Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair | Which One Should Go With | Updated (2020)

You could be in a confusing situation whether you go with an office chair or gaming chair when you desired to buy one to work with your desk. When it comes to the debate of gaming chair vs office chair, it’s a much question. It especially happens if you already know that a gaming chair is extremely expensive.

First off, you have to know about the different features of both chairs when they come to the debate. Thus, you’ll find gaming chairs nice to look in design and comfortable as well. Besides, office chairs are designed for comfort first other than good looking.

However, these two comparisons are not universal for constantly. To find out the right decision about them, you should go to a bit deeper. That’s why we’re here with this content to make you understand which one is the most perfect among gaming and office chairs.

Design Difference Between Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair

The first thing you should not forget that the taste of design and all other things of both chairs may vary from one person to another. But, you’ll find some genuinely unique design office chairs. Also, some people think that gaming chairs should be a much sturdier and flashy model.

However, the opposite side is also true. Many gamers love to get racing-style and cool looking gaming chairs. As a result, they sell in the market like crazy. So, it’s better to speak that it’s not common to get the gaming chairs nice-looking and design than office chairs.

This is because the opinion varies on different persons that we have talked about earlier. That means when you compare them in terms of design, both of them are going to the same way of choice.

Comfortability Difference Between Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair

Many people think something different than reality. For example, this is the area where gaming chairs get knocked because they’re less comfortable than office chairs. But, many people have experienced something different with a large number of sitting on the gaming.

Also, they have found that some gaming chairs are more comfortable than many mid-level office chairs. Indeed, the issue arises when they compare a standard gaming chair with a high-end office chair. For this reason, some people will discourage you to buy a gaming chair as they know a part of the complete truth.

But, when we compare them on average and price, we found the office chairs are typically more comfortable than the similar levels of gaming chairs. However, it varies in lower price tags. That means if both of them are lower in prices then the office chairs will win.

Personalization Feature of Gaming and Office Chair

It involves that all people have their taste and preferences in terms of personalizing chairs. Such as, just look at the review of the “Herman Miller Aeron” gaming chair on Amazon. You’ll find so many negative reviews out there. This is the same for the office chairs that are high-end as well.

We have found some reviews and people have said that they have found the gaming chair very comfortable. It means that the issue is widely going with your personal preferences that differ from one person to another. So, it’s you who just can identify which one is perfect for you on account of comfort and design.

Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair Costs Difference

Usually, the costs of gaming chairs are higher than office chairs on average. But, here is also coming again the matter of personalization. So, it’s tough to say that gaming chairs are always costlier than high-quality office chairs.

For example, a gaming chair with a higher echelon will cost $800. And you’ll find a large number of common gaming chairs within $300 to $500 in the market. At the same time, an office chair of higher-quality will cost you around $1,500. The amount is somewhat double to triple than a gaming chair.

As a result, when it differs just $150 for office chairs, you’ll get some viable options with more durability. But, the gaming chairs that differ just $150 that will very low in quality to use. So, premium gaming chairs will cost some folds higher than the standard ones.  

Adjustability Function of Gaming & Office Chair

The functionality of height adjustability and rocking come with the most types of office chairs. But, gaming chairs avail you different expandable adjustability with their 2D and 3D armrests. Also, there is angular adjustability with their reclining feature which is up to 135°. Even some of them recline about 180°.

Its 100° – 110° that’s the perfect recline for the gaming chairs. When you get a recline of 135°, it’s the most relaxing way to watch videos or read a book. Also, this is the best for somber napping. So, if you use the common office chairs, they can make your back pain with long-time use. 

Style of Adjustment Options

The adjustability options are the last things that you should consider before choosing a gaming chair. There are different types of adjustment features like height adjustment, armrest adjustment, base tilt adjustment, and backrest adjustment. You’ll find these four basic adjustment features with the gaming chairs.

These adjustment features are not a clear winner in the debate of gaming and office chair that a specific style provides you more adjustability. But, one thing is clear that gaming chairs are usually more adjustable than office chairs.

It’s simply because most of the gaming chairs have the feature of recline, which is rare to the office chairs. Even if you buy a cheaper gaming chair, you’ll find it comes with the recline features.  

Final Verdict

You can be disappointed if you desire to get the exact answer on what type of chair is more preferable for you. Because when we compare gaming chair vs office chair, we found one side is losing and another part is winning. It means that none of them are completely winner in terms of different features.

But, we suggest that gaming chairs, as well as office chairs, are specifically designed for different kinds of users. So, if you’re a tough gamer, get a gaming chair that has a lot of good reviews. Besides, if you don’t care about the features, you can select an office chair.

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