BMW Guibo Replacement Cost: How Much Should You Spend?

Most BMW vehicles manufactured from 1984 come with a Guibo. Its main function is to provide a buffer between the transmission and the driveshaft. The Guibo absorbs most of the torque from the transmission, thus reducing the vibration.

Although the Guibo makes driving smoother, it has a design flaw. As it’s subjected to constant pressure, it’s susceptible to damage and eventual breakdown.

Now, you may question, how much does BMW Guibo replacement cost? Ideally, the component itself costs around a hundred dollars. However, you have to add labor charges and other expenses to that.

In this article, we’ll discuss a complete breakdown of the prices. Let’s get right to it!

BMW Guibo Replacement Cost

BMW Guibo Replacement Cost

When calculating the replacement expense for a BMW Guibo, you’ll need to consider two factors. Firstly, there’s the price of the Guibo itself. Secondly, there’s the labor cost.

A brand new Guibo costs anywhere from $80 to $120, depending on the region. If it’s rare in your area, it’ll cost $150.

The higher chunk of the expenses will be spent on labor. Mechanics will charge around $100 per hour of work. Depending on the experience and skills of the mechanic, the process may take anywhere from 2 hours to 4 hours.

So, considering both factors, a BMW Guibo replacement will fork $350 to $550 from your pocket.

How to Reduce BMW Guibo Replacement Cost?

Feel the cost is a bit too high? We completely agree with you on that. Here are a few ways in which you can reduce the cost.

Contact an Independent Shop

Independent shops mostly charge much less compared to official dealers. It’s a misconception that independent mechanics aren’t as skilled or experienced as the ones from official stores. However, you may need to do some exploring to find a good indie store.

In our price breakdown, we’ve seen how much of the expense comprises labor costs. By cutting the labor cost, you can reduce the overall expenses by a great deal. So, we highly recommend contacting a good independent shop.


Another approach would be going DIY. Instead of going to a mechanic, you can always replace the Guibo by yourself. This would eliminate the entire labor cost. Moreover, replacing a Guibo isn’t complicated, and it takes only a few hours even for beginners.

It does lead to two complications. Firstly, you must have the essential toolkits for the process. You can get a standard car tool kit for around $50.

Secondly, you need to purchase the Guibo itself. As discussed before, these cost a bit shy of $150. You can find cheaper alternatives, but it’d be safer to opt for quality ones.

So, if you do it yourself, the maximum expenditure can be brought down to $200, which is almost half of the previous estimate. So, if you’ve got a bit of skill in tinkering with cars and are willing to invest some time behind it, you should replace the Guibo yourself.

However, if you don’t have any prior experience, we would recommend visiting the mechanic instead. The Guibo is a very sensitive component and it must be installed with caution. Even the slightest misstep can lead to major errors.

Why You Should Replace a Faulty Guibo Immediately?

Example of a Faulty Guibo, Photo Credit: e90post

A faulty or cracked Guibo or flex disc must be repaired or replaced immediately. In most cases, these can’t be repaired as they’re rather flimsy and sensitive. So, you’ll have to go the extra mile and replace them.

You’ll need to drive the car to a mechanic to replace the Guibo, or you’ll have to go DIY. Either way, it means a lot of expense, time, and effort. This may entice some to overlook the problem altogether.

We strongly suggest against that, as a broken or damaged Guibo can lead to further problems. In general, these components are damaged over time, as the rubber wears out eventually. These are flimsy components even in their best state, and once damaged, it’s very easy to break them completely.

A broken Guibo can lead to further problems, such as a loose driveshaft. This will increase the difficulty of handling and accelerating, create vibrations, and make a ton of noise. Over time, it can also damage the driveshaft.

So, you should get a faulty Guibo replaced immediately. Some experts even suggest towing the car to a mechanic instead of driving it.


When compared to some other car maintenance expenses, the BMW Guibo replacement cost isn’t as high. Also, you can reduce the overall expenses to some extent by following our tips.

Also, now that you know why you shouldn’t drive a car with a broken Guibo, we hope you’ll get yours replaced as soon as possible. This will only prevent further destruction!

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