Camber Bolt Replacement: How Much Should It Cost?

Imagine driving your car on a rainy day, and the wheels skid and swerve dramatically. Not only will it kill the mood, but it might also prove to be fatal in some cases. This whole ordeal of uncontrolled swerving is related to the alignment of your wheels. To be more specific, it’s the camber bolts.

The approximate camber bolt replacement cost can be anywhere between 5 to 500 dollars. Hang on to know why and how this number varies so greatly.

Camber Bolt Replacement Cost: What Makes the Math?

Camber Bolt Replacement Cost

There are a number of factors that influences the cost of camber bolt replacement. We don’t want you to get scammed by your local mechanic’s shop, which made us put together a bunch of things that will help you determine a ballpark amount.

  1. Replacement or Alignment?

A replacement is a long shot. Most camber bolts are going to last a significant amount of time, so if you got a 2017 RVX4, there is not much chance that your car requires a replacement.

It’s most likely an alignment that’s due. Don’t get ripped off by listening to someone who says that you need to get all of the wheels on new cambers.

Unless you are driving your grandpa’s Ford from the 80s, it’s unlikely that all fours will require prompt camber bolt replacement.

  1. Bolt Kits

This is where a huge variation comes in. Whether you are buying on your own or are depending on a third party to buy your camber bolts for you, you must know this: there are a variety of options to choose from, and their costs fluctuate based on materials, warranty, longevity, and types of vehicles.

To help you figure out the best one for you, we have put together a list of camber bolts along with their prices. Remember that this focuses primarily on the expenditure part of the process and not on the functionality.

Camber Bolt KitPrice
ACDelco Professional 45K18046 Camber Bolt Kit with Hardware  14.82 USD
MOOG K90474 Cam Bolt Kit  11.35 USD
MOOG K100390 Caster/Camber Adjusting Kit  58.45 USD
Whiteline KCA414 Camber Bolt, 14 mm, Black  36.46 USD
ACDelco Professional 45K5015 Front Caster/Camber Bolt Kit with Hardware  59.98 USD
Dorman 545-509: Alignment Cam Bolt Kit  25.73 USD
ACDelco Professional 45L0004 Front Alignment Camber Bolt Kit   40 USD

It is important to remember that even though the names of these kits look quite similar and might confuse most people, their functions are quite different, which explains the difference in their costs.

You can see that some of the items in this list are just bolts. While some come along with an alignment kit, others have a caster adjusting feature as well.

You should know by now what items you already have, hence it’s a matter of seconds to figure out exactly what kind of tools you will need to purchase.

Pro tip for TOYOTA owners, you can get a bolt kit for only 5 USD from TOYOTA regional branches.

  1. Model of Vehicle

Any vehicle can accommodate one kind of camber bolt (usually), but any camber bolt can be fitted in multiple models and brands of cars.

You can either find what specific camber bolt will work on your vehicle from its manual, or a quick Google search will suffice. The sky is the limit for a vast topic like this, but our common sense tells us that camber bolts for most sedans will cost less than a truck or other heavyweight wagons.

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To narrow it down, depending on your vehicle type, camber bolts might cost somewhere between 12 to 80 USD. This will also vary greatly from country to country.

  1. How Many Wheels Are We Talking?

As I have hinted earlier, all your wheels don’t need a camber bolt replacement at once. An expert mechanic will be able to give a verdict on whether it’s the front wheels only, the rear ones, or both; that need replacement. It’s needless to say, the former will cost half the latter.

An alignment of four wheels might be required even after the replacement of only a pair, but that costs so much less since it only concerns the value of the labor.

However, the manpower charge is significantly inconsistent depending on the region, and I can only give you a rough estimate which should be within the range of 20 to 80 USD.

  1. Warranty

Before you panic about the cost of a replacement, figure out if your car is still within its warranty period. If it is, then you will need to spend zero bucks on the entire thing as most brands offer a full replacement free of cost unless it has been in an RTA or any other scenario that doesn’t make the company culpable of a lawsuit.

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Bottom Line

There’s no fixed camber bolt replacement cost. As you might have already noticed, it’s a multifactorial expenditure that involves many aspects of maintaining a vehicle. But we have given you a reasonable range for each of them, and hopefully, now you will know what is right and what is not.

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