Cheapest Way to Ship a Package in 2023?

People often try to send things to their relatives or close ones but do not know the cheapest way to ship a package. Nobody knows it until they face the same issue, and once I also have gone through such an event in my life.

If you are going through such a situation and trying to find the cheapest way to ship any package anywhere, you should be in the right place. I will walk you through every tiny detail that you need to know or understand about shipping packages. Let’s start the process.

Cheapest Way to Ship a Package: A Fair Comparison

At first, let’s discuss the price comparison of the three most popular shipping service providers in the US. Among all other, these three companies are performing better for anything to ship. They deliver products or packages within the shortest possible time.

We have analyzed their price and found that for a 12 Oz package the USPS, you have to pay the lowest price of $3.82. For a 65 pounds package, the price is relatively similar to each company. Below is a table to present with an interactive table where you will find the service name and its price. Let’s check them out first.

Well, now you know the minimum price for shipping anything to a certain distance though the distance is not mentioned in the table. In the above table, we have tried to let you know about the pricing of shipping your package anywhere.

If you look into the table, you can easily see that the price is the cheapest shipping USPS among those three providers. You can also check which is cheaper ups or USPS in the table.

Make sure you are considering the price only for an idea, not for sure. The below section is dedicated to letting you know what differentiates the cost of their shipping services.

How do Shipping Companies determine the Shipment Cost of Any Package?

I have already mentioned that the service cost for shipping anything depends on the product or package you want to deliver. Several factors are involved in determining how much you need to pay the shipping company to deliver your package to the respective location.

We have analyzed all shipping companies’ policy of cost identification system and found that they use three core measuring systems. The package’s size and weight to be delivered, including the distance between the original and destination locations, are three factors. Based on them, the cost is determined for shipping anything worldwide.

We will discuss three of them in the below section so that you can have an in-depth idea about your packages’ shipping cost. Let’s check them out first.

Size: Dimensions of Any Package

The package’s size and shape are everything to be considered while putting it into the shipping vehicle or whatever transport system they use. Shipping companies calculate the space a package takes on their truck and its resources while delivering to its destination.

If the size is large, then the cost will be more, and if the size is smaller, then the price will be less. However, there are companies where they only deliver limited sized packages only. If your package’s size exceeds its limit, they will reject your product at any cost. So, when you are packaging your things, keep the size in your mind.

Weight: Heaviness of Any Package

The weight of any package is also considered while they determine the cost to deliver anything. You know that the weight has everything to do with transporting things on a truck or any delivery vehicle.

The more any package weighing, the more it will use resources to deliver on the road. Every delivery vehicle has its weight limit meaning because it is limited for each vehicle how much weight it can carry at once.

Shipping companies are also using these metrics while determining the shipping cost of any kind of products or elements they ship. So, it would be best if you kept the weight of your package in mind while you are packaging something to deliver using those services.

Distance: The Distance Between Sender and the Receiver of Any Package

Another essential fact that shipping companies use while determining the cost of any package’s delivery. The distance from the location of the sender and the destination where it should be delivered after transport. It is essential and logical that they consider it because road cost and fuel cost depend on how much a vehicle runs.

Every vehicle has a definite mileage capacity covering that distance with a particular fuel tank fuel. The road’s estimated cost can be exceeded because anything can happen on the road while carrying on the road.

We have an article about Cost To Ship To China From USA you can check this if you want to ship anything china or import from china

Speed: How Fast Customer Needs to Send the Package to the Receiver

Apart from all those regular shipping services out there, companies often use factors while fixing the cost of delivering any package to a particular location. Sometimes people need to send their packages faster based on their urgency.

Shipping companies keep that in mind and determine the price based on how fast they want to send their package to the respective location or person. The faster they deliver any package, the more it cost them by using different faster options to carry those packages.

It would be best if you tell the provider how fast you need to send your package while you are asking them. We have finished discussing the primary factors to consider while shipping our package.

In the below section, we will discuss some additional factors you need to check out while choosing any shipping company to deliver your package. Let’s go through them.

Check the Service Features of the 03 most Popular Shipping Company

Feature NameUSPSUPSFedEx
Standard Less than 10 Pounds PackagesNoYesYes
Standard More than 10 Pounds PackagesYesNoNo
Next-day Shipping (AM)YesNoYes
Next-day Shipping (PM)YesNoNo
Heavy BoxesYesNoNo
Light BoxesNoYesYes
Two-day shippingYesNoNo
Priority InternationalNoNoYes
Overnight ShipmentYesNoYes
Expedited International shippingYesNoNo

Five Crucial Factors to Consider Apart from Above

Now, you know how companies are determining the price for their shipping services. However, it is essential to keep the safety and the quality of the shipping service in mind. It is because your package needs to reach the destination safely, and only a quality provider can ensure it.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while choosing the cheapest way to ship boxes to another state. We have decently explained everything so that you can understand quickly. Let’s check them out.

Insurance: Safety of the Package

Insurance is the primary factor of our additional list because it ensures the safety of your package. Several shippers provide services at a low price but do not offer any safety insurance for your product. While carrying your parcel, the meaning is that the carrier will not take any liability if it gets lost or damaged.

It is a wiser decision while finding the cheapest way to ship boxes to consider your package’s insurance. It may cost you a bit more than regular, affordable shipping services, but it is worth the safety. They will be responsible if anything happens to your package.

Tracking: Location Tracking

Real-time tracking of your package’s position is essential if you are careful enough about your package. The location tracking system enables a way of watching over the whole transportation process at your convenience.

Using their package location tracking system, you can inform the receiver about when they should pick the package. Besides that, if you want to see your package’s current position, you can easily see that. Most small businesses are often using a tracking system to let their customers see their products’ current status.

This way, their customers feel more comfortable, and they understand the reliability of the provider. It would be best if you consider while selecting a cheap package transportation service. Check if this service is included, or you have to pay more for the tracking service.

Cost: Package Handling Cost

If you want to send a precious item through any shipping service, you always want them to take extra care of your package. However, several providers are not taking any additional charges for handling such a delicate product or parcel.

Well, it depends on the level of delicacy of your package. Most importantly, the price can be more than a regular service cost, but you should think about safe delivery. People often expect not to pay more for their precious product. They believe that it is the shippers’ responsibility to deliver any package with complete care.

Surcharge: Fuel or any other Surcharge

Yes, you may find this cost a bit confusing, but most of us have faced this once in our life for sure. You may have to pay some extra payment for any service out of the original payment agreement. We call it hidden costs in our shipping industry.

The provider may ask for an extra payment for the last mile from the destination. Sometimes, they may add some residential area fees or cost to fuel the vehicle for reaching the last few miles.

Yes, it often happens between the customers and the transporter. So, while you are selecting the cheapest shipping service for delivering your package, make sure they do not have any surcharge options. And you do not have to pay anything for such additional costs.

Guarantee: Ensuring the Deliverability of the Package

Last but not least, the provider’s service quality is a significant factor while you choose to deliver your package. It is essential to know how fast and reliably the shipping company will deliver your package. The company must have enough reputation as the cheapest way to ship a cloth if you are doing clothing business.

You must check if the company is reliable and serve customers honestly and ahead of other companies in the same industry. You must compare the features and service quality as well as the price of them to get an accurate idea about them. Check if they deliver packages on time or not, if not then avoid choosing it.

Finishing Words: Cheapest Way to Send a Package

At the end of our discussion, we are on the cheapest way to ship a package anywhere. The price will be different based on the quality of service or the companies’ policy. However, we need the best service at the lowest price and to find the right one you should follow our guidelines.

We have discussed everything you need to know on the topic. Additionally, we have shared several comparisons between the most popular shipping service providers. You can go through our comparison to find which one is right for you. Now check our QnA section to get your answers in a formatted way.

FAQ: Cheapest Way to Ship Internationally

We are receiving many queries from our readers who need answers. We can’t respond to each of them individually. Instead of doing that, we have shared all the questions here that people ask for so long. Our experts have answered all those questions for you so that your confusion can be resolved.

Go through each one of them. Hopefully, we have answered your questions below. Check if you do not get your answer here. Please send us a few words with your question. We will shortly get back to you and add your reply here below. You will see your answer and others too.

Are there any next day shipping service available?

Yes, shipping companies offer different packages based on their service features. You will find the next day morning or evening delivery service in most providers. FedEx and USPS do not serve next day delivery, but UPS does provide it. However, the price is super high compared to other service providers in the industry. You can check the price comparison table to check their prices.

How Does Distance Impact Cost?

Distance is a significant factor in the shipping industry and its impact on the price massively. To maintain a standard pricing policy, they divided the whole area into 08 different delivery zone. The zone determines the origination location of a package and the destination.

The further you send your package, the more you need to pay as a shipping charge. However, without crossing your price limit, you need to find the best service at your convenience. You can choose the one that meets your requirement entirely.

What is the cheapest way to send a package?

We have researched the most famous three shipping companies and found that the USPS offers the industry’s cheapest shipping service. Our analysis shows that they are reputed enough to be reliable with our packages. They deliver the product on time and do not charge anything extra.

Is It Possible To Negotiate?

Both UPS and FedEx negotiate with new clients for the price because they want to rule the market. If you are looking for the cheapest shipping service for your products or packages and are a business owner, you may have the privilege to negotiate the price.

Single clients also get the opportunity to negotiate their prices, but you should know it depends on how well you can argue with the provider to lessen the cost. If you can negotiate logically with them, there may be some options to negotiate the price up to some point.

Can Packaging Impact Costs?

Yes, the packaging does impact the service price because if your packaging takes more space on the transport truck, you may need to pay more money to the shippers. Such as FedEx charges more when you are shipping tubed package because it takes more space. The more compacted your parcel will be, the more your price will be compacted within the budget.

Is It Worth Looking At The Discounts?

For business owners, yes, it is worth enough to look at some discounted shipping services. But if you are not a business owner and want to send a package once in a few months, you should go for any cheapest service like USPS.

Sometimes shippers like FedEx, USPS, and UPS provide discounts after sending 10 or more products or packages through their service. If you can do it, then you can apply for discounts and get it shortly. You may also get a signup bonus for people who takes services for the first time.

What is the cheapest way to ship through USPS?

For the USPS, their price starts from as small as $26.35 for zone 1 & 2, but their prices can be more based on the zone you send the package to. However, USPS offers the most comfortable and reliable services at the lowest cost in the market. If you can choose this if you want to get a cost-effective shipping service, then USPS is your go. Check our price comparison to check their price. You can also check the price of USPS here.

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