Can You Return Shoes On GOAT? All You Need To Know!

If you’re distressed over the newly bought pair of shoes from Goat that doesn’t fit, it’s time you do something about it. Well, can you return the shoes on GOAT?

Yes, you absolutely can! The exclusive brand Goat wants to serve its customers in the best way possible. Hence, they have an easy shoe returning policy you’ll need to follow to get a refund.

However, to ensure your refund, you must strictly follow their terms and conditions. Missing any of these can stop your refund.

Binge on to know more about their policies!

Brief on Goat Return Policy

Getting straight to the point, as per the Goat Return policy, they accept returns and refunds.

But, they have a list of terms and conditions which must be followed if you want a return. And as per the time limit, you only have three days after purchase to apply for the return policy.

If you’re late or your purchased products don’t fall under the conditions, unfortunately, Goat may not accept them and give you a refund. Let’s see if your footwears are eligible for return.

Terms and Conditions for Returning Shoes on Goat

  •  The first condition is simply requesting the return within three days, as mentioned before. You cannot return the shoes if you’ve kept them longer than three days after the purchase.
  • You can go to the Goat app and click on ‘Return Request’ to apply for it.
  • Next, after receiving the return shipping label, you must return the products within three days.
  • Your footwear must be in an ideal state with no damage or dust on the shoes. Also, you must keep all the authentic tags and the original box intact, along with attaching the Return label.
  • You’ll get the refund through Goat credit, deducting the shipping fees.

Refundable and Non-refundable GOAT Products:

Goat accepts refunds for products listed as-

  • New No Box
  • New In Box
  • GOAT Clean
  • Accessories and Apparel

However, GOAT will not accept the return request if your product doesn’t fall under this category and falls among the items list that cannot be returned. For the following items, the return policy is not eligible.

  • Final Sale items
  • Used items
  • GOAT storage products
  • Vintage or special items
  • Pre-released, custom, or defect items, etc.

When Does the Goat Return Policy Not Work?

Firstly, the footwear must be in perfect shape to be eligible for a refund. If you have used footwear with scratches, marks, debris, etc., you’ll fail to get a refund.

The GOAT review team will notice any and every issue with the shoes, even if you can send them back. So, if you need a refund, keep the products in the original box with tags in the ideal condition.

Next up, you must complete the 3-day deadline to make the return request eligible for the GOAT return policy.

Again, after you’ve received the return label, you must send the footwear back within three days to hope for a refund.

How to Refund Goat Shoes?

Now you know the return policy of GOAT, items that are eligible for the return, and also the clause that doesn’t make the return policy work. It’s time to get on board with the step-by-step refund process.

Step 1: Careful Packing

After you make up your mind about a refund, you must ensure the ideal condition of the shoes as you received them.

Keep them in the original box along with authentic tags, and pack them again with absolute caution. Be careful so that no harm is done to the shoes in any way, and keep the shoes in the box the same way they were delivered to you.

The GOAT review team is very strict with their evaluation process, so ensure that the product is accepted for return.

Step 2: ‘Return Request’

Get your GOAT app, log in, and click on the ‘Request Return’ button. After that, the GOAT authorities will email you if they accept the return with a ‘Return label.’

While packing your footwear, don’t forget to attach the label because the review team will not process the evaluation without it.

Step 3: Send for Return

Next, you must send the shoes for return within three days of receiving the label. You can ship them to the main GOAT branch.

Step 4: GOAT Return Acceptance

After you send the product back and GOAT accepts it, the review team will evaluate the shoes’ state and check whether they’re refundable.

If everything’s okay, you will receive the refund through their credit, deducting the shipping fees.

NOTE: GOAT credit refers to the fact that you can use the refund to buy something else from the store. But they’ll not refund cash.

Also, you may need to pay for the shipping cost when the new product is delivered to your home or when you send it back to GOAT. Although they will bear the original shipping cost for the products, they will not cover the return shipping cost.

How Long Will It Take to Get the Refund?

After accepting the return, you’ll need to wait for about 3-5 business days before you expect a refund. Again, a refund will be available if your case doesn’t involve returning the shoes and you cancel the order within a few hours. Similarly, as before, you’ll need to wait for 3-5 business days.

With time and patience, you will receive the refund following the same payment method you used for the purchase. However, as for returned footwear, you will only avail of GOAT credit rather than cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Goat give full refunds?

If all the terms and conditions are listed in the GOAT return policy, and if you apply for the request within three days of purchase, GOAT will evaluate the return. After that, they’ll give you full refunds on the products if all is okay, minus the shipping cost. The refund will be available only in the form of GOAT credits.

  • Does GOAT accept returns on sporting items?

According to the general GOAT return policy, they do not accept returns for sporting equipment. However, keep hope, as you can still contact the GOAT authority via email to evaluate your return request. You might even get the return acceptance if you’re lucky and have excellent convincing skills!

  • Can you return worn shoes to Goat?

Simply put, as per the GOAT return policy, returning the shoes in their original state with no damage or debris is essential. As for worn shoes, they may be damaged or have scratches on them. The evaluation team will review the return and the shoe condition; hence, if they are up to the mark, they will be accepted for the return.

  • Does Goat offer free shipping and returns?

Yes, in the case of newly bought products in the USA, GOAT offers free shipping for products over $110. However, when it comes to returning shipping, the shipping cost will be deducted from the refund payment, or you may be asked to pay for it separately.

  • Can you return to Goat footwear that doesn’t fit?

GOAT ensures excellent customer service for all their customers. So, if you need help with the recently purchased shoes’ size, you can easily apply for a return to GOAT. However, keep in mind that you only have three days to apply for the ‘return request.’

Final Verdict

Can you return shoes on GOAT? Surely yes! All you need to do is follow the refund initiation process correctly and get a refund in no time in the form of the store’s credit. Make sure your footwear checks out the evaluation criteria, or else the process will only get complicated.

Besides, you will also get a quick refund if you cancel the order immediately. In this case, you’ll avail yourself of a cashback.

To avoid such hassles, check out the specifications of the shoes you like carefully before placing the order in the first place.

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