How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Bumper At Maaco?

Maaco has been one of the most popular auto repair and paint services since 1972. Since then, they’ve served more than 20 million vehicle owners. Most car owners choose Maaco to paint their cars. Also, they are famous for painting bumpers. But how much does it cost to paint a bumper at Maaco?

Well, they’ll cost $99 to $300 to paint bumpers. It can vary with your choice of painting services, quantity, and quality. Also, the cost range can be different if you paint both the front and rear bumpers.

There are more things to know about the cost of painting bumpers at Macco, their services, and the hiring process.

What is Maaco Bumper Special?

Macco bumper special is an auto painting package. They offer a nationwide warranty for their special bumper service. Their experienced drivers can renew your car bumpers with excellent finishing and make them more attractive.

But will Maaco paint just a bumper? The answer is no because they have comprehensive painting services for the whole car and other car parts as well. You can choose according to your budget and requirement.

How Does Maaco Painting Services Work?

The 6 work steps of Macco are body repair, surface preparation, surface sealer, paint services, protection & finishing, and car maintenance. Luckily, they also include washing and waxing if needed.

Step 1: Body Repair

Maaco has some experienced technicians to find damage and dents on the car body parts and repair them quickly. As they repair thousands of car parts, they can quickly assess and solve the damage immediately.

Step 2: Prep Work

They prepare the car parts by scraping the rust and dirt. Without cleaning the surface, it’s pretty challenging to apply the paint. So, they repair the dents and prepare the surface with the best sanding tools.

Step 3: Seal The Surface

Maaco includes three-grade sealants to make the paint durable and glossy. Using sealant can keep the car parts safe from scratches and rust for a long time.

Step 4: Choosing The Painting Package

Now you’ve to pick from their painting services. Basic painting service provides single-stage enamel paint and a one-year warranty.

Preferred painting service offers single-stage urethane paint with enamel finishing and a three-year warranty. Premium paint service uses high-quality, durable glossy paint and ensures a five-year warranty.

Step:5- Protection & Finish

They apply the premium clear coat to protect the paint and add a fantastic glossy finishing look to the car parts.

Step: 6- Car Maintenance

Macco experts guide their customers with good car care tips that help to prevent fading, damage, and rust. However, they also provide washing and waxing tips to maintain the car better.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint Bumper?

The cost to repaint a bumper can vary with the process you choose. You can select Maaco to paint the bumpers.

There are some other professional automobile painting services that you can hire for your car bumper. Also, you can paint the bumpers at home.

Let’s check out the costs, then.

Cost to Paint Bumpers At Maaco

Cost To Paint A Bumper At Maaco

Maaco charges $99 to $300 to paint a bumper. The bumper paint cost range depends on the preparation, size, and quality. You must add more to cover scratches, rust, or damage with the paint.

However, Maaco can also repair your car bumper if needed. To paint a vehicle, Macco charges $300 to $1,000. Painting an SUV or Sedan costs $500 to $900.

Also, you can paint trucks, semi-truck, and other commercial vehicles with a cost range of $700 to $10,000, depending on the size and the paint quality you choose.

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Cost to Paint Bumpers By Yourself

It’ll cost around $100 to $1000 if you paint a bumper yourself. Moreover, it doesn’t require labor costs.

You can purchase premium quality paint and bumper preparation tools and apply the DIY method to paint the bumper. Thus, respraying the bumper can be the best option. The bumper respray costs $500 on average.

Cost to Paint Bumpers By Hiring Other Professional Services

Other professional services charge $220 to $500 to paint bumpers. They charge for painting at a per-hour rate. All of them don’t come up with repair services.

If needed, you must repair your bumper from the servicing center and then paint it from them. As the charges depend on paint quality, you must spend more to apply a premium, glossy color.

How to Paint A Bumper: DIY Guide

If you’ve decided to paint the bumper at home, gathering some tools and materials is essential. You’ll need sandpaper, a scrubber, a scuff pad, the basecoat, a clear coat, painter’s tape, masks, and gloves.

Now you can think, how much paint do I need to paint a bumper? Right? Well, you’ll need two 12 oz. spray paint cans to paint the front and rear bumper. Let’s get started with the steps of painting a bumper by yourself.

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Step 1: Remove The Bumper From Your Car

The first thing you have to do is to detach the bumper from your car. Take a flat screwdriver or knife and insert it through the edges of the bumper. Push the trims gently and hold the bumper with your hand.

Now take it out slowly and keep it in a well-ventilated area. Wear your protective gloves and mask before preparing the bumper.

Step 2: Prepare The Bumper For Painting

First of all, check the corrosive or damaged area. Use sandpaper to scrape off the cover. Wash the bumper and scrub it with a scrubber for a while. Wipe it with the scuff pad. If you want to avoid some areas of the bumper to paint, you can wrap it with painter’s tape.

Step 3: Apply The Basecoat 

To make the paint durable, it’s important to prepare the bumper with basecoat or primer. You can use the primer spray or basecoat on the bumper with 2 to 3 coats. It’s better to wait at least 3 minutes while applying each coat. Keep it aside to dry the primer for 10 minutes.

Step 4: Painting The Bumper

Take the spray can and start spraying on the bumper from a minimum distance of 10 inches. After applying the primary coat, wait 10 minutes for the second coat. Then use the second coat and dry it for 1 hour.

Step 5: Use Clear Coat

You’ve to apply the clear coat twice to make the thick coatings. Wait for 10 minutes between two coats. It’ll take 24 to 36 hours to dry out the bumper.

Step 6: Remove The Painters Tape

At this point, remove the painter’s tape from the bumper. You might need to use a razor blade to take out the tape if it’s not coming out quickly.

Step 7: Install The Bumper

Adjust it on the bumper unit carefully and use the sockets. Hold it for a few seconds, and you’re done installing the bumper on your car.

Which One Is Better: Maaco Vs. Other Professionals Vs. DIY

Maaco is the best choice because the painting cost range is more affordable than other services. Also, they provide the fastest service, which makes them more reliable.  They have some experienced labor to paint your bumper.

Additionally, Maaco uses premium paint with the best finishing service. But other professionals charge higher than their workability and quality. 

Painting with DIY can be helpful, but it can’t assure the best finishing quality. Maaco matches the bumper color with your vehicle.

Some Tips For Painting Bumpers to Save Your Money

If you paint the bumper without professionals, then it will cost less. You can paint it with no labor cost. In that case, you must calculate the bumper size and paint quantity.

To paint the bumper, you can use spray paint to cut some of your painting costs because these are budget-friendly. It’d not be wise to paint the bumper if you’ve never experienced painting your car parts.

One of the most budget-friendly painting services for the bumper is Maaco. Hiring their services can be a great way to save money while painting your bumper.

Additional Services Of Maaco

Besides painting your cars and car parts, Maaco comes up with other services such as collision repair, insurance claims or direct repair programs, fleet and industrial services.

Moreover, their experienced technicians repair the dents and damage with the highest efficiency. 

Maaco provides nationwide warranty for the fleet and industrial services. Besides, they work with most car insurance companies to help their customers.

How to Hire Maaco for Painting Bumper?

You can hire them from their official website by booking their appointments. The best part of Maaco is they offer to get online estimate option to have an idea of cost.

Once you hire them, they’ll take two to three business days to complete painting bumpers. Macco comes up with an amazing color-matching paint service. Luckily, they’re available in many locations, and you’ll find them on their website.


So, how much does it cost to paint a bumper at Maaco?

You’ve to spend $99 to $300 to paint car bumpers depending on the surface, damage repair, color quality, and labor cost. It’s pretty easy to hire Maaco painting services.

Not to mention, Macco provides its customers with satisfactory painting service. Over the years, they’ve worked on millions of vehicle owners, from cars to commercial ones.

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