7 Best Osaki Massage Chairs Reviews

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We updated this article on 21st July 2022 to add more information about each featured product, based on extensive research done by our team. This included adding information on product features, benefits, and drawbacks.

Want to get into total relaxation mode after spending a tiring day? Or do you want to improve your overall posture? Well, no matter what your priorities are, a massage chair can help. But do not just head out and get the first model that your eyes lay on. Most will not function that well, nor will they be worthy of money.

However, that does not apply to the best Osaki massage chairs. You will go into the complete zen mode with those. How so? All of the parts work in perfect sync. And as they can focus on pressure-relieving points correctly, you will be signing up to get complete relaxation.

But wouldn’t it be hard to get your hands on one of those?

Well, that is where we step in! We have hands-on experience with most of the models that Osaka provides. And we will use that knowledge to make things easier for you.

Our Top Pick:

Before discussing the options that we found worthy of the money, we would like to talk about the model that impressed us the most. And as you might have guessed, it is the Titan Pro. But the real question is, how did it manage to be our top pick? Keep on reading to find out.

The first great thing about the Titan Pro is the zero-gravity mechanism. It will let you rest your entire body weight on the cushions. There is a proper backrest to support your full back, which will maximize the intensity of the massage.

You will also find 3D massage rollers on it. They will extend the range of the message and offer you a tremendous amount of flexibility. You can control the length of the rollers and extend them out from the backrest if you want to.

Another thing that makes this a great pick is the L-track roller system. It will take care of the neck area, including the upper hamstrings and lower back glutes. Also, there are 12 airbags throughout the entire chair. And along with the manual mode, there are different styles of massage.


  • Sports a zero-gravity mechanism
  • Utilizes 3D massage rollers
  • Offers a good amount of flexibility
  • Boasts an L-track roller system
  • Features four different automatic massage styles


  • Might ship with missing parts
  • The leg piece attachment is a bit flimsy


The zero-gravity mechanism will make your body get into complete relaxation mode. It even focuses on the neck area, which is a pretty uncommon thing.

About the Company & Benefits

Before we have deep dive into the Osaki massage chair reviews, we would like to give you a brief insight into the company and talk about the benefits of choosing their chairs over the others.

Osaki Massage Chair

The massage chair manufacturer Osake is one of the leading distributors of massage chairs. There is a high chance you have stumbled into one of them in the malls. Yes, they are this popular! But they do not only offer chairs to the market. They are well-known for foot massagers, fitness machines, handheld, and others.

So, what makes them this popular? Well, they strive to offer quality products to the consumers. And for that, they utilize nothing but quality materials for each of their offerings. Starting from the handheld option to a full-fledged chair, they will use high-grade materials for all.

Now, you might be thinking, as they utilize high-grade materials, the price point of their offerings will be in the premium range, right? Not really! To make their massaging devices accessible to the masses, they strive to keep the prices below the national retail prices.

Benefits of Osaki Massage Chairs

As you might have guessed, the company’s massage chairs and other devices will first target relaxation. They will alleviate pressure from the key points and relief all of your stress away. How do they achieve such a trait?

Well, the company has years of experience in this regard. They know which motions can actually focus on the pressure-relieving points, and they will design their machines in that manner.

That said, most of the devices are not really here to only make you feel relaxed. They will aim to enhance your lifestyle. After you integrate their devices into your regular day-to-day life, you will find it easier to live an active lifestyle.

Best Osaki Massage Chairs

So, after making tons of comparisons among the top-selling options, we have secluded seven models. And here is a brief description of each:

1. OSAKI OS-Pinnacle

What if we told you that it would be possible to transform your room into a chromo-therapeutic environment with a chair? Yes, it is indeed possible with the OS-Pinnacle.

The first thing that makes it stand out is the LED lights. It will emit blue light. This ambient light will make you feel like you are in a proper chromo-therapeutic room. So, you can relax to the max.

There are two heating pads present on the shoulder area. These will apply heat to relax the muscles and make it easier for the rollers to properly soothe the loosened muscle tissues. Thanks to that, you can get relief from tension in the shoulder area.

Its design is pretty unique too. You will be capable of switching between two zero gravity positions. And in both stages, the rollers will be capable of providing a much deeper massage to the tissues.

You will even find a robust foot roller massage. This spinning reflexology massager will utilize kneading style movement to alleviate the stress and pain from the legs.


  • Features ambient LED on the sides
  • Integrates two heating pads
  • Has spinning foot massager
  • Soothes loosened muscles tissues properly
  • Provides deep massage to the key points


  • The leg extension is a bit finicky
  • Heating pads are not that adjustable


The fact that it can create a chromo-therapeutic environment totally amazed us. It also features heating pads and has a two-stage zero gravity mechanism.

2. Osaki OS4000TA

Want to get full control of the massage sessions without having to go through any hassles? You would need to check out this model!

So, what makes it capable of offering you total control? The remote control! It bundles with an easy-to-use wireless controller, which will let you completely modify the mechanisms according to your preference.

This model also comes with heating pads. These two pads are in a perfect position. They are in the lower back region. And these pads can enhance the overall massaging experience.

You will even be capable of relaxing your feet and calves. There are message airbags that will primarily focus on these two regions. Also, you can control these airbags with a wireless controller.

Additionally, the zero-gravity design will excel at offering you a weightless feeling. And thanks to the supported backrest, you can quickly enter into Zen mode right after sitting on the chair.


  • Comes with an easy-to-use remote control
  • Boasts two heating pads
  • Properly relaxes the feet and calves
  • Utilizes loads of airbags
  • Features a proper zero-gravity design


  • Installing the armrests is a bit tricky
  • Does not come with assembly instructions


Its remote controller is the star of the show. You can control each of the parts according to your preference. Also, there are heating pads present.

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3. Osaki OS4000TB

While there are loads of massage chairs out there, only a few focus on speed intensity levels. And this model is one of those few.

As we mentioned, there are five levels of speed and intensity. You can get into complete relaxation mode with those. It even comes with a wired remote, which will let you get total control of the vibration and intensity.

The brand has also integrated a computer scan system. That will scan your whole body and automatically modify the speed and intensity of the parts. The exterior is made of high-quality PU material. This material focuses on comfort and durability.

On that note, the scanning system works for the legs too. And you will find eight different pre-set programs, along with a manual mode. These modes will help you get fully relaxed.

Its two-stage zero-gravity position will also allow you to easily get into a relaxed session. And in those positions, you can quickly fix your posture and quickly enter a calm and relaxing mode.


  • Has five intensity levels
  • Comes with a wired remoted
  • Integrates computer scan system
  • Sports high-quality PU covering
  • Boasts different pre-set programs


  • The side piece is not easy to assemble
  • Its foot massage is not fully adjustable


There are five different intensity levels. And as it comes with a wired remote, you can control most of the components according to your preference.

4. Osaki OS-4000

Tired of seeing bland color options on the massage chairs? If that is the case for you, check out what this model has to offer.

To start with, it comes with a durable PU covering. The white color indeed makes it look elegant. But the look is not the only thing it will focus on. It will offer an unmatched level of comfort too.

Another great thing about the chair is the S-track roller system. This system will allow you to get proper head massages. That includes the crucial parts of the neck and lower spine as well.

That is not all! The zero-gravity design will allow you to get a complete weightless feeling. There is a properly supported backrest, which will take all of your body weight in.

It even has properly designed massage tracks. The linear nature of the tracks will make them support the lower back and upper neck regions. You will also find a computer scan mechanism. That will automatically adjust the components.


  • Features a durable PU covering
  • Utilizes S-track roller system
  • Focuses on crucial parts of the neck
  • Offers a complete weightless feeling
  • Boasts proper massage tracks


  • Controller is a bit finicky
  • Its foot massager is not that robust


The durable and elegant-looking PU covering makes it look pretty unique. But it does not only stand out in terms of look, but it also excels in massaging performance.

5. Osaki OS-Pro SOHO B 4D

One of the complaints that most have with the massage chairs is the inability to control the footrest properly. Well, OSAKI factored that in with this model.

Unlike some of the other chairs, it has a switchable footrest. In other words, you can control the entire massaging mechanism of the footrest. Thanks to the manual controller, you can pinpoint a specific point efficiently.

There are two different modes too. Those pre-set settings will allow you to get into full relaxation mode without worrying about making manual adjustments. Also, the settings can appropriately target each of the stress points.

It also comes with a durable PU covering. The cover can withstand a good amount of stress and will last long without showing any signs of wear and tear. Its design emphasizes comfort too.

Due to the proper zero-gravity design, you can obtain a weightless feeling without any complex modifications. The 4D system will also do an adequate job of making you feel fully relaxed.


  • Integrates switchable footrest
  • Utilizes robust manual adjustment system
  • Has two different pre-set settings
  • Comes with a durable PU covering
  • Boasts an advanced 4D system


  • Might not be big enough for some people
  • The remote control is not that advanced


You can adequately control the foot massaging system thanks to its switchable footrest. It also integrates proper manual adjustment mode.


Last but not least, we have a model that consists of 36 airbags. Now, that is a load of airbags, right? So, you can understand that even if it is at the bottom of the list, it does not mean that it will offer average performance.

Talking of which, its 36 airbags will do a proper job of cushioning each part of your body. You will feel fully relaxed once you hop onto the chair. There is an auto-leg reclining mechanism, which will enhance the relaxation process.

You will also find sidelights, which will offer ambient lighting. This LED will make creating a chromo-therapeutic environment in your room easier. Also, it has speakers beside the headrest. You can listen to soothing music while relaxing on it.

Furthermore, it integrates acupoint technology. This system will focus on the stress points and offer you quick relief. It even has dual foot rollers. Those will do a proper job of relaxing your feet.

There are heating pads present as well. These pads will support the loosened muscles properly. The chair also integrates a remote, letting you control each of the components accordingly.


  • Packs 36 airbags
  • Features auto-leg reclining mechanism
  • Sports sidelights
  • Comes with built-in speakers
  • Integrates acupoint technology


  • The legrest feels a bit flimsy
  • Includes flimsy assembly screws


The fact that it has 36 airbags truly impressed us. You will feel like hopping straight into clouds when you sit on this chair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are OSAKI massage chairs safe?

Of course! Yes, they might seem a bit intimidating at first as there are loads of moving parts. But you will have complete control over each.

2. How large are OSAKI massage chairs?

Compared to a regular chair, these massage chairs are a bit large in size as they have loads of padding, foam, and moving parts. However, these are not humongous. So, you can easily accommodate them in your room.

3. Do OSAKI massage chairs have leather coverings?

Yes, the chairs will come with PU leather coverings. And these coverings will focus on comfort and lifespan the most.

4. Where are OSAKI massage chairs made?

Almost all of the OSAKI massage chairs will be from China. The exceptions are the JP models. Those will be from Japan.

5. Will OSAKI massage chairs last long?

You can expect these chairs to last for at least 15 years. And with proper care, they will be fully functional for 20 years or longer.

Final Words

As you can see, getting the best Osaki massage chairs can get a lot easier if you know which models to consider. Now, even though all of the chairs we have gone through are totally worth each penny, we would like to emphasize our top pick again. It has all of the good of OSAKI packed into one single chair!

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