How Do I Find My Moen Faucet Model Number?

Unlike simple electronic gadgets, a faucet can’t be turned over to find its model number. There are a series of details to delve into that include rummaging through old packaging, boxes, and manuals. But what happens when you can’t find any of these around the house?

If you’ve asked yourself, how do I find my Moen faucet model number? It means that one of the three things have occurred prior to the question: a) you can’t seem to locate the right number from the faucet’s packaging, b) you’ve misplaced the packaging itself, or c) you’re unsure of what kind of faucet you even have.

Don’t fret, these are all common issues consumers have dealt with and have very simple solutions to. So, let’s look through all the possible solutions together.

Why Do I Need to Know My Moen Faucets Model Number?

Aside from just telling you what kind of faucet variation you have, a model number can carry out many purposes, some that may even save you from trouble in the long run.

Repair Purposes

If your faucet ever stops functioning, breaks, or needs to be looked at by an expert, it’s very likely that your plumber will ask you for its model number before working on it.

This is because knowing the model number will allow the plumber to have a clearer idea of which exact parts the faucet requires if they need to be replaced.

Replacement Purposes

Another instance is that when these specific parts are confirmed to be broken, their replacement can be covered by the faucets production company. For this to happen successfully, you will have to tell customer service the model number of the faucet so that the assistants can see if it is eligible for warranty coverage.

Not End Up Purchasing a Wrong Replacement Faucet

Lastly, if it’s a very old faucet, the chances are that the parts have changed names or the faucet itself has gone out of production. Knowing the model number, in this case, will save you from wasting money on the wrong parts.

So, the next time you buy anything, whether it be something as minor as a faucet or as expensive as a washing machine, keep its product information safe. Have a quick read through it to ensure there’s a warranty, and try to keep the information as long as you can or until the warranty lasts.

How Do I Find My Moen Faucet Model Number? – Solutions

Luckily, there are many possible solutions for identifying the exact model number of your Moen faucet. Here are all the different ways to easily resolve this issue –

1. Checking the Packaging

This is the go-to way to find out any product’s model number. As Moen faucets usually come in boxes, you should be able to see the model number in bold lettering right next to the product’s name.

Usually, when products are bought from retail stores, they come in their original packaging and therefore have all their vital details printed on the boxes. However, if you haven’t bought your faucet from a store and don’t have access to the packaging, you might need to move to the next solution.

2. Checking the Instruction Sheet

The instruction manual or sheet has all you need to know about the product you’ve purchased. Similarly, a Moen faucet also comes with an instruction sheet with its model number written in it.

If your faucet has been installed by a plumber, it’s likely that they have given you an instruction sheet for it to keep or have kept it themselves. Once you have access to the instruction sheet from contacting your plumber, you can easily find model number.

However, if you’re looking at the instruction sheet yourself, it’s very easy to get confused between the faucets series number, component number, and model number.

Remember that a series number will only tell you the series your faucet is a part of, but not the exact number of it. And the component number is a series of digits that were used during the manufacturing process of the faucet but is not similar to the model number.

A model number should look like a combination of letters and numbers, which indicate the exact variation, style, use, brand, etc., of the product. Most of the time, you can find any product’s model number on the UPC label of the packaging or instruction manual, so try this too if you haven’t already.

3. Identify My Product Tool

An easy way to identify the model number and other specifications of your faucet is by using the Identify ‘My Product’ tool on the Moen website. You can access the tool using this link.

With this tool, you are presented with a survey to find out which product you have. Your answers will help the system find out the details of your product, it even shows you pictures of the products to help you match them with yours.

4. Contacting Customer Service

If all else fails, you can call the Moen customer service helpline to assist you in finding the information you’re looking for.

This may be a hassle, as you will need to describe specific details regarding your faucet.It can be about the functionalities to even in-depth information like where and when you bought it.

And if customer service comes to no avail, one of three things could be the issue:

  • Your faucet has gone out of production, so its model number no longer exists.
  • You’ve been sold a faulty product, so its model number is untraceable.
  • Your faucet may not be from Moen but from a different label with a completely different model number.

If any of these is the issue you’re facing, our best advice would be to replace the faucet entirely to avoid repair issues in the future.

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If you made it this far and are still asking yourself, how do I find my Moen faucet model number? We’re sad to say that you might be out of luck. At least one of the solutions we’ve detailed should bring you closer to the model number of your faucet, but if it hasn’t, we highly recommend installing a brand new faucet.

Settling for a faulty, out of date, or unidentifiable faucet can bring you a number of issues in the future concerning the warranty, repair, and replacement. The costs of replacing the faucet are much less than the costs of dodging these issues.

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