How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Honda Civic in 2024

To protect your favorite Honda Civic from dings and dents, car wrapping can be a top-notch solution you can think about. But the cost to wrap a Honda Civic never comes in the same price range. It depends on the quality, design, color, and type of vinyl wrap for the cars you choose.

How much does it cost to wrap a Honda Civic? The assumed cost is between $1500 and $3000; on average, the cost can be between $2500 to $3000. However, the price range varies depending on the type of wrap you use. If you pick high-quality wrapping, it can even cost up to $6000 or more.

So, the deal isn’t that cheap. Yet, you can cut down the cost if you conduct in-depth research. In this case, my overview of Honda Civic wrapping can be your best guide in 2023.

Cost to Wrap a Honda Civic

What is Car Wrapping?

When your car exterior looks old or faded, it requires a new paint spray, which seems costly. Therefore, many car owners prefer wrapping up their cars with exciting themes and designs as it offers less money to spend than painting. It’s a great way to spice up the vehicle’s appearance too.

Car wrapping involves a covering with a vinyl film made of PVC polymer and other additives. Since the Honda Civic vinyl wrap film comes with a simple matte finish and gloss to the vehicle’s body surface, it adjusts easily with any color and design you pick.

Additionally, the removal process of car wraps is the most relaxing part, in my opinion. You can always remove the wrapping and return it to your vehicle’s original finish when you no longer need or like it.

How Does Car Wrap Work?

Wrapping your vehicle involves adding a superficial layer to its body surface that protects it from light denting, chipping, and harmful UV rays. Besides, the original finish will remain the same as at the beginning.

The car wrap offers vinyl graphic layers with metallic or classic paint, which acts as an additional protective sheet or coating to save your vehicle’s exterior surface.

Installing car wraps on your premium Honda Civic’s body surface will ensure stress-free driving in harsh weather. How tactfully it saves the car paint and the surface from unexpected damage is undoubtedly worthwhile.

The vinyl coat is customizable and fit to use for a wide range of applications, for instance-

  • Adding a protective coating
  • Changing the vehicle’s appearance to get a brand-new look
  • Business promoting/ product advertisement

Is wrapping a Honda Civic worth it?

One of the best reasons to wrap your Honda Civic is because it has a vinyl film that comes with self-healing technology, which can prevent small scratches and be considered an effective safeguard.

When it’s time to clean your vehicle, the glossy finish offers a smooth base allowing you to clean your Civic exterior easily.

Some companies offer their wraps for Honda Civic with years of warranty which adds an extra advantage. As a result, you can keep your vehicle in constant mint condition.

Types of Wraps of Honda Civic

Although there are many different kinds of automobile wraps on the market, not all of them are necessary to know about when you make the purchase. Here are the 5 most popular varieties with an emphasis on their intended use:

1.  Partial Wrap

Partial wrap or Half wrap is used when you don’t need to wrap your entire vehicle surface. If you have a low budget and want to protect your Honda Civic’s surface, partial vinyl wrap is a perfect match in that case. It can also be a good option for advertising or branding purposes. Many brands use this wrap to add logos or branding messages, as it provides more flexibility in terms of placement.

2.  Full Wrap

A full wrap is required when you want to protect your vehicle’s entire body, including the bumper, hood, doors, and bonnet. It can even cover the windows of your car without interrupting visibility. Although it costs more than partial wrap, the level of protection it can provide to your vehicle is unparalleled.

3.  Advertising Wrap or commercial wrap

When it comes to promoting your brand, product, or service, advertising wrap can be a great choice that you can consider. You can advertise your products year-round with only a one-time investment. It provides customizable design and spatial flexibility; thus, you can use this wrap however you want.

4.  Glossy Wrap

If you want to resemble the original vehicle paintwork, choosing the Glossy wrap will be your right decision. It offers various colors and metallic flakes to enhance flexibility and let you easily wash your vehicle’s surface. 

5.  Accent Wrap

Accent Wrap functions best to cover only a small portion of your car body, for instance, trim pieces, grille, and spoilers. It’s the perfect fit to make your Honda Civic look attractive and give it a unique look.

How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Honda Civic?

You already know that the vinyl wrap cost varies depending on different factors, such as the size of your Honda Civic, its complexity, color, and the design you choose. Besides, if you want a high-quality and long-lasting wrap, you have to pay a high amount. Again, the cost of a vinyl wrap sheet will determine the overall cost of the wrapping process.

●     Average Cost of Honda Civic Wrapping

The cost to wrap your Honda Civic depends primarily on your chosen film. Depending on your required specifications, its price can be more or less. However, the average cost of Honda Civic wrapping ranges from $2500 to $3000. But this cost can be huge if you want to use any additional artwork.

●     Cost Based on the Amount of Wrap You Need

The cost of wrapping Honda Civic also depends on the amount of wrapping you need. You need to have a clear idea about how much wrapping you need for your car. Measuring the appropriate amount of vinyl will prevent you from spending extra money unnecessarily.

Check out your Honda Civic’s model to determine the right amount of wrapping paper you need because not all the models require the same amount of wrapping. Take for example-

  • A 2-door Sedan Model requires around 14.7 yards of wrapping
  • An 8G model requires around 15 yards of wrapping.
  • A 9G Honda Civic sedan Model requires around 14.7 yards of wrapping

How Long Will It Take to Wrap Your Honda Civic?

If you wrap the vehicle yourself, it will take longer than the expected wrapping time as it’s not your regular job. Also, the full wrapping process usually takes longer than the partial or accent wrapping type.

So, the total time length can be between 7 to 10 days considering the car exterior’s cleaning, detailing, wrapping type, and letting the adhesive dry. On the other hand, getting a professional’s touch on your entire wrapping process will take 5 days max, which will make it last for more than 7 or even 10 years.

Also, the longevity depends on how you maintain the wrap. A well-kept car wrapping delivers an extended service life.

The lifetime of the wrap is also influenced by its quality. While the more expensive, higher-quality wrap will cost more, it will offer better protection and last longer.

How to Remove Wrapping from Honda Civic?

Usually, you need to remove the wrapping when it gets lousy scratches, is torn, looks faded, etc. Removing the car wrapping is trouble-free, and you can conduct the entire process comfortably with only three affordable tools.

  1. Vinyl Removal Solvent
  2. Plastic Razor Blade
  3. Heat Gun

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●     Method to Remove

I recommend you take your heat gun and keep heating the vinyl until it seems relaxed. Heating the vinyl will make it softer, and you can easily peel it off. After that, slowly start peeling from a corner and gradually wrap it off. Keep a consistent flow to pull it up all through the process.

You can use a plastic razor blade if it seems tough to peel with your hands. However, you must be careful when using the razor blade because it can potentially scratch your car’s body.

Yet, if you find the adhesive tough to peel, apply some vinyl removal solvent. It will remove the residue easily and let you wrap it off faster. However, It’s best to initially take an expert’s help to get complete knowledge about the process. Once you gain confidence, you can do it on your own later.

How to Maintain the Honda Civic Wrap?

Maintaining only a few steps will help you keep your car’s wrap in a pristine condition and give your car paint lifelong protection. The maintenance process isn’t that tough. Here are some tips:

  • Park the car under the shadow. Placing your vehicle under sunlight for a long time may create bubbles in your vinyl wrap.
  • Clean the vehicle exterior regularly with a nice automotive washing sponge but don’t do it when your car’s surface is hot.
  • Keep your car’s surface free of sharp objects like blades and razors.
  • Avoid using rough scrubbing brushes on the surface.
  • Don’t use strong solvents or anything acidic on your car.

Best Color for Honda Civic Wraps

Vinyl wraps for cars come in a wide range of lucrative colors. But overall, white is considered the most popular color for Honda Civic wrapping. Besides, depending on your wrap type and the type of look you want to give your vehicle, you can choose from ocean blue, charcoal metallic, brown, gold, matte black, satin dark, green, or red.

Picking the wrap with different color combinations will be your best decision, I think if you don’t want to apply any single-color wrap on your Honda Civic.

You can choose from black, brown, or gold for a sophisticated and gorgeous look. I have applied grey on my civic, which gives my car a combination of white and black, and act differently depending on the lights.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping is a great way to personalize your Honda Civic with a unique style. But if it’s your first time wrapping your vehicle, I’d suggest you go through thorough research. Investing a minimum amount of money might bring you an optimal result.

So, How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Honda Civic?

Well, the quality of the vinyl wrap, the size, the complexity of your vehicle, how much area of the surface you are wrapping, and design customization determines the cost of wrapping. For your convenience, this article has described all the factors you need to consider before making a purchase.

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