How Long Does It Take to Renovate a Kitchen in 2023?

The process of renovating a kitchen is definitely a complex and unique one compared to the regular home renovation. You need to put up a lot of elements organized in a small space in such a coordinated way that it doesn’t become a messy gathering.

Kitchen renovation can take weeks to months, depending on several factors related to it. If you want to know how long does it take to renovate a kitchen, there is no specific answer as the renovation process isn’t the same for everyone.

But this article will definitely provide you with an estimated idea about how long the renovation process will take.

Timeline of the Renovation Process

How Long Does It Take to Renovate a Kitchen

Are you are planning to renovate your kitchen but wondering about the timeline of the renovation process? Actually, there is no specific time limit that will work for every type of kitchen. But here are some estimated timelines for kitchen renovations noted from the expertise.

  • For smaller kitchens like the one we have at our house, it will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to renovate. But if you consider the whole process, including planning, design, and setting up appliances; it might take up to 12 weeks total.
  • You have to consider at least 10 weeks for the renovation process if the kitchen is a medium-spaced one. The timeline might increase up to 14 weeks, including the final wrapping.
  • Large kitchen projects like we see in hotels, restaurants, or cruise ships take a huge time to renovate because such a renovation process consists of complex procedures, unique architectural issues, and coordination of a huge number of elements.

Generally, such projects might take 3 to 6 months, even almost a year, to complete.

The Kitchen Renovation Process

Though kitchen renovation is a complex and time-consuming process, some easy steps and procedures can definitely make things a bit easier for you. Let us look through a complete guideline with necessary tips so that the final outcome can make you forget all the hard work you have done behind this.

Step 1 – Planning and Designing

The first task of kitchen renovation is to plan the whole process properly. If you plan the work step-by-step before starting over, nothing will be missed throughout the entire time.

Besides, you can also save time and finish the projects before the deadline if planning goes well because planned tasks take less time than unplanned ones.

In this step, both the carpenters and interior designers can plan together because it creates less possibility of any fault and disruptions. The interior designers should think of a possible model and design for the renovation and work according to that.

Planning can take several days to a couple of weeks because it is a sensitive task that works as base for the renovation.

Step 2 – Demolition

You can’t start the renovation without removing the existing materials of that kitchen. The demolition process should go according to the new renovation plan stated in the previous step. Depending on the number of changes you want to make in the kitchen, the overall demolition period might take few weeks.

Clean the entire space removing all those unnecessary parts as it will be helpful to start the renovations. If your kitchen is medium or large, the demolition process can take several days or even a week.

Step 3 – Bringing the Materials

While planning the entire process, the workers should note down and make a specific list of the necessary materials and other elements needed for the renovation. Contact with specific sources from where you would bring the materials. You can also talk to your contractor about this.

For regular kitchens of any household, you may need tiles, wirings, pipes, cabinets, sinks, lights, and many other things. If you are up to renovating any fancy themed kitchens, it would need some extra lighting, appliances, and decorative items.

Step 4 – Construction and Installation

This is the most time-consuming part of the entire renovation process, including different phrases and sub-steps. Around 70%-80% time of the renovation is based on the construction and installation part.

  • The initial task of construction is to do the walls along with pipework, plumbing, and wiring systems. Wiring has to be done with proper scrutinization and perfection because it will be very tough to fix those once the walls are done.

It will take at least 4-5 days to complete these electric and plumbing setups.

  • If the doors, windows, and flooring is demolished previously, installing them will take a lot of time. Generally, these are installed right after the electric installation, and you might need 1-5 days for the flooring process.

Tiles, hardboard, or wood can be used for the flooring according to your preferences.

  • Water faucets, sink, and cabinets are installed after the flooring. Now, you can add furniture and other electric appliances like the fridge, oven, stoves, and other things you need. It will take almost 1-10 days for completion.

Step 5 – Marking the Checklist

Checking every element and marking the completed steps is necessary after you have installed and constructed all the parts of the newly renovated kitchen. Take the previously made list and mark everything, including the heavy construction, appliances, electric equipment, and water pipes.

All these markings and checking won’t take more than a day. You might also finish the task within a couple of hours only.

Step 6 – Final Touches

Your kitchen is almost ready, and the renovation process will come to an end. Lastly, the workers might put some final touches on the newly installed materials and recheck them if they work properly or not. The renovation process makes a huge mess in the kitchen, and cleaning the whole space might take 1 or 2 days at most.


Timelines of a kitchen renovation process depend on the number of changes to be done, along with the complexity of the whole process. So, how long does it take to renovate a kitchen? Hope this article helped you to have reasonable approximations about the timeframe of the renovation process.

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