How Much Does It Cost To Tow A Semi Truck in 2023?

Unlike any other truck, towing a semi-truck can cost you a substantial amount of money. The cost may vary depending on the situation your semi-truck is in. So, exactly how much does it cost to tow a semi-truck?

It’s around $2500 on average. The price of towing your truck can never be specified. It can literally go from $2000 to $12000 really fast. Most probably, towing a semi-truck will cost around $980 per tow and $15 to $45 per mile. 

There are many other deals to learn about towing your semi-truck properly; let’s dig into those.

Reasons That Lead Us to Tow A Semi-Truck

How Much Does It Cost To Tow A Semi Truck

Depending on the potential incidents, we can tell you to keep your budget limitations from $1000 to $2500. The whole deal might cost you less money if you have semi-truck insurance. That saves up a lot of money regarding towing. 

However, we want to present a table to show you the potential incidents and the cost of towing a semi-truck when you go through any of them. 

Incidents That Lead to Towing A Semi-TruckCosts
Out of a DitchIf you’ve fought for getting your semi-truck out of a ditch recently, then towing charge would cost you about $2650. The cost may go up instantly depending on how deeply damaged your car is!
Due to Being Overweight Heavier semi-truck will charge you over $7500. The truck’s weight is considerable here. If your semi-truck comes with more weight and distance of tow, then it might take extra dollars.
Broken AxleOn average, $4500 with a broken axle. The value may vary depending on the broken area and the distance that needs to be towed. Sometimes broken axles charge the most to be towed.
Disabled Semi-TruckA disabled semi-truck won’t cost you over $2500. But the final verdict obviously increases along with the severity of disabled components your semi-truck has.
Overturned VehicleTowing overturned semi-truck is a bit pricey, around $5200. Tow distance and the depth of the incident are also considered here. 
A Remote AreaDepending on the distance, our answer would be around $10000.
Completely Disabled A completely disabled vehicle will charge you over $8000. Moreover, if your semi-truck is heavier, then the cost can increase. 
Truck & TrailerIf you plan on getting your trailer towed along with your semi-truck, then keep $6500 ready. The range will vary depending on whether your trailer is loaded or not. 

Types of Tow Truck

Although this might sound a bit weird, the type of tow truck would have a decent impact on the charge you need to pay for towing your semi-truck. There are various kinds of tow trucks, some are expensive, and some are affordable. But the cost totally depends on your requirements. 

Medium Duty Tow Truck

The most popular kind of tow truck for towing a semi-truck is considered to be a medium-duty one. They are compatible with most kinds of vehicles that weigh over 20 tons. The charge will be $980 per tow with this type of tow truck. 

Heavy Duty Tow Truck

In the case of being towed with a heavy-duty tow truck, the dealer will charge you more money, around $3700 per tow. They are basically meant to tow vehicles that weigh over 50 tons. 


The third kind is Rotator. But this type of tow truck is specified for the expensive tow trucks that require specialized tools and enhanced manpower, basically larger trucks. Generally, this type of tow isn’t used for towing semi-truck. Still, if you desire to tow with it, that would be expensive. Rotators can charge you over $4600 and $11800. 

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Most Effective Factors That Have an Impact on The Costs of Towing A Semi-Truck

We can’t just sit down with an average cost. We need to learn more in order to make a reliable, beneficial, but affordable deal. For starters, you need to know the major factors that can severely impact the cost. 

Weight & Size

It needs no explanation that a heavier and larger semi-truck would cost you more money than a smaller one since that requires more human resources and equipment to move the truck. When the dealers tow based on weight, they can charge you from $0.10 to $0.75 per pound. 

The Distance That Needs to Be Towed

We all know distance is a great factor to think about when it comes to towing a semi-truck. Because of the fuel costs and wear and tear, towing is more expensive for more distance. Sometimes more distance needs specialized tools as well. However, you have to pay $10 to $40 per mile.

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Should You Get A Semi-Truck Insurance?

After the elaborated discussion, now that you know the costs of towing a semi-truck, we can realize that it’s stressing you. The expense of towing a truck can hardly be called affordable. So you need to find alternatives that save you from spending more and more money on towing the truck. 

The easiest and most wise decision is to get semi-truck insurance which is super favorable by all means. The average monthly cost would be $550. The prices can vary depending on the size of the semi-truck and the amount of distance that is needed to be towed.  

You can search online for affordable insurance. Some might cost you even under $250, while some expensive ones for large vehicles can charge you over $1000. In order to save up some money, you can’t help giving the whole process sufficient time for researching and finding yourself the best deal. 


With the help of our discussion above, now you definitely have a decent idea about the costs of towing a semi-truck and have the answer to the question how much does it cost to tow a Semi-Truck? Now, your responsibility is to get semi-truck insurance as soon as possible for safety and to avoid potential dangers. Since towing a car is really expensive. 

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