How Much Does Dented Rocker Panel Repair Cost?

The amount of money dented rocker panel repair cost depends on multiple factors, but generally, the sum is around 2000 USD to 6000 USD.

If you decide to take matters into your hand and go DIY, then the cost might come down to somewhere between 1200 USD to 4000 USD. But only go with this route if you have previous experience in the field,

That being said, in this article, we’ll explore both options and break them down so you can decide which will be the best for you.

Dented Rocker Panel Repair Costs at Mechanics

Damage / DentRepair TypeAmount
LowPaint & Simple Body Repair750 USD to 2000 USD
MidSlip-on Repair2000 USD to 3500 USD
High or DeepSlip-on Repair4000 USD +
High or DeepWelded Repair5000 USD to 6000 USD

Dented Rocker Panel Repair Costs DIY

Damage / DentRepair TypeAmount
LowPaint & Simple Body Repair400 USD to 1000 USD
MidSlip-on Repair1000 USD to 2000 USD
High or DeepSlip-on Repair3000 USD +
High or DeepWelded Repair4000 USD +

Factors Deciding the Repair Cost for Dented Rockers

On average, for a dented rocker repair, you will have to spend around 2000 USD to 4000 USD at least. This price might look like a tremendous amount at first, but when you add the price of the parts and the labor cost, it will start to make sense.

But this largely depends on how serious the dent is and whether it is negatively affecting your driving experience or not. That’s why the cost of repair is extremely debatable, but generally, it is on the high end instead of being low.

Here are some factors that can help you decide how much it will cost for you to repair your dented rocker:

Dent Depth/ Damage Level

The main factor that will decide how much it will cost for you to fix your car or truck’s rocker panel is how bad the dent is. If the dent isn’t much deep and just a small one, then a simple paint job and maybe a bit of hammering around in a mechanics shop will do the trick.

  • Mid-Deep Dents

But most of the time, this isn’t that simple. If the dent is mid-deep and visible from a distance, then you will have to think of a complete repair. When we say complete repair, it means that you will have to completely replace the rocker.

Doing that is quite costly because the parts will cost you a fortune, but the replacement process is extremely tedious, and so is the labor cost.

That being said, if only a portion has suffered from a medium amount of dent, then you will get a leeway to save some money.

  • Deep Dents

On the other hand, if you are suffering from extremely deep dents and the details are highly visible from any distance, then you will have to change the whole rocker system of your vehicle. This situation occurs if you are suffering from rust on your rocker panels.

If that is the case, then you can expect to spend over 5000 USD for the rockers if you want to repair them.

Single Dent or Multiple Dents

The next cost-determining factor is the number of dents your vehicle is suffering from. If it is just a single dent, then the price will obviously lower than multiple dents of a similar structure.

That being said, if a single dent has more depth than multiple small ones, then it might end up costing you more.

The location of the dents will also come into play here. Because in some cases, you can ignore the dent on the rockers if the dent isn’t affecting the structure of the vehicle in any way.

This mostly occurs when you have a small dent in your rockers, which is more like a scratch than a dent, to be honest. A simple paint job will make it go away easily, or you can simply ignore it.

 Repair Method

If you are going for a complete replacement for your vehicle’s rockers, then there are two methods that you can opt for:

  1. Slip-on Repair Method
  2. Welded Repair Method

Slip-on Repair

This is the cheaper option of the two. In this method, the rocker panels will be attached to your vehicle through fasteners and highly efficient automotive adhesives. The installation process requires less time and is quite easy compared to the other option.

For people who plan to repair their rockers themselves, this is generally the option they want to opt for.

This is because the requirement for professional-grade tools is low on this one. And if someone understands the basics properly, then they can easily pull it off with a bit of imperfection here and there.

Welded Repair

If you want a more permanent and professional solution, then this is the repair option that you should go with. In this case, the rocker panels will be directly welded into the car’s body.

This is quite costly because you will have to remove everything from the body to weld the rockers into them. It means taking outdoors, fenders, and other parts unless you want to end up damaging them instead.

For those of you who want to go with this option, we suggest taking the help of professionals in this case because the process is quite complicated, and unless you have the tools lying around, you will have to spend a lot just to get the equipment and proceed to weld.

Mechanics Shop or DIY

While it can seem tempting to go with DIY, the repair process requires advanced-level skills and access to some professional-grade tools. So, if you don’t have the necessary skills or experience and lack the tools, then we suggest you go to mechanic shops.

They are safer and will ensure that your vehicle and the rockers are treated properly. But at the same time, going with DIY will ensure a 30% to 40% reduction in the overall cost.

This is because the replacement and attaching of the rocker panel is quite a lengthy process taking 16 to 18 hours at a time, so the labor charge is also high.

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Final Verdict

Hopefully, this clears all your concerns regarding dented rocker panel repair cost. The price is quite high, so go over the facts before you start investing money to fix your dented rocker.

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