How Does The Electric Chair Work | Updated (2022)

You’re looking for the answer to the question of ‘how does the electric chair work’. That’s why you’re reading this post. The electric chair uses electric power in a huge amount through a person’s body. There is an electrode attachment on the top of the sitting position that helps the process.

Also, one more electrode is out there on the lower leg side of a person. You’ll find long wires have attached with the electrodes that produce an extremely higher electric current. On the other end, it has a controller that someone can control it with the switch of ON/OFF.

The controlling persons also adjust the quantity of electric power will get the electric chair. The human body is an excellent conductor to pass electricity because it always likes to go. It travels to the head and out the electrode through their leg results in the death of the person on the electric chair.

Types Of Execution In The United States

When it comes to the execution in the United States, the primary means are hanging, electrocution, firing squad, gas chamber, and lethal injection. As the Supreme Court didn’t find any executing method unconstitutional, the state has declared some of them illegal.

It may hold over any judgment by the Supreme Court as the older method. It happens when a large number of people prefer lethal injection as a way of execution.

Because of getting a conflict by drug manufacturers to give drugs in the lethal injections, some states that allow some other methods rather than lethal injection.

The Electric Chair For The Electrocution

If an execution gets done by the electric chair, it’s known as electrocution. As you already know that the process uses some large voltage of higher electricity. Basically, the United States uses the process.

The condemned person sits on a wooden chair that’s specially made. Then the process of electrocuted to the head and legs of the chair. And there is a switch on the other end and someone operates it to control the voltage.

The process was discovered and used in the US respectively in 1881 and 1890. And they used it for many decades to execute some condemned persons.

What Happens When Electrocution Perform

It’s tough to say what exactly happens when a body goes through the process of electrocution using the electric chair. It’s because scientists are not sure how electricity makes death. But, there are some guesses about it.

These include permanent failure of the respiratory centers of the brain and fibrillation of the heart. But, actually, the flesh cooks from the heat in the circuit because of higher amp and lower voltage.

That’s why a well-defined chair causes swelling and charring. At the same time, this type of execution provides the burning smell of hair and skin. And it requires being cool down before carrying out.

Want To Know The Details?

If we discuss in detail, the human heart is a type of muscle. Like some other muscles, it doesn’t move or work if it doesn’t get command from the brain. Some of them require a live command to move like a smaller finger or a smile.

But, other types of muscles, for example, the diaphragm and the heart make the command to get the aromatic signal. When the brain becomes out of order to make a command, these muscles fail to complete the movement or work.

This is the difference when we sleep; we don’t die because our brain works continuously. But, when somehow the brain stops working due to any reason, the entire body becomes useless. It’s the state that we call death in simple words.

What Happens To Our Heart?

For more to make you know there are so many smaller neurotransmitters all around the heart. When the brain sends a signal, it shoots a type of electric charge around its surface. It acts by contracting. Thus various parts of our heart work at a different period.

It seems like a choreography event. It apparently works to keep our blood continuously pumping. If the heart stops pumping blood, the whole body will stop working. This is a type of eventual heatstroke that we know as death.

If someone goes through the process of electrocuting then 2 or 3 things instantly happen that the person’s body loses the power to be living.


This is in short how does the electric chair work. The execution through the electric chair is the process that makes the functionality of the brain. So, most of the muscles become irresponsive.

At the same time, the process affects the heart and it stops pumping the blood forever. This is the situation that we call death in simple words. That means the result of going through the electric chair is nothing but instant death.

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