How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Side Mirror?

After having an unexpected accident or car bump, your side mirrors are always likely to get damaged. In some cases, the whole mirror housing gets harmed which costs a little bit more than the simple one.

Are you having trouble and want to know how much does it cost to replace a side mirror? Then you are in the right place. This article will provide you some information about the side mirrors replacement, cost, and process.

Let’s jump into the description.

Side Mirror Options

Side mirror options come first when you are thinking of replacement. Your cost will depend on how much work you need to do in the mirror housing. The options are,

  • Mirror operation
  • Mirror glass
  • Mirror lights
  • Folding system
  • Color and finish

If you are willing to do all these things, it may cost between 100$ to 500$. Or if you want to skip some options and go for the obvious, then it may cost less. Remember, some auto repair shops give you packages together so you can save some money and fix it at a cheaper rate.

Overall Cost of the Replacement of a Side Mirror

The side mirrors of your vehicle are the most important part because without them you cannot drive safely. Whether the mirrors of the driving seat or passenger seat are damaged, you should replace them immediately.

The cost of replacing a side mirror depends on multiple things. According to the experts, the cost will vary based on the vehicle’s model, year, make and side mirror options. For these reasons, we cannot define an average costing of it.

If you are thinking to have some good quality mirrors, try to go to the local garages of your area. They will check the condition of your vehicle and will suggest you if you need anything more. They will also try to import some quality mirrors if you want.

The options of side mirror replacement are already given so if you are thinking about cheaper cost, then it may not last long. Sometimes you only focus on the most damaged part, when after some time the other damages cause hassle. So, try to replace it all together even if it cost a little bit more.

If you consult a dealership, it will cost you over 600$ sometimes which can be over the price for some people. Again most of the mechanics do not make insurance claims for your damages. So choose your mechanic carefully.

How Much Time It Takes for a Replacement

The replacement of a side mirror usually depends on the mirror options. But the simple changing of the mirror takes 30minutes more or less.

In some cities, you can pay the mechanics based on the hours. They will probably take 120$ for an hour so make sure to contact the owners about the payment system.

For the replacement, you might need to give them some hours first so that they can study your car situation and suggest to you what to do. Sometimes not only the mirrors are damaged but also the whole door including the mirror are crashed inside.

In that case, the doors also need to be changed and then a new mirror should be installed. All these works can be done in 2-3 hours if you consult a good mechanic or auto repair shop.

Also, the area you are living in plays a huge role in getting things on time and repairing them. If you are not living in an affluent area, your cost might get lower but it will take time. Again in a good residential area, it takes less time but you have to increase your budget.

Can You Replace a Side Mirror By Yourself?

Yes, you can, only if you have a proper idea about the side mirror replacement. It is difficult to handle the process alone so it’s always better to hire a mechanic.

But if you are willing to change the glasses yourself, get some good quality mirrors first which will be used for the replacement. You also need paint, a screwdriver, a panel removal tool, wrenches, and a side-view mirror.

Read the manual first and then start your work on the replacement.

If you are thinking about the lower cost by doing it yourself, well, you might damage some other things while repairing one. Because only experts are experienced more so they can do it better anytime. The other damage might cost you more later, so think about it and then make a decision.

Where to Get Side Mirrors Replaced

Other than doing it yourself, you can always ask for an expert mechanic or dealership for your vehicle’s repair.

The dealership will keep the manufacturer’s part on hand and a specialized mechanic will get it done. Well, these things come with a cost. So if your budget allows it, you can consult a car dealership.

Again the best choice would be an auto repair shop. Because the process of repairing is almost the same for all types of models of vehicles. So you can get it done in the repair shop at less cost with full satisfaction.

Things to Keep in Mind after the Replacement

After a costly replacement of your side mirror, make sure to protect it from getting damaged again. You should,

  • Avoid parking on the streets or in crowds
  • Fold your side mirror after you leave the vehicle
  • Take care while backing out of the garage
  • Be careful in any tight spaces


You are already aware of the importance of a side mirror and now after reading this article, you will get an idea of the cost of its replacement. After the damage to your side mirrors, it’s better to repair it immediately before you do any other damage to your car.

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