How Much Does a Freedom Boat Club Membership Cost?

If you are planning to enjoy boat rides and have regular access to different types of boats, Freedom Boat Club is for you! However, not everyone knows the cost of being a member of this, which stops them from enjoying this!

So, you may wonder, what is the Freedom Boat Club cost? Well, to become a member of this club, you have to pay a one-time fee of $3200 to $12,000. This initiation fee varies due to the demand from state to state. Once you become a member, you can take their services starting from $200 which goes up to $450.

Now, this answers your query in a brief. To know about their payment schemes, services, and benefits along with many insights, move on to the main part now!

Don’t get all spooked out just yet knowing about the prices right away. Compared to the amount and quality of services and facilities that they provide, the money is more than worth it.

Plus, such luxurious habits are an acquired taste, there’s no doubt about that. If you know what you’re doing, FBC’s the best place to spend your hard-earned money. And let’s face it, owning boats come with so many different maintenance, repair and storage costs. If you really think about it, renting a boat for 300 bucks a month is nothing compared to that.

We’ll discuss in detail why it’s more beneficial to rent boats from FBC if you don’t own any water vehicles. In today’s article, we’re going to double down on the general and extracurricular costs/fees of renting boats from FBC.

Furthermore, we’re going to layout the ins and outs of the membership packages for potentially interested parties. If you’re looking to get into business with FBC anytime soon, this article will help you to decide whether the investment is worth all the hassle and money or not.

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How Much Does Freedom Boat Club Membership Cost?

Now to know about their price, take a look below. We have got the price list for each and every service of them.

ServicePrice (Approximated Per Months)
One-time Initiation Fee$3,200-12,000 (One-time)
Unlimited Boating$300-350
Seasonal Boating/ Boating for 6 Months$200-250
Friends and Family$400
Weekend and Holidays$200-450

The Freedom Boat Club cost can be categorized into two primary sectors. The first one is, by default, the initiation fee or the sign-up fee. It’s a one-time entry fee of $5000, just to get in the club and enjoy their numerous facilities. Considering that FBC is currently one of the largest marine franchisors in the area, the fee is actually quite reasonable.

Alongside the one-time entry fee, you can later opt to go for multiple membership plans as well. The fees for such plans vary depending on different components and factors, which we’ll elaborate on in just a while. On average, you can expect to spend around $300-$700 behind specifically designed membership packages.

The price can go even higher due to market saturation, fluctuations in the economy, and tourist activity in that location. The average monthly membership plan comes at $349. Deducting the additional costs, this plan can amount to a little over 4000 bucks every year.

Starting to see the differences between the entry fee and the membership plan fee just yet? If you’re active and enthusiastic enough, the membership packages do pay off by a lot in the long run. Encouraging the members to fall into commitment might be an age-old trope, but it’s supremely effective nonetheless.

Again, depending on the club location, you can access variable discounts and promotional offers. For instance, the freedom boat club NJ cost isn’t the same as the freedom boat club Tampa cost. Neither is the freedom boat club Michigan cost equal to the freedom boat club Seattle cost. Among these, the membership plans at Tampa Bay, Florida can go for $299 every month. With the right facilities, you can deduct another hundred bucks down from it.

Additionally, there’s also the transfer fee which starts from approximately $1450. Depending on the branch location, the transfer fee will go up by a lot as well. More or less, you can expect to spend around 4000 bucks if you’re buying into the mid-level membership plans.

Speaking of which, the Freedom Boat Club family plan cost is a lot more cost-effective compared to any of the other plans. So, if you’ve got a big family, we’d highly recommend going for the family plans directly. You can make the most amazing memories with your loved ones while saving a lot of bucks on the side for additional endeavors.

But as you can already see, the pricing is hardly fixed. It’s improbable to put down a specific number without proper research. Hence, the best way to estimate the freedom boat club cost is to directly speak to a management executive. Freedom Boat Club offers suitable sales professionals in every branch just for this.

If you’re that confused about the fees, don’t hesitate to pursue one such membership executive. They have all the local market information about the packages. As a result, they’ll be more than happy to answer any questions that you have. You can check out FBC’s official website in your area to track down these executives and pursue them.

Freedom Boat Club Prices: Entry Fee & Membership Plans

Here’s a brief overview of the freedom boat club cost depending on different packages:

Enrollment Fee

Before selecting the required membership plan, you’ll need to pay a one-time entry fee. The ballpark figure is around $5000. If you’re in the Florida region, it can drop down to $3500. On the other hand, hotshot areas like Miami won’t hesitate to charge you around $8000 either.

Ultimate Plan

The ultimate plan is for the people who demand year-round access to everything. There are no restrictions, they can visit anytime they want and take out the boats too.

There’s no limit on the number of outings either. Such plans will cost you around $300 bucks every month i.e. 3600 bucks a year excluding the fuel cost.

Seasonal Plan

The seasonal plan, as the season suggests, works for only six months at a time. They will cost around $200-$250 on average. If you live someplace where the weather is turbulent, you can go for such plans. For instance, in some places in Florida, the marina stays ice-cold and the water isn’t suitable for boating.

So, if you take the seasonal plan during the summer, you will have to pay for nothing during the winter. You can renew the plan the next summer again if you need to.

Weekday-Only Plan

You can only take the boats out during the weekdays under this plan. Weekends are off-limits in that case. The weekend-only plans can cost around $225-$250 every month.

Weekend-Only Plan

The weekend-only plan is precisely the opposite of the weekday-only plan. You cannot reserve a boat during the weekdays or take them out. The pricing, however, is more or less the same.

FnF Plan

Lastly, the family and friends plan is the most cost-effective one thus far. It does cost close to $400 every month. But it also allows you to add up to two couples to your membership plans. Do the math and divide the amount by three families. You’ll soon enough find that having close friends does pay off in this esteemed club.

An important reminder – not all of these plans are effective in all the locations. For example, some branches in France still don’t support the weekday, weekend-only plans. The best thing is to look up your location on the official website and gather the required details. 

Factors That Influence The Freedom Boat Club Cost

So far, it’s evident that even though the entry fee is constant, the membership fees constantly fluctuate. Here are a few of the factors that influence the freedom boat club prices:

Region Popularity

If you’re visiting a new place, wouldn’t you feel a lot more inclined to visit the tourist attractions? Rather than some random resort, you’d want to visit the places you’ve heard so much of, right? Well, that’s precisely why region popularity highly drives up the membership pricing in certain branches.

For instance, high-end places like Michigan, Seattle, and Toronto get more tourists on average every year. While on the other hand, places like Florida and Lake Norman are considered comparatively sub-urban than them. So, you may need to pay more to hire boats from the previous locations than the latter ones.

Local Market Fluctuations

The pricing also depends on the local market fluctuations. Generally, the fees are higher in metropolitan market areas. Since the value of local goods tends to continuously fluctuate due to the stock market, it affects the other sectors of businesses as well.

But the differences are usually not that excessively high. You can keep the ballpark figure at $4000-$5000 and work with that.

Coverage Costs

The local market fluctuations directly influence the coverage costs as well. Think of it. The club itself has to pay certain docking fees, office space fees, slip fees, license fees, and so on. So, depending on the regulations of that location and its popularity, such fees go up by a lot.

If FBC needs to pay higher stationary fees, they’ll have to balance out the profits by increasing the membership fees. Ultimately, it’s all eventually tied back to the region’s popularity and metropolitan fluctuations.

Maintenance & Repair Costs

Even though the maintenance and repair costs aren’t directly included in the plans, they end up influencing the overall pricing. Depending on the condition and rarity of the boat, they might need to push for extra care.

Hence, you can expect to spend a little extra to get access to the additional privileges. In professional terms, these are written off as uncharted fees. They’re not exclusively essential, but they do make life a lot easier.

Storage Costs

Storage is the primary reason why the pricing can suddenly take a dip in both directions. Just like you’re renting the boat from FBC, they’re also competing for spots in the marina. And toll fees, license fees, etc. in such places can easily drive up for no reason at all.

Furthermore, the organization has to take the utmost preparations to tackle any possible natural disasters. All these extracurricular costs end up getting involved with the initial pricing and can increase the fees further.

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Ways To Ensure The Best Possible Deals On Your Freedom Boat Club Rates

We’ve made our way through ‘how much does freedom boat club membership cost’ and pricing components so far. Now, let’s find out about a few ways to ensure the best possible experience at Freedom Boat Clubs.

  • Don’t Rush Through The Experience

Oftentimes, you may feel the urge to live and breathe in the boats. Such an urge could definitely originate because you love being out in the waters. But it can also originate if you’re feeling like you’re missing out greatly.

You see, many members will often have this false sense of appreciation. “Hey, I paid all this money for the packages, I should do as much to enjoy the facilities.” And while they’re not fully wrong about getting their money’s worth, it’s not the right mindset to have.

Especially considering that such membership is here to ensure your comfort and pleasure away from your day-to-day life. Hence, if you’re always worrying about getting your money’s worth, you can’t possibly enjoy it here.

And if you constantly feel pressured for it, it’s probably better to not pay for the membership at all. Remember – between the fees and the fuel, you’ll need to spend around 300 bucks every month at Freedom Boat Clubs.

If you don’t have a habit of going out on boats all that often, don’t take up the membership. You’ll only end up wasting a certain amount of money every month and regret it later. And if you do take it up, make sure to not rush through the experience. Enjoy as much as you can, but only if it doesn’t clash with your rationality.

  • Gather Local Market Information

It’s important to remember that the amenities and facilities at FBC differ depending on the location and other casualties. As such, it’s not a bad idea to gather local market information about the best possible rates. While the official site recommends pursuing a membership executive, you can do some research as well.

Sometimes, the local community may just suggest to you a valuable loophole that you couldn’t otherwise figure out. FBC, despite being a balanced organization, is still very corporate and runs under commercial rules. If you’re a little low on funds, it can’t hurt to gather useful information from the outside.

  • Look For Promotional Offers

Many service agencies often offer discounts as part of promotional campaigns. For instance – Groupon used to offer Florida membership plans for only $149 every month. Such discounts are mostly time-limited so it’s hard to track them down. But if you get lucky and do the due research, you may just stumble upon such really nice offers.

  • Purchase Discounted/Second-Hand Plans

Here’s why commitment issues can come across as blessings sometimes. Many members often lose the zeal to continue with the membership due to multiple reasons. So, they end up selling the remaining period of the plan at either the full rate or the discounted rate.

You’ll find loads of posts like these on both Craigslist and eBay regarding such plans. If you don’t want to pay the full amount, you can actively look for such discounted rate posts. However, some posts are scams so exercise proper caution while contacting such people.

  • Compare The Location Rates

As mentioned above, the price varies quite significantly depending on the location. As of now, Florida offers the lowest rates among any other branches of FBC. If you live in Seattle but have family and friends in Florida, you may want to purchase the Florida plans.

You can get the weekend-only plans and visit the family for some bonding time in the marina every other week. We should mention that FBC has around ten branches in Florida alone. So, if you’re that desperate, contact each location for the quote and then decide on the cheapest place.

By the way, some locations may require you to drive down there for the quote. They’ll ask you some important questions as well to figure out the best deal for your needs. In such cases, you should go before 5 p.m. during weekdays since they close off afterward. They’re open till 7 mostly, 8 p.m., at best during weekends.

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Unlimited Freedom Boat Club Outings: Making Reservations The Easy Way!

You’ll forget all about the freedom boat club cost once you learn that FBC allows you to make reservations up to six months in advance. Hence, if you want to plan a really big tour with loved ones or friends, this is the place. Here’s how you can make reservations the easy way for Freedom Boat Club Outings.

Step 1: Log In To The Dashboard

All the members have their own accounts to keep a track of their respective reservations, payment details, etc. If you already have access to said account, simply log in to the dashboard of the official website. Put down the details and it’ll directly redirect to the selected information.

Step 2: Open The Registration Slot

Next, click on the registration tab and put down the desired date and time. You should also get to choose your vessel. Take your time and choose accordingly.

And that’s it. It’s this easy to book a slot for an outing if you’re an esteemed member of FBC. Remember to put down the correct date and time though lest you should end up missing it.

Benefits Of Getting The Membership Plan

Still, hesitating about checking out the membership plans? Well, here’s a list of all the benefits you can avail yourself of with these plans!


Take some time to review the monthly cost and then the yearly cost at FBC. And don’t forget to compare it against the costs of owning and maintaining a personal boat as well. You’ll easily find that for just 200-300 bucks a month, the membership plan is offering you everything.

To avail of the same privileges somehow else, you’d at least need to spend double the amount.

Multiple Choices

The membership plans vary too and have different degrees of facilities. If you stay busy working during the weekdays, go for the weekend plans. If you have a large family, go for the FnF plan. There’s a right plan for literally everybody here at FBC.

Freedom Boat Club Membership Transfer

The membership transfer is a fantastic system that allows you to enjoy different locations without paying much extra. By initiating the reciprocal membership, you can enjoy the boats in all FBC-controlled marinas. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the USA, Europe or, France. 

Freedom Boat Clubs: Irresistible Perks

The freedom boat club reviews are astounding in terms of perks and privileges. There’s hardly any member who has left unsatisfied from this delightful club. Have a look at all the irresistible perks FBC offers, to know why they’re the absolute best!

Unlimited Usage

You probably didn’t know this but FBC has no restrictions on the number of outings once you’re a member. If you have the yearly membership, you can even take the boats out three o’clock in the night, no questions asked.

And this applies to the boats too. You can use any specific boat however and whenever unless the reservations overlap. But that hardly happens, so don’t worry about it that much. Plus, you can make multiple bookings at once. It’s not like you have to complete a separate outing to plan for the next one.

If you prefer a specific docking or boat, you can keep it reserved for months in advance. Whether it’s winter or summer, your favorite boat will always stay ready for you!

Nationwide Coverage

With the reciprocal membership, you’ll get nationwide coverage. For instance – imagine you initially signed up for membership in the Florida region. If you have the reciprocal membership, you can go down to Seattle or Miami to use the boats there too.

And it’s not just limited to the FBC locations in the United States. The France or Europe locations will also allow you similar privileges.

Free Training Opportunities

If you’d like to stay out on the waters for a long time, you need the proper training. FBC offers such safety training for free to its members. They’re conducted by licensed Coast Guard captains and members aren’t allowed to reserve boats without partaking in the training.

The training is also unlimited. So, you can really train as much as you want to become a confident and reliable boater.

Social Networking

At the end of the day, FBC is but a place where you can meet like-minded people. To meet someone as passionate about boats as you – that’s truly one of the greatest joys in life.

The Freedom Boat Club also conducts several seminars and specialty programs for its members. You can go to these events and have a nice time social networking with everyone.

Insurance Coverage

Lastly, FBC takes care of everything you can possibly need. And that includes the insurance as well. Unless it’s a severely complicated case, you’ll hold no liabilities for the damages out in the waters.

The insurance covers both you and the boat, should anything untoward happen. The original insurance can settle for up to $2M with another $1M for additional casualties. There are a few deductibles here and there worth $2500 too.

Drawbacks of Freedom Boat Club

Considering all the benefits, there are a few drawbacks of Freedom Boat Club too. Here are the cons given below.

  • The cost to become a member of this is really high for some people. With the initiation fee, one has to pay at least $200 a month.
  • Mandatory training before riding a boat may annoy some people at times. People become excited about riding a boat but they can do it only when approved by the experts.
  • Due to high demand, not every location has every type of boat available all the time. This may make some members wait at times.

So, these are the drawbacks of Freedom Boat Club.

Freedom Boat Clubs: Limitations

The only limitation with FBC is that you have to pay for your own fuel. FBC will not reimburse you for the amount of fuel you expend on your outings.

But don’t worry. It’s not like you have to bring your own fuel from home. The employees at the marina docks will help with loading the fuel and unloading the gear upon coming back.

As for the fuel charge itself, there’s a fuel meter attached with every FBC boat. It takes into account the precise amount of expensed fuel during the outing. That means, you only have to pay for the calculated amount and not the whole tank. Even in limitations, FBC sure does know how to not create any unnecessary hassles.

Do The Freedom Boat Club Rates Live Up To Expectations In Terms Of Safety Concerns?

With the exemplary freedom boat club cost comes their utmost concern for proper security. We’ve already talked about their immaculate insurance policy and safety training. Now, let’s elaborate a little bit more on these training to see if they live up to the expectations.

As mentioned above, the training is meticulously conducted by the US Coast Guard representatives. The seminars/training sessions cover the following things –

FBC Guidelines: Overview

FBC has a set of its own rules and regulations, even for the members. The captains go over these regulations right away. You’ll know all about the damage concerns and when insurance would kick in. But most importantly, you’ll know how to best stay away from such messy situations. They’ll also go over the regular club rules regarding behavioral issues and such.

Theoretical Concepts

When you’re out in the waters, you’ll need crazy navigation skills to make it back to the shores. The captains will go over the theoretical concepts visualizing open water navigation, close quarter navigation, etc.

Practical Training

Once you feel knowledgeable enough about the theoretical concepts, you can then start the practical training. This part right here will help you to become an experienced boater.

The captains will show you how to navigate practically via both the open water and close quarter strategies. They’ll go over the general boating guidelines and wheeling strategies in turbulent weather.

Furthermore, you’ll learn a lot about the appropriate docking strategies so you don’t damage nearby boats while entering the marina. All in all, it’s safe to say that the safety training will exceed your expectations by miles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is the entry fee for Freedom Boat Clubs?

While the rates often fluctuate due to economical gradients, the entry fee for Freedom Boat Club is set at $5000. You can access all the different facilities and privileges the club has to offer by paying this one-time entry fee.

Q: Does the rate of Freedom Boat Clubs fluctuate?

The freedom boat club rates do fluctuate a lot depending on geographical positioning, region popularity, market surges, etc. The changes in pricing are, however, hardly that much different.

Q: Depending on the area, can members get better deals?

Members can surely avail loads of discounts and promotional offers depending on the area. FBC often promotes different locations by launching different collaborations and campaigns. And these usually happen around the primary tourist attractions.
The regular upsurge in pricing is balanced out by all the different promotional discounts oftentimes. Thus, it’s entirely possible to strategically avail better deals from the club.

Q: Is it possible to avail of the special membership plans like weekend-only getaways without getting a membership?

Unfortunately, if you want to avail yourself of the special membership plans, you have to sign up for the appropriate membership packages. Especially, facilities like weekend-only getaways are locked behind layers of package privileges.

Q: How to figure out the exact estimate for certain plans at the Freedom Boat Clubs?

The best way to determine an accurate estimate is to ask the membership executive directly. Since the fluctuations affect the pricing regularly, they’re the only executives with updated knowledge. They can also inform you ab

Q: Are there any sharing options available for membership plans at Freedom Boat Clubs?

So far, since FBC maintains a private fleet, there are no such sharing facilities available for any of the members. The members can, however, bring anyone of their choosing onboard to travel with them. Whether it’s their family or friends, it doesn’t matter. It’s only incumbent that the person with the membership himself be present amongst them as well

Q: How many boats can you have access to at any given time with a membership?

With a membership, you can access any boat at any given time, considering there aren’t any peculiar reservations in advance. It’s the highest privilege of being a member of the boat club.

Q: How long does the cancellation policy usually take to get processed?

It usually takes close to three months or so for the completion of the cancellation policy proceedings. You’ll need to keep paying your monthly membership charges meanwhile.

Q: Do Freedom Boat Club offer insurance coverage for their boats?

Yes, FBC offers insurance worth $1M in terms of Watercraft liability, extending up to one additional person. The coverage can also protect you from the qualms of third-party claims unless it’s a specially complicated case.

The original insurance policy itself goes for 2 million dollars alongside the $2500 deductible caused by additional privileges. Like the usual fees and costs, this amount also varies heavily depending on location and other casualties.

Q: How many days in advance will you need to inform the authorities regarding your cancellation of the boat club membership?

It’s polite to let them know weeks in advance since the cancellation procedure itself takes around three months. Even if it’s a sudden cancellation, the duration of the proceeding is most likely not going to speed up.

Q: Can you cancel reservations made during the sliding windows period at boat clubs?

The sliding windows period is already a very tight period where there’s a scope of many last-minute discounts and offers. As such, to prevent losses, Freedom Boat Club members aren’t allowed to cancel reservations during this time.

Q: What sort of boats will you get access to with the Freedom Boat Clubs?

Freedom Boat Clubs maintain thousands of different boats and watercraft. From bowriders to cruise ships to flatboats, you’ll get access to any sort of watercraft you’re looking for.

The range, however, depends highly upon the in-house needs and overall trajectories. For an accurate estimate of the boat types and availability, check out the official website.

Q: What’s the one-time signup/enrollment fee at the Freedom Boat Clubs?

According to a few sources, the enrollment fee can be anywhere from $3000 to a whopping $10,500 depending on the region’s popularity. Generally, $5000 is taken as the standard figure in most clubs with average privileges.

Q: Is getting a membership at the Freedom Boat Clubs that expensive?

It’s definitely not as expensive as some of the other well-known clubs, that’s for sure. Membership plans pay off in the long run. If you’re only going away for the weekends, you can settle for the $200/month plans. Again, if you want to travel during the weekdays as well, you can get suitable plans for under 400 bucks.

Q: How far ahead can you make reservations with a membership at Freedom Boat Clubs?

According to the FAQ board on the official site, the members of FBC can make guaranteed reservations up to six months in advance. Provided that they’re still members of the given club by the time they wish to pursue the reservation.

Q: Other than the fuel charge, are there any additional costs?

Not really. Except for the fuel charge, FBC takes care of all the storage, maintenance, docking, license, repair, cleaning, etc. costs.

Q: Do I have a limit on the number of outings with the proper membership plans?

You’ll get to avail yourself of unlimited outings once you become a member of the esteemed FBC. There’s no limit on the number of outings since you’ll be paying for the fuel charge anyway.

You’ll need to make sure you have signed up for the appropriate plans though. For instance – you can’t show up to take a boat on weekdays if you’re a member of the weekend-only plans.

Q: Do you have to be over 21 to access the membership plans at Freedom Boat Clubs?

Yes, there’s an age restriction on the eligibility criteria for FBC membership plans. People under 21 can’t so far access the plans directly or pay for them. They can, however, accompany any adult on the trips, if they want to.

Q: Exactly how much fuel will the members get charged for during their outings?

Since the members pay for their own fuel, ideally there aren’t any restrictions on the amount. You can directly purchase the fuel at any marina if you’re out of gas. Also, you can contact the management executive to clear up any confusion regarding the consumption.

Q: If I have a membership, can I boat anywhere i.e. in any possible FBC location?

Well, you can surely boat at any of the FBC locations with a membership. And not just within the USA, you can go for outings in France and Canada as well. You’ll, however, need to apply for reciprocal membership in advance to unlock this specific privilege.

Final Verdict

Freedom Boat Club is currently the oldest and one of the largest marine franchisors in all of the United States. The club owns more than 2000 boats and has branches all over the USA, Europe, and Canada. As such, it’s only fair that the freedom boat club cost should precede their reputation in the watercraft arena.

Even now, many clients/potential members have this misconception that being in such clubs is a waste of money. While in reality, this conception couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a leisure club for leisurely activities, to freshen everyone up from their usual drama.

So, if that’s the case, any amount of money that you can afford to spend behind such happiness, cannot go to waste. But enough about the philosophical aspect of the enjoyment. Even if we were to think from a practical POV, FBC is more than worth the hype. Buying a boat in this economy will surely cost you at least more than fifteen thousand bucks. And that’s the amount after disregarding the subsequent deflation.

The initial purchasing cost plus the storage and maintenance costs add up to quite a fortune. Hence, unless you’re very rich and capable of owning a part of the marina, owning boats can’t be very practical. It’s much easier to let a third-party organizer like FBC control everything, while you use the time to enjoy yourself.

The answer to ‘how much is freedom boat club’ may range anywhere from $3000 to $10000 a year. But once you weigh the pros and cons against each other, you’ll find that they’re worth every penny. So, stop worrying about spending so much on one place and start to live your life. Contact the management executive and get the best possible deals for yourself and your family.

You’ll soon enough find that it’s one of the greatest investments you’ve ever made. You will get access to so many amazing privileges for just under 200-300 bucks a month. So, just get out on the water and let FBC take care of all the annoying arrangements. Let go of all anxieties and live every day to your fullest.

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