Herman Miller Setu Chair Review

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If you’re familiar with working from home, you know how painstaking it can be to sit at your desk for hours on end.

But, did you know that every desk chair isn’t built for that extensive use? One wrong move and you can end up with chronic back pain that will take years to recover from.

Although there is an abundance of fancy ergonomic chairs on the market, very few come with a reasonable price. One of these rare finds is the Herman Miller Setu chair.

Herein, in the following Herman Miller Setu chair review, we’ll do a deep dive on why this chair’s so well-liked so you can determine if it’s actually worth all the hype.

This chair has been garnering a lot of praise among at-home workers and has skyrocketed in popularity since the pandemic drove more people to work from home.

Our research team, who also regularly spend their time working at their desks for endless hours, have looked into all the specifics and tested it out over the course of a few weeks, so all our info is based on our experience with the product.

Herman Miller Setu:  How It Livens up Any Home Office?

Herman Miller Setu Chair Review

During our trial with this chair, we focused on a number of factors that ensured the user’s comfort, usability, and safety.

Our research team has put the most stress on the adjustability, mobility, comfort, space, long-term effect, support, and durability of the chair. This way, you can weigh the pros and cons yourself in your own opinion.

So, here are all the things we’ve liked (and a few we disliked) about the Herman Miller Setu home office chair

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No one likes squeaky chairs, and it’s quite hard to find one nowadays that supports the weight of all types of bodies. The Setu is one of these rare finds, as it easily holds up people of up to 230 pounds of body mass without making noise or faltering in mobility.

The chair itself is pretty hefty, with an item weight of 18 pounds. While this may seem like an inconvenience to some, it’s actually good to have a chair that carries more weight for a person on the heavier side. With a bulkier chair, you can expect it to provide consistent support without giving in —as most lightweight chairs do.


What’s good in a chair if it doesn’t fulfill the basic criteria of comfiness? Research shows that people who work desk jobs have heightened focus and motivation when they’re sitting comfortably, rather than the ones who sit on hard and rickety chairs.

Herman Miller has taken this into consideration with the Setu and made it one of the comfiest office chairs to work on. Both its backrest and seat are made of a breathable Lyris elastomer fabric which distributes your body mass so that you can sit for long hours without feeling any aches or strains.

Due to this innovative material, this chair has received a flurry of compliments from everyone that has used it.


Coming in hand to hand with comfort and support is space. This is a very commonly overlooked factor when looking for a desk chair. Most people just find whatever chair fits their office and go with it but never consider their own comfort.

That is why the Setu is structured to accommodate all body shapes while also blending to any office place. The chair has total product dimensions of 17.25” x 25” x 38”, total height dimensions of 37.1” – 38.3”, and a seat height of 15.5”-20” that are all adjustable to provide enough space for any user.

The ribbon armrests also are spaced apart to allow room to move around, with no borders at the hips to allow for more comfort for bigger users.

Another convenient feature is the curved edges, which allow you to rest your legs and not keep them bent as other chairs do. Because of this, you have enough room to lift your feet up onto your seat if you like.


The Setu features 5 versatile 2.5 inch casters that can smoothly move across many textured surfaces, whether it be carpeted floors, ceramic tile, wood, vinyl tile, and more. It’s able to do this with its black nylon material that’s not only highly durable but is lined with a soft tread.

While most chair casters lack tread and are completely smooth, the Setu has 5 softly treaded casters that make it ideal for hard floors. With the tread linings, the casters have better traction and swift movement without any abruptions while also reducing noise significantly.

It’s very easy to move around in the Setu without worrying about bumping into things suddenly. So, if you dash about your office often, this is definitely a great advantage.


The feature we liked the most about the Setuwas its adjustability. Herman Miller exceptionally takes into consideration the variety between users and their differences towards comfort and usability.

You can adjust anything from the seat height and total height to the space between the ribbon armrests according to your comfort. This allows any user, no matter their body type, to easily sit for long hours without the worry of putting stress on their muscles and bones.

Long Term Effect

One of the worst things about choosing the wrong office chair is to deal with the setbacks to your health after using it for prolonged periods. Everything from chronic back pain and reduced blood circulation to insomnia and poor posture can result from a weakly structured chair, but the Setu is far from this.

This chair features a unique patented kinematic spine, which supports your back in a way that provides both comfort and posture training. As we’ve mentioned, it also has adjustability features that can be used to reduce muscle/backaches as well.

With the Setu, you never have to worry about potentially putting your body and health at risk as it works to help you improve posture as you work.


The last thing you want to have is a desk chair that needs to be replaced every few months or so. A good office chair should keep up for years, which is exactly how the Setu is built to fulfill.

Aside from Herman Miller’s 12 year performance promise, the Setu in and of itself shows resistance to faltering. This chair is built from durable materials from top to bottom, including its casters, seat fabric, and metal structure. Due to this, you can expect at least a decade’s worth of consistent and excellent performance.


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a good looking desk chair. In fact, Herman Miller seems to think so, too, as they made the Setu look incredibly sleek and effortlessly stylish.

The unique Graphite frame/lyris color, along with the chrome metal structure, makes the chair able to fit into any office despite its decor or color scheme. It’s both minimalistic and modern, which forms a clean aesthetic that suits the tastes of any user.

Extra Features

  • Ergonomic Style

Although Herman Miller doesn’t outright admit it, we see no difference between this chair and the ergonomic styled one, which is a hidden surprise.

  • Breathable Fabric

With the Setu’s breathable Lyris material on the seat and backrest, airflow is increased, which allows for more comfort.

  • Recycled Material

If you’re environmentally conscious, you’ll be thrilled to know that the Setu is made of fully recycled materials.

  • Perfect Size

Neither too big nor too small, the Setu is tiny office friendly and does not take up a lot of room.


  • Supports weight of all body types without making noise or losing mobility
  • Breathable Lyris elastomer fabric distributes body mass and provides comfort
  • Spacious seat and adjustable armrests allow room for moving around
  • Smoothly moves across many textured surfaces
  • Fully adjustable, can be made comfortable for any user according to their preference
  • Supports back in a way that provides both comfort and posture training
  • At least a decade’s worth of consistent and excellent performance


  • No cushioning on the seat
  • Heavy (to carry)


We spend a lot of time sitting down to work more than you think, which is why a good office chair is vital. Hopefully, this Herman Miller Setu review served as proof that there is a solution to that back pain you never thought you could get rid of. Now that we’ve gone through all our opinions on this chair, it’s time to form your own. Do you think it deserves a place in your workplace? Is it better than the other office chairs? These are just a few things you can only find out if you try out the Setu for yourself.

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