Can Power Recliners Be Operated Manually? Answered in 2024

Power recliners have become quite popular nowadays with their useful features and utilities. However, many people are still confused about its operation when it comes to power and a manual override.

So, can power recliners be operated manually? Well, no, you can not operate a power recliner manually as they don’t have a manual override. Although you can adjust it by yourself without power, that is still not the same as operating it. That’s just fixing its posture in an emergency.

Now, this gives you a brief answer to your concern. But reading along you can get every bit of information with many useful insights about it. So, read along!

Can Power Recliners Be Operated Manually

Can I Operate The Power Recliners Manually?

A very common concern that recliner users are often confused with is its manual operation. They often wonder if a power recliner can be operated manually or not!

Well, no, you can not run a power recliner manually. This is because a power recliner does not have a manual override in general.

These recliners come with a motor that operates them from the start to the end during use. Now, to run this motor, you definitely need to provide this with power as built for the recliner.

Whether it is an electric or a power recliner, you must ensure its power in the required way. Note that, you can adjust your power recliner at times, especially in an emergency.

However, you can not just operate it manually without power or adjust it very often either. Remember that adjusting and operating recliners are not the same as operating these is running them thoroughly.

What To Do In Case of A Power Failure for Power Recliners?

By this time, you already know that you can not operate a power recliner without power. Now, you may wonder, what to do if there is a power failure by any means!

Well, there is definitely a solution for that and that is adjusting it as required. This basically means you can incline or decline the recliner only a few inches or even less.

In case of a power failure, you just take off the power cord and get off of the recliner. Then you may adjust the posture accordingly as much as it is possible.

You must understand that you can not operate it or change the posture of the recliner manually. All you can do is just move it a bit when the power goes off all of a sudden.

Note that if you try to adjust your power recliner manually very often, you may end up having issues with it.

This is because a power or an electric recliner is not designed to be operated manually by any means.

Is There A Way To Add An Override To My Power Recliner?

If you are wondering if you can add a manual override to your power recliner, don’t be anticipatory. This is because you can not add a manual override to your power recliner.

Every power recliner is designed to operate automatically with its power but not manually. But if you are still eager to know about a manual override, you may talk to the manufacturer.

Note that you may also check the manual guide for the recliner. This would have a piece of basic information about adjusting it manually in the first place.

Why Does My Power Recliner Lose Its Power Suddenly?

Power recliners are great with features and can be long-lasting as well. However, you may still come up with some issues from time to time.

One of the major concerns is these recliners lose power all of a sudden which puzzles the users.

Now, here are the reasons for your power recliner losing its power suddenly. Along with the problems, we have covered their respective solutions too.

Reason 1: A Loose Connection

If the power recliner is having a loose connection, it would lose its power suddenly. This mainly happens as the power cord of the recliner becomes saggy over time.

Moreover, there might also be some internal loose connection of the power recliner. You may start by troubleshooting your power recliner to identify the loose connection.


Once you understand that there is a loose connection, you need to fix it. If this is a power cord, you can do it by yourself. But if you are not confident enough, you can call an expert for this.

Reason 2: Motor Malfunctioning

A malfunctioning motor would cause sudden power loss to your power recliner. Over time, the motor starts wearing out.

This mainly happens if the recliner is pressurized with sudden load shedding. Moreover, it may also happen due to frequent manual adjustments.


The only solution to this is to replace the existing motor. You can buy or even talk to an expert to complete this replacement. This would be similar to an average recliner repair cost.

So, these are the 2 main reasons for your power recliner to lose its power suddenly. But you can resolve the issues following our given solutions!

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How To Have Proper Maintenance of A Power Recliner

We need to take care of everything that we own and have proper maintenance. So, here we have got a few tips on how to keep your power recliner well.

  • Keep your recliner clean all the time. Make sure you wipe off the leather every day to keep dirt and debris away.
  • Never overload your power recliner by putting extra or extreme weight on it.
  • Try to check the power cord if it is loose or tight before you turn on the recliner.
  • You need to lubricate the moving parts of the recliner so that they work smoothly.
  • Never put anything wet around or on the recliner. You should also avoid putting any type of damp materials on it.

So, these are the tips that you can follow to keep your power recliner in a good state.

Do All The Power Recliners Need Power Through The Cord?

No, not all the power recliners need power through the cord. If your power recliner supports power from the battery, you can use a pack of batteries. Other than that, you need to use the cord of the recliner to have power.

Will My Power Recliner Be Damaged If I Adjust It Manually?

No, your power recliner will not be instantly damaged if you are adjusting it manually. However, you need to remember that a power recliner does not have a manual override. Just because you can adjust it does not mean you will do it often, leading to issues.

Are Power Recliners Or Manual Recliners Better?

Both power and manual recliners have their own pros and cons. If you are carefree and have a low budget, you may go for the manual ones. On the other hand, you may go for the power recliners to have more features that require a higher budget.

Final Words

Now you have the answer to can power recliners be operated manually or not! As you know these can not be operated manually, you should never consider this option.

Remember that a power recliner could have a noticeable decrease in its lifespan at times. This happens if you try to adjust it manually very often. Good luck!

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