How Much does a Hanging Muffler Repair Cost?

A muffler is a crucial part of a vehicle and it’s required by the law to have it. The muffler’s job is to keep the noise to a minimum, which is caused by the exhaust. So, when you notice a hanging muffler, you should get it fixed right away.

That brings me to the hanging muffler repair cost. This article emphasizes the costs related to a damaged muffler. So, let’s get to it.

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Hanging Muffler Repair Cost Breakdown

In general, a muffler repair can cost you anywhere between $30 and $500. If your muffler needs small fixes, it won’t cost much. However, if it’s bad enough that requires replacement, then you should be ready to spend a good amount of money.

Minor fixes include welding the muffler, fixing broken clamps, etc. Welding the muffler back to its place is one solution when the unit is working fine but has gotten a bit loose.

Let’s take a look at the table below to understand different parts of the cost to tighten a loose muffler.

Muffler$60 to $120
Hangers, Silencers, Gaskets$20
Labor Cost$80 to $100
Total Cost$160 to $240

Exhaust Pipe Replacement Cost

If your muffler isn’t at fault, there’s a chance that the exhaust pipe is faulty. If you need to replace an exhaust pipe, it can cost you anywhere from $800 to $900. This cost can be divided into two parts.

The cost of labor is somewhere between $80 and $100. On the other hand, you may have to pay around $700 for the parts.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Repairing Mufflers

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Repairing Mufflers

You must be thinking about why the cost difference is so vast. That’s where the factors affecting the muffler repair cost come in. I’m describing a few reasons that can influence the total cost.

Vehicle Type

As you can guess, different models will require different approaches. And this isn’t only limited to the hanging muffler replacement cost but also affects the repairing cost. Not all vehicles are easy to fix, regardless of the degree of damage.

So, your vehicle type will have an impact on the money you will have to pay for repairing or replacing a muffler. 

Repair Type

The next reason is the degree to which your muffler is damaged. If the muffler is permanently damaged and needs replacing, it will cost a lot. In comparison, if the muffler is functioning just right but needs some minor fixes, you can get off the hook in a few bucks.

Minor fixes like welding the muffler back to the place will be around $50 give or take. If you’re replacing the muffler, you have to include that along with increasing the labor cost. So, the price goes way up than minor fixes.

Labor Cost

Now, this aspect vastly varies, depending on where you live. The labor cost differs from area to area, so there isn’t any fixed amount. In fact, the cost can vary from mechanic to mechanic in the same area.

So, if you want to get the best price, make sure to check around a bit before getting the service.

7 Symptoms Of A Bad Muffler

There are multiple symptoms that you can keep an eye out for to determine whether a muffler has gone bad or not. I’ve included a few of them below.

Exhaust System Noise

As you know, the primary job of a muffler is to reduce the noise your exhaust system makes. So, if the muffler is faulty, there can be strange noises. One surprising thing about a faulty muffler is that some people find the sound soothing.

If you notice any strange sounds, you should check whether the muffler is functioning properly or not.

Moisture Buildup

A muffler that’s on the verge of getting damaged will have moisture building up inside of its chamber. It can lead to more dangerous consequences, finally resulting in breaking the muffler.

The moisture also affects the muffler’s surface. So, if you notice any abnormalities, you should get that checked out. Because if you can identify the damage before it gets too bad, you won’t have to pay much money.

Harmful Smoke

Another thing you will notice is the emission of harmful smoke. A faulty exhaust system can release toxic gases like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. These gases are extremely toxic to the environment.

So, if you notice excessive smoke that’s not supposed to be coming out of your vehicle, you should check the exhaust system.

Reduced Performance

One of the major symptoms of a failed exhaust system is engine failure. You will frequently experience engine failures if your exhaust system is compromised.

Bad Odors

If you’re smelling bad odors in your car even after cleaning, you can suspect that there’s an issue with your muffler. It’s better to visit a mechanic to get the muffler checked before the problem increases.

Engine Misfire

When the fuel and air aren’t mixed sufficiently, your engine can fail. It’s a sign of a faulty muffler. A damaged exhaust system can cause your vehicle to deliver poor performance. So, don’t be late to visit a mechanic.

Slow Acceleration

If the acceleration isn’t working as it’s supposed to be when the brakes are engaged, you should check for leaks. Leaks in any part of the exhaust system, including the muffler can cause this malfunction.

How To Replace A Muffler? (Step By Step Guide)

The good news is, that you can reduce the cost if your muffler needs replacing. It’s not a complex job to do so you can cross off the labor cost from your list. Besides, if you’re buying an aftermarket muffler, you can also get a discounted price.

So, let’s see how you can replace a muffler all by yourself.

Step 1: Choose An Appropriate Place

You need to be somewhere you can work without interruption. In addition, the surface should also be even. Once you’ve parked the car in a working area, disconnect the battery.

Step 2: Prepare Your Car

The next step is to place your car on a jack stand. It allows you to slide under the car and work with the muffler at ease. Locate the clamps on your muffler and spray fluid on them.

Step 3: Remove The Muffler

Now, take a socket wrench to loosen the nuts. These nuts hold the clamps. Once all the nuts are loosened, you can separate your exhaust from the muffler. Don’t forget to remove the muffler hangers from the rubber mounts.


Step 4: Install The New Muffler

Once the old one is out, install the new muffler’s hangers in the rubber mounts. Then, place the muffler and use the reverse way of removing the muffler. Make sure that the muffler fits and then tighten the nuts to secure it in place.

Step 5: Check If It Works

Reconnect your battery to the car and start the engine. Make sure everything is working fine. Look for any leaks in the exhaust system.

Save Money On Repair

So, is there any way you can reduce the cost of repairing a muffler? Luckily, there is. Take a look at the options below.

  • If your car is rather new, check for a warranty. Most new cars come with a warranty for mufflers. If you’re lucky, you can repair it for free. However, if you try to repair it from anywhere else, the warranty won’t work anymore. So, make sure you check the warranty policy before visiting a shop.
  • You can check for discounts or coupons online from different service providers. If any mechanical shop is offering a discount in your area, take advantage of the opportunity.
  • You can also repair the muffler yourself, especially if it needs replacing. However, if you are not confident about it, don’t go through with it.
  • Visit a few shops around your area before getting it fixed. You may get a better deal in one shop compared to others. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive without a muffler?

Your car can operate without a muffler. However, you’re legally required to have a muffler in your car. So, no. You cannot drive without a muffler.

Can I replace my own Hanging muffler?

Yes, it’s possible to replace a hanging muffler by yourself. I’ve included a how-to instruction in this article for you.

What does a Hanging muffler sound like?

The sound can vary from vehicle to vehicle. However, you can expect an excessive rattling sound coming from your car if the muffler is loose.

How Long Do Mufflers Last?

In most vehicles, a muffler will last about 5 to 7 years. An aftermarket muffler, on the other hand, will last about 2 to 3 years.

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Final Verdict

That’s everything you need to know about hanging muffler repair costs. If you’re still unsure about what to do about your hanging muffler, you can always ask a mechanic about how much it costs to repair a hanging muffler. If the cost is out of your budget, you can consider cheaper options or try to repair it yourself.

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