Homall Gaming Chair Review | Updated (2020)

If you use a chair regularly and for many hours every day, you should have a very comfortable one. Also, it should not be making your body as stiff as aching. In these issues, you should strongly consider buying a good quality gaming chair.

But, when you’ll peep on the web, you’ll find millions of different chairs. Also, they claim as the best and comfortable all the ways that can make you confused to choose the right one. No worries because we’re here with a recommendation and you can trust it.

Whatever the case may be, the Homall gaming chair has been impressed us widely. The chair comes with some exclusive features that are rare to find on many other models. So, throughout this Homall gaming chair review, we’ll learn more about the features that will make an impact on you as well.

Homall Gaming Chair Review

Overview of homall gaming chair & Unique Features Reviewed

Among the impressive features, this gaming chair will perfectly fit in the most gaming room and office designs. It’s because the chair was equipped with the upholstery of the carbon-made fiber along with sophisticated and powerful PU leather.

So, this is the best option for you if you appreciate it; despite not being a gamer. Coming to the adjustability and you’ll find the chair safe with many more handy features. Even if you compare with some expensive models, you’ll find it more flexible and useful.


No doubt this chair is extremely comfortable except one issue that has a lack of flexible armrest. But, it doesn’t matter because of its some other plus points when it comes to comfort. This chair is designed with ergonomics and orthopedics in mind.

So, it comes with extra support to your problematic spine and helps you to drop off the discomfort levels. Coming with lumbar cushion, high back, and headrest pillow, the chair has become a very suitable option for you.

It’s a very selective option especially for those who use a chair for hours for gaming or enjoyment sessions. Also, the Homall gaming chair has a backrest angle, which is completely adjustable.

It allows you locking and reclining 90-180 degrees and provides you an exact tilt that you need. These all make your gaming experience more comfortable without many any issue on your physical condition.


Homall Gaming Chair

Due to its ergonomic design, it looks extraordinary like standard and latest gaming chair. But, the manufacturer has made the chair with high-quality materials. As a result, it’s much tough and better to look at than many other expensive models.

Besides, the design has gone some levels higher with its PU leather that makes it higher in quality and design too. As the chair is 23-inch width and 31-inch height, it’s fit for the most sizes of people. Also, it was designed to make larger for more space when it comes to tall persons.

Built Quality Of Homall Gaming Chair

The weight is one of the deciding factors of the great quality gaming chair. If you compare with the weight of the cheaper ones and the expensive one, they’ll come with a weight of 13 to 18kg. The lower higher weights depend on the difference between the made materials.

For example, if a gaming chair has built with a strong steel frame and heavy leather, it simply will be heavier. Thus, when you check the Homall gaming chair, you’ll find it 40-50 lbs of weight. This chair has wrapped with the foam of higher density that has made it thicker plus comfortable.

The Homall is the right combination of foam of higher density and PU leather has made it pretty comfortable. Particularly it’s very suitable for the persons who work for hours and the gamers who play for an unlimited time.

Homall Gaming Chairs Durability

If we talk about the durability of the Homall gaming chair, here also PU soft leather works greatly. It’s because you can move the chair your both hand sides extensively. But, there are some models with PU leather, but non-flexible foam that are considerably less durable.

As it features a 1.8mm thickness of its steel-made frame, it’s as sturdy as durable and stable. So, if you choose Homall, you’ll be definitely a winner.

Strong Material Support

Usually, the gamers have the fear of bending their chairs’ frame, which is a very common issue that they often encounter. Also, the users of some gaming chairs are always at risk of bending their frames on their own.

This is also another common problem with many ordinary, but pricey models. However, the Homall comes with plenty and strong material support and it can accommodate a weight up to 136kg.

Wheel Support

Homall is one of the great and unique gaming chairs that you didn’t try ever. While using this gaming chair, it’ll not leave dirty stains on your surface. Besides, it works on wheels support that is not flimsy.

You’ll find these wheels not just elegant, they have designed and made with tough build and resilient. Apart from this, you don’t need to spend time cleaning its wheel because they’re stain-free and scratch-resistant.


This is another unique feature of the Homall that allows you reclining up to 360-degree of rotation. As a result, this is the most perfect gaming chair for you if you love to spin around while gaming. Besides, you also can keep it locked in a fixed position when you don’t need to move.


At the end of the Homall gaming chair review, we must say that this is the best solution at an affordable cost out there. Despite being comparatively cheap, you’ll not feel or look it cheap in any way.

Another best thing about this gaming chair is that even critical folks are agreed that Homall comes with the impressively best build quality. So, buying this gaming chair will be one of your best investments so far.  

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