10 Best Recliner Chairs for Seniors & Elderly in 2022

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We updated this article on 22nd July 2022 to add more information about each featured product, based on extensive research done by our team. This included adding information on product features, benefits, and drawbacks.

What does it feel like when you see your old man struggling to get up from the chair? We know you don’t like it. Actually, there’s nothing likable about it at all. Do you know what else is not likable? Doing nothing about it.

We say you change that right now! How? Just bring in one of the best recliners for seniors and see how things start to change instantly. It’ll be comfortable, easy to use, sturdy, full of seating options, and everything that you can ask for.

But what’s going to block your way while tracking that down is the excessive availability of options. It was tough, but we handled that part for you by making a list of the finest recliners for your elderly.

Best Recliner Chairs for Seniors

Generally, a recliner requires a bigger investment than regular chairs. As we don’t want you to turn that investment into waste, we’ve got you the top 10 recliner chairs for your seniors that are worth spending money on.  Here’s our first one –

1. Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Power Recliner

Everyone among us always thinks of having a personal space to relax after a hectic day, and that includes our elderly as well. But when it’s something like the Kiwi Electronic Power Recliner and Swivel Glider from Babyletto, that part of relaxation reaches a whole other level.

Don’t get fooled by the deceiving look of this awesome chair. Its modern wingback style will give an amazing feeling of relaxation from the moment one’s back hits its polyester surface. Don’t worry about the comfort; it’s 10/10 on that too.

To control the movement, it’s got a push-button control panel that is a bit hard to find with naked eyes as they’re kind of hidden. Besides, if you’ve forgotten to charge your phone before landing your bottom on it, you won’t even have to leave the chair. Its USB charging port right there got your back.

We don’t know how many recliners you’ve tried so far, but this Babyletto creation surely can amaze you with its quiet and smooth reclining mechanism. Once you hit the command button, it’ll go to your desired position with lowered headrest and raised footrest.

In case you’re enjoying the heat of the fireplace, you won’t have to stand up to check who’s standing on your back. The 270° swiveling will do that part even if you weigh 300 pounds. Plus, to keep you away from any unwanted reactions, the makers kept the upholstery chemical retardants free.


  • Boasts chemical retardants free upholstery
  • Comes with a 270° swiveling
  • Smooth reclining mechanism
  • Can carry up to 300 pounds
  • Capable of keeping the operation quiet


  • Equips a heavy base

2. Signature Design by Ashley Ernestine Power Lift Recliner

The thing about old age is you get tired at times without even using too much of your energy. In such situations, what can be better than a perfect place to take a nap? Well, that’s what Power Lift Recliner from Signature Design by Ashley Ernestine is all about.

With our age, we kind of start depending on things that are comparatively convenient. But once you bring this chair on, it can redefine the word ‘convenience’ for you with its one-touch power control. From now on, all its adjustable positions will be right at your fingertips.

Plus, its dual-motor design doesn’t only help you with getting comfortable positions. It also has a lift and tilt function. So, if after a long nap your old man can’t gather enough energy to pull himself up, this function will be really helpful.

Now comes the part you need the most – comfort. With the high-resiliency foam cushions, you better be ready to give it the full marks on comfort. On top of that, the cozy polyester upholstery added some extra feather to that level of comfort.

It’s quite obvious to get attracted to anything with a lucrative design. The makers of this chair didn’t want to miss that. So, they’ve finished it with a stylish look, without compromising pillowy comfort, of course. So, putting it in your living room won’t hurt the interior for sure.


  • Comes with high-resiliency foam cushions
  • Boasts cozy polyester upholstery
  • One-touch power control for convenience
  • The stylish look is all-interior compatible
  • Packs the lift and tilt function


  • The footrest might not be high enough for some

3. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair

When it comes to reclining chairs, we all ask for something that’ll be comfortable, lucrative, and a pile of convenient. It seems team Mcombo has taken our expectations quite seriously and executed that with their Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair.

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The first priority while making this chair was comfort. So, the makers have tried their best to fill it up with that to make it among the best recliners for the elderly. If you’re looking for proof of so, then check out its padded headrest, overstuffed armrests, and comfortable cushions covered by durable faux leather.

But will it be able to hold all the weight on for a long period of time? Well, of course, as it has a strong frame construction made of durable metal there to back it up with 320 pounds carrying capacity.

On top of that, the makers have also taken care of some extra features like cup holders and USB ports for getting your phone charged. By the way, if you like reading some magazines too, then it has two wide side pockets for holding them.

The makers don’t know what your favorite position in a recliner is. So, they thought of adding three of them, reclined, TV, and tilt mode. The TUV Certificated Motor is there to put them all in the application, without making any noise, of course.

Are you waiting for the ‘wow’ factor of this one? Well, here it is. This amazing recliner has 8 vibrating points along with a lumbar heating point. With it, you can have a nice massage anytime under the durations of 10, 20, and 30 minutes along with staying warm.


  • Equips padded headrest and overstuffed armrests
  • Covered by durable faux leather
  • Packs USB port and cup holders
  • Keeps the operation quiet
  • Comes with vibrating and lumber heating points


  • A bit heavy

4. Signature Design by Ashley 1090012 Power Lift Recliner

Indeed, every time you want your elderly to have unbeatable comfort in the form of a reclining chair, there’s a name you’ll always see among the toppers. Yes, it’s the Signature Design by Ashley, and they are back with the 1090012 Power Lift Recliner.

There’s no doubt that the Ashley creations often come as a combination of functionality and style. Without breaking that tradition, the makers have given this one the same touch with its dual-motor mechanism. All you need to do is just hit a button to set it in your preferred position.

In case you’re feeling like whom you’re getting it for might have difficulty in picking themselves up, then you can totally rely on its tilt and lift function. After all, this is the feature that has made it one of the finest recliners for senior citizens.

Another aspect of this chair that has given it a vibe of elegance is its saddle brown upholstery. This thick poly fiber, which might look like leather, can get you the cozy touch right away. But the design would’ve been nothing but useless if it hadn’t that comfortable high back and thick cushions.

Thanks to its metal reinforced seat backed by a sturdy and solid corner-blocked frame, it won’t be falling apart any sooner. Plus, it takes 14.5 seconds only to be in the upright position from the reclined one. Team Ashley has also eased up the installation with all the required hardware, tools, and instructions.


  • Comes with the tilt and lift function
  • Ensures comfort with thick cushions
  • Easy to install according to the instructions
  • Takes minimum time in switching positions
  • Sports a nice and elegant design


  • Doesn’t have a USB port

5. DEVAISE Power Lift Recliner Chair

The fifth one on our list is what we call the ‘Hulk’ of recliner chairs. Don’t assume why because you’re going to figure that out in a few seconds. But before that, let us tell you the name first. It’s the Power Lift Recliner Chair from DEVAISE.

Now, the reason for calling this the Hulk is its weight carrying capacity. Where the regular recliners can take up to 300 pounds, only this monster can push that limit up to 450 pounds, which is literally 50% higher.

But that’s not the only thing that can make you fall in love with it. The sponge padding creates a high back with extra thickness where you’ll feel like getting buried in creamy comfort. Plus, you can change the seating option anytime with a simple click.

One of the modes it has is called the standing mode, and that’ll make it easier for you to stand up in case you’ve got a hell of a pain in the back or knees. Thanks to its dual-motor reclining mechanism for pulling that off. As there are two of those motors, you can adjust both the foot and backrest separately.

By the way, these motors are made to serve you for a long time, and you can call them anything but noisy. To make this recliner more of a piece of comfort, the makers have added comfortable upholstery with the soft and air-breathing PU leather finish. Plus, like a cherry on the top, you can control the chair remotely.

For feeding your phone’s battery, you’ll get USB ports right with the chair, and there are also side pockets for some extra items. By the way, the high-quality faux leather it’s covered with is super easy to clean. So, you won’t be facing any hassle on that part, at least.


  • Can carry up to 450 pounds
  • Back and footrest are separately adjustable
  • Equips side pockets and USB ports
  • Highly convenient to clean
  • Remotely controllable


  • It can’t swivel

6. Five Stars Furniture Power Lift Recliner Chair

Have you ever seen a recliner that can make you feel like it’s calling you to have a seat on it just because it looks super comfortable? Well, the next one on our list probably is something like that. Yes, it’s the Power Lift Recliner Chair from Five Stars Furniture.

If you’re getting bored of seeing the leather-ish recliners, then this linen fabric cover chair surely will be a drop in the beat. But what you’re going to love more than that is its counter-balanced lift mechanism. It helps anyone to sit on it without putting any kind of extra pressure on the knees or back.

Plus, with the remote control, controlling it is nothing but child’s play. There are just two simple buttons that users of any age can operate and feel like it’s a piece of cake. By the way, the footrest and backrest work together. So, you won’t have to adjust them separately.

If you’re feeling like taking a quick nap, you can simply throw yourself on it and put it on full stretch mode instantly. Also, while stretching, you won’t even feel it, thanks to its smooth and gentle motion.

To keep some small items closer to you, it comes with a side pocket on the right. But what will amaze you more than anything is all the mats on its armrest, headrest, and seat are detachable. So, you won’t be sticking to a dirty chair for long.


  • Controlling the chair is easy
  • Doesn’t put pressure on the knees or back
  • Offers detachable armrest, headrest, seat mat
  • Doesn’t need separate adjustments of foot and backrest
  • Sports a gentle and smooth motion


  • Cleaning can be a little hectic

7. Bonzy Home Power Recliner Chair

Not too many recliners have been able to beat the appeal level of leather ones. So, without going out of that flow, team Bonzy Home thought of bringing in their Power Recliner Chair under the genre.

The makers have taken care of the comfort part but didn’t forget to cover it with leather surface fabric. So, every time you’ll put your bottom on it, you won’t feel like leaving any sooner.

By the way, the reason for using faux leather here wasn’t only making it comfortable but also breathable, soft, and wear-resistant. To be honest, they’ve nailed it in all those segments.

But there’s something more the leather has added to this, and that is lucrativeness. No matter what kind of interior you’ve got right there, it can blend in effortlessly. Plus, with four different colors, you’ve got enough options to choose the one you like.

Due to being electric by nature, this recliner is too easy to operate, and yes, the reclining operation is quite fast as well. To give it all the required sturdiness, team Bonzy Home has given it a pine wood frame backed by a heavy-duty steel mechanism.

Like any of the finest recliners, this one also has a standard carrying capacity of 300 lbs. In the full reclined mode, it can reach a height of 5.6 ft. which makes it perfect for any regular-sized elderly man or woman.


  • Comes with overstuffed padding for comfort
  • Faux leather for strong breathability
  • Capable of resisting wear
  • Sturdy and durable pine wood frame
  • Equipped with a standard carrying capacity


  • Has no side pocket for storage

8. RelaxZen Longstreet Rocker Recliner

Is your old man or have you missed visiting the massage parlor lately due to the growing pain in the back? Well, if so, then the Longstreet Rocker Recliner from RelaxZen might be able to help you guys out with that.

We’re getting back to the massage part in a while, but before that, we think you need to know some other details first. Yes, we’re talking about its super-soft foam that’ll take you to a deeper level of comfort, and you’re going to get them in both the back and the seat.

And don’t think the upholstery will turn into a pile of dirt as they’re made of microfiber with extreme ease on the cleaning part. Plus, you’ve got the dual USB port right there, which makes it a perfect place to hang around all day long.

Now comes the massage part. A total of 8 massage motors are covering 4 zones in it. The motors are quite powerful and have 5 intensity levels. So, clearly, now you can cut off the massage cost from the monthly expenses for sure.

By the way, it also has mild lumbar heat with 9 modes. So, staying warm in the days of winter won’t be a problem anymore. Plus, it has a built-in pocket if you feel like you need a place to put your smaller items while taking a nap.


  • Capable of providing vibration massage
  • Dual USB port for multiple device charging
  • Upholstery is totally cleanable
  • Super-soft foam maximizes comfort
  • Comes with a built-in storage pocket


  • Not the best one for larger persons

9. JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Chair

Does it make you feel like you’re violating your beautiful interior when you put in some bulky recliner for your elderly? Then, maybe it’ll be better if you get one of the elegant-looking but comfortable recliners for the elderly like the Fabric Recliner Chair from JUMMICO.

For anyone, it’s going to be tough to differentiate between this one and the regular sofa, and the reason is nothing but its high-quality breathable fabric. Don’t worry; under this awesome-looking layer, there’s thick padding waiting to get your old man/woman all the comfort he/she needs.

As it can blend in with any interior, you can put it anywhere like the living room or bedroom, and no one will even notice. But what can it do as a recliner? Well, you can adjust it from 90° to 165° within a short time to have the perfect position to relax.

Besides, its steel frame design ensures both its stability and durability at the same time. On top of that, you can get it installed without taking the help of any third party. And the carrying capacity? It’s 265 lbs. That might not be the highest, but it surely can do okay with a person of regular weight.


  • Comes with high-quality breathable fabric
  • Features thick padding for total comfort
  • Can blend in any room or space
  • Adjustable from 90° to 165°
  • Offers a convenient process of installation


  • Can’t carry more than 265 lbs.

10. Homall Recliner Chair

It was quite a common practice among the reclining chair makers that they stick to a certain kind of design as the chair is made to serve a sole purpose. But things have changed now, and they’ve started to think a bit out of the box. The Recliner Chair from Homall is a perfect example of that.

To be honest, going out of the traditional design surely was a smart move for team Homall, and this chair is the proof. At first glance, nobody will be able to detect that this beautiful chair is actually a recliner.

With the high-quality PU leather, the makers have not only made it skin-friendly but also easy to clean. This leather is also responsible for its higher resilience and permeability.

In the question of adjustability, going from 90° to 180° is nothing but a piece of cake for it. So, it doesn’t matter if your elderly likes reading, watching movies, or napping on a recliner, he/she can do any of them here with total comfort.

Plus, in order to make it the best recliner for elderly women and men, the makers have upgraded the footrest too. For that, they’ve used a durable steel frame and thick foam padding.


  • Resembles the regular sofa
  • Covered with skin-friendly leather
  • Comes with an upgraded footrest
  • Highly resilient and permeable
  • Reclines up to 180°


  • Can hold only 265 lbs.

What to Look for Before Buying Recliners for Elderly

The one thing you probably have already noticed is that recliners don’t come at a cheap price. There’ll be no exception to that when you’re asking for the best recliners for seniors as well.

So, clearly, there’s too much at stake here for taking the wrong decision. One wrong move, and you’ll be out of hundreds of dollars in vain. That’s why you need to keep your eyes open before you decide which one to get for your old man.

The easiest way to pull that off is knowing which factors make a recliner worth spending money on. Some of them are kind of the same as the regular chairs, but most of them won’t be for sure. So, while you decide to throw a search party for one, make sure the choices you’re keeping on your list have these features.


No matter how much money you’re spending on it, without a sufficient level of comfort, it’ll be nothing but another waste. So, while picking up a recliner, you’ll have to prioritize this part more than ever as it’s for the elderly.

As they’re comparatively weak physically, less comfortable recliners might hurt them or cause them injury directly or indirectly. So, a recliner that has enough padding on every side, including the headrest and armrest, will be more ideal as a choice here.

Convenient Mechanism

For obvious reasons, our seniors often can’t keep pace with the hi-tech stuff. So, for them, you’re going to need a recliner that’ll be comparatively convenient for them to operate. You’ll see recliners that come with easy-to-use switches with clear commands. Try to pick one of them.

Surface Fabric

No matter what kind of surface it is, it has to be cozy enough and definitely can’t be a sweat maker. As the fabric controls a big part of the visual appeal, you can’t take it lightly for the sake of that too. But you also need to keep in mind that they’ll have to be easy enough to maintain.

In case you’re looking for an elegant shade on that, leather can be a really good choice as they last longer than most materials. You can count Ultrasuede on that list too. But if you’re not scared of pushing your budget higher, then linen or wool can also be a good choice here.

Durable Structure

Indeed having a durable structure is a must here. As it’s going to hold an entire person on it and will execute the reclining process, the structure has to be strong enough.


Remember, you’re thinking about paying for a recliner, not a dead elephant. So, grab one that won’t weigh a ton. Yup! It’s true that recliners are quite heavy due to their structure and all. But that doesn’t mean they’ll have to be so heavy that making them move feels like pushing Everest away.


Have you noticed that some of the recliners can be really hard to climb on? Don’t think about getting one of those if it’s for your elderly. At this age, it’s better not to make them struggle anymore. So, think of going with something comparative closer to the ground.

Seating Modes

A recliner can come in different modes like reclined, upright, and lilt. So, after understanding your requirement choose one accordingly. For some people, it’s easy to sit in one of them but tough to get up. In such cases, we think getting the one with lift and tilt mode can be a great help at times. 


There’s no doubt that the installation of a recliner can be really tricky. But that’s only when you’ve got no clear instructions on that. While grabbing your next recliner, you’ll have to be sure that it’s coming with a set of clear instructions. Having the required hardware and tools is also important in this phase.

Carrying Capacity

Every chair in this world comes with a ‘tag’ of carrying capacity, and recliners are not beyond that list either. So, while making the purchase, be sure about the carrying capacity as putting overweight on the structure might put pressure on it and damage it gradually.

Quiet Operation

No one likes a chair that makes sounds like it’s in pain. So, let’s your next recliner not be one of those. Make sure that the operation process is quiet and smooth every time you hit a button for a certain seating mode.

Why is it good to get electric recliner chairs for the elderly?

Usually, the electric ones are comparatively easy to use. As they can switch it to reclining or any other mode within a short time, it can be a time-saver for them.

On top of that, they don’t need to put any physical labor in the process, and they’ve got no chance of getting injured. So, it’s better to go with the electric recliner chairs for the elderly.

Are recliners immune to heat?

If you’re asking about the fire, then we say the recliners with fire retardant foam have a good chance of not being massively affected by the fire or heat. It’s better to keep them at a safe distance from the source of fire, like the fireplace.

What is the major drawback of recliners?

Well, the common one is they’re not cheap. But those who are thinking about getting one probably don’t count that as a drawback. So, the major one might be that it’s comparatively complicated to install and heavy.

What if the recliner you’re getting doesn’t have the lift option?

Lifting is a mode that’s required for people who find it difficult to get up from a recliner on their own. If you don’t need that feature, then getting one without it won’t hurt you for sure.

What is the standard weight carrying capacity of recliners?

It’s usually 300 lbs. But some of them can push it to a level up to 400 lbs or more.

Final Words

Now, there’s nothing remaining for you to know about the best recliner chairs for seniors. But we know you can still be in a pile of confusion to pick your one up.

Well, we exactly don’t know what you are looking for, but if it’s the convenience of swiveling, then you can go for the Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Power Recliner. But if it’s better carrying capacity, then none of the above can beat the DEVAISE Power Lift Recliner Chair.

Now, the question is, what if you want something for a bit exceptional purpose like massaging? Well, nothing there can be as good as the RelaxZen Longstreet Rocker Recliner, for sure.

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