lumbar support it offers is exceptionally high too.


  • Affordable
  • Features breathable mesh backing
  • The seat height is adjustable
  • Sports an ergonomic back
  • Has adjustable armrest


  • The staples on the mesh fabric might be a little loose on some units
  • Does not have a praiseworthy durability level

Things to Consider Before Buying Chairs for Tall People

You might be wondering what things we considered while scrutinizing the office chairs for tall people. Well, we kept these crucial points in our minds:

First things first, the seat height! Most of the office chairs for tall people that we tested had an inadequate seat height. There were no adjustment settings as well. However, if the maximum seat height is not appropriate for a tall person, you would need to put your legs in an uncomfortable position while sitting.

You will find yourself forced to flex the knees or extend the knees while being seated. And that will put the whole body in an awkward posture. The pressure on the hips and thighs will increase too. And that will end with you getting tired and fatigued quickly.

According to our research, the ideal seat height for tall people should be such that at which your knees are making a 90-degree angle with the seating area. And the feet should be planted on the floor when you are sitting on the chair.

Seat Depth

Another thing that plays an important role in terms of making an office chair comfortable for tall people is seat depth. Usually, tall people have relatively long femur bones. For that reason, their body requires a chair that has greater depth than the usual chairs.

Our recommendation here would be to pick a chair that has at least 19 inches in depth. Higher than that would be better, but we doubt that you will find a chair that goes more than 20 inches. Even the high-end options from Herman Miller, which is the Aeron chair lineup, are at around 19.5 inches.

Seat Width

The seat width also plays a crucial role in the office chairs for tall people. Our recommendation in this factor would be to choose something that has at least 16 inches of seat width. Again, a higher width will be better.

However, if you are both tall and big, we would recommend opting for the 19 inches or greater ones. It will be hard to get something that is greater than 20 inches in this case too.

Backrest Height

Even though many believe that the backrest height is not that important as long as the seat height is right, it is actually pretty important. A chair for tall people that has the right seat height will still be uncomfortable if the backrest height is not that much.

However, the case will be a little different if the drafting chair is your preference. According to the design, a drafting chair will have a shorter backrest height. As long as the other factors are checked, the drafting chair should be good for you.


It is a no-brainer thing to consider the overall comfort of a chair. And ergonomics will play an important role in this case. The more ergonomic the design is, the more comfortable the chair is going to be. Consider the design of the backrest, the padding of the cushion, and the ergonomics of the armrests.

Adjustable Options

Not all of the available offerings will have that many adjustable mechanisms. And it will not matter that much if the seat height and the width are suitable for your body. However, we do recommend opting for the ones that have a tilting mechanism. That surely does come in handy in terms of taking a break.

Caster Wheels

Office chairs will usually come with caster wheels. It is what makes it easier to make the chairs move from one place to another. However, not all of the options will utilize smooth wheels. That is why you need to scrutinize the quality of the wheels. Also, check the overall durability as they will basically carry all the load.

How to Make an Existing Chair More Comfortable?

If you have got yourself a chair that excels on all things other than comfort, do not rush and get another option just yet. There are a couple of things that you can do to make it comfortable.

Consider Adding a Seat Cushion

The lumbar support might not be doing that great of a job in terms of supporting your back. In that case, you might want to add a seat cushion. This will alleviate the things that cause back pains. Also, these also help a lot in terms of promoting a proper posture.

Do Not Let Your Feet Dangle

If your feet are floating on air when you sit on the chair, the seat height is not adjusted properly. Consider adjusting the height of your chair. If that is not possible, get yourself a footrest. Those will work like a charm to support your feet and promote a good posture for your body while sitting.

Use the Wrist Rest

When sitting on the chair all day long and using the mouse for navigating through the documents and files, you put a load of pressure on your wrist. The chairs for the office have wrist rest for a reason. And it would be a good idea to practice using it. It will lower the strain on the wrist and offer more comfort.

Raise the Monitor

It is pretty essential to keep the monitor at eye level. Even if you are using the most comfortable chair, if the monitor is not at the right height, it will be pretty uncomfortable to sit on that chair. If the monitor is not adjustable, we would recommend keeping some books under the stand.

Adjust the Office Lighting

The glares from the light bulbs can put a lot of strain on your eyes. They will even force you to wiggle around on your chair, which will make the seating experience a lot uncomfortable. So, we would suggest adjusting the lighting around your working space. Make sure that they are not directed to your eyes.

What should be the seat height for a person that is 6 feet 1 inch tall?

The ideal seat height for a user that is six-one should be 19 inches. This measurement is from the floor to the cushion. A higher height than this might make the user dangle his/her feet in the air. And a lower height than this will surely make the users flex their knees while sitting on the chair.

Is it possible to add padding to the armrests?

Yes, it is certainly possible to add padding to the armrests. There are plenty of aftermarket options out there. Those will usually have rubber bands or other contraptions, which will allow you to attach them directly to the armrests of your existing chairs.

Is a Herman Miller chair worth it?

Herman Miller chairs are great. However, we believe that there are better options out there for tall people. The offering from Herman Miller does not generally have a good value proposition. However, if you have your eyes on any of them and find them suitable for your needs, then go for it!

Is a leather chair worth it?

Leather chairs surely look classic and aesthetic. However, not all chairs will utilize genuine leather. And artificial leathers are not as durable as their authentic counterparts. So, we would recommend staying away from the chairs that use fake leather. Instead, look for the ones that utilize genuine leather.

What should be the angle of my feet while I sit on a chair?

Your feet should make a 90-degree angle with the seating cushion. Anything higher or lower than that will cause you to flex your feet. And that would lower the comfort of the seating experience.

Final Words

We can not stress enough how important it is to keep your feet and body in the proper position while working at the office desk for hours. Nothing but the best office chair for the tall person can ensure that if you are tall.

And we assure you that all of the chairs in the review section are nothing but an excellent choice in that regard. All of them went under heavy testing and intense scrutinizing before they made it into that list.

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