How Long Does Poshmark Take To Ship Products?

Getting the exact answer to “how long does Poshmark take to ship?” becomes confusing with loads of customer reviews. No sweat! We’re here to help you with the right number.

On average Poshmark sellers ship the product within 2-3 days, but depending on the situation, the shipment might take up to 7 days. After this period, the buyer can cancel the order and get a full refund. 

Go through this guide to learn more about the shipping time of Poshmark and how you can get your product shipped faster.

How Much Time Does Poshmark Take to Ship Products?

How Long Does Poshmark Take To Ship

Poshmark gives their sellers up to 7 days to ship the products to the buyers. But they encourage shipping the product within 1-3 working days. And they constantly track the shipment. 

If they don’t see the products shipped to the buyer on the 3rd day after ordering, they send an email to the seller as a reminder. 

Plus, Poshmark sends an email to the buyer as well to let them know that a reminder has been sent to the seller.  And if you don’t receive the product after 7 days, Poshmark will give you a full refund. 

However, sometimes the delay in shipment is due to different circumstances that sellers face. Therefore, before canceling the order, it’d be wise to contact the seller.

How Can You Get Your Product Shipped Faster?

How Can You Get Your Product Shipped Faster

Poshmark isn’t like a traditional online store; it’s a platform where people sell. There are various sellers in Poshmark, and the shipping time varies from seller to seller. However, if you want to get your product shipped to you faster, there are two things you can do. 

Find Sellers that Have Quick Shipping Record

Poshmark keeps a record of the shipping time of their sellers, and they let the buyers see that record as well. So what you’re going to do is, enter the Poshmark app and choose a product. 

Then go to the about section of that seller, and you’ll see some stat on top. And there, you’ll also see the average time that sellers take to ship products. 

If you see the average shipping time is quick, you can rely on that seller. Otherwise, find another seller that has a good record. 

Ask the Seller about the Expected Shipping Time 

Once you’ve selected a seller, ask them how much time they’ll need to have the product shipped. So that you’ll have an idea of how long you’d have to wait.

If you need the product sooner than their given time, you can tell the seller about your urgency. Or, you can look for another seller who’d be able to send the product within your time. 

How Poshmark Shipping Works?

Poshmark Shipping Process

Here we’ve shown the shipping process of Poshmark, which should give you an idea about their shipping time.

Shipping label & Box

Once you (the buyer) have ordered something, Poshmark will automatically send a label to the seller with your address on it. Poshmark uses a USPS priority mail shipping label that covers packages up to 5 lbs.

The seller picks up the shipping box from the USPS store, or if the seller wants, they can have the boxes delivered to them as well. 


Poshmark instructs the sellers to package items securely to protect them from damage. However, not every seller puts time and effort into the packaging. In this case, the buyer should buy from sellers who’ve good ratings.

After packaging, the item is put into the box, and then the label is added. 


Once your item is packaged and boxed, the seller drops it at the nearest USPS office and sends it to you

Advantages & Disadvantages of Poshmark Shipping?

Here are the pros and cons of Poshmark shipping; go through them and decide whether you want to order from Poshmark or not.


Quick Shipping – The best thing about Poshmark is they ship within 1-3 days. Plus, you have the option to contact the seller if you want the product shipped within a day or two.

Safe Shipping – Poshmark ships through USPS, a very reliable medium. They deliver products with good care. 

Refund – Poshmark gives 7 days to their sellers to complete the shipment, and if that doesn’t happen, Poshmark sends the full refund to the buyer. 


Expensive – The shipment cost in Poshmark is $7.67 for items weighing under 5 lb. If the product weighs higher than 5 lb., the cost will increase. 

Poshmark Shopping Tips for Buyers

Knowing some Poshmark shopping tips can help you save your hard-earned money. Check them out!

Buy Things You’re Confident About 

Poshmark isn’t like other popular online stores, where you can return products if you don’t like them. The return policy of Poshmark is very strict, and they will receive returned products only if the product is wrong, damaged, or defective.

Therefore, before you buy something, ensure that the product will work for you. For example, if you’re ordering a jacket or shoe, make sure you order the right size. If you’re not sure, then don’t order. Otherwise, that’ll be a loss. 

Using the App Properly

If you want to get your hands on the latest products, make sure to sort the results by “just in.” You’ll find this option in the “Sort By” option. Not doing so might make you hover over the old products. 

Asking the seller

Another best thing about Poshmark sellers is they’re highly responsive. Usually, the product description includes everything about the product, from sizes to quality, and some even include flaws as well. But if you’re unsure about something, you can ask the seller. Leave a comment, and the seller should reply very soon. 

Making an Offer

Unlike many online platforms, in Poshmark, if you don’t want to pay the listed price, you can make an offer directly to the seller. The seller will either decline your offer, accept it, or give you a counter offer. In other words, Poshmark allows you to do some negotiation. 

Try to give the seller a lowball offer; that being said, don’t be unrealistic. If the listed price is $50, don’t make a $10 offer. Be reasonable. 

Bundle Offer

Another perk of Poshmark is there is an option called “Bundle to save,” and this option can save you some money. When you shop for multiple items from the same seller, the sellers in Poshmark give a discount. How high the discount would be, depends on the number of products and their price. 

Should Poshmark Be the Ideal Choice?

Yes! It can be an ideal choice. Shopping from Poshmark has dozens of benefits, and they effortlessly outweigh a few flaws that Poshmark has. Let’s take a look at what makes Poshmark an ideal choice.

Option for Negotiation: Not every online shopping platform allows you to negotiate, but Poshmark does. If you’re not willing to pay the listed price, you can make an offer to the seller and negotiate. There are many sellers in Poshmark; the chances are high that you’ll end up getting a reasonable offer. 

Refund Policy: You don’t need to worry at all about your product not being shipped. Poshmark will automatically give you a full refund if the product isn’t shipped within 7 working days. 

Posh Authenticate: Poshmark has a service where they verify the authenticity of a product. If you buy a product over $500, the seller will send the product to the Poshmark headquarter first, where there are experts who’ll check the authenticity of the product by checking the tag, label, quality, material, etc. 

Once the product gets verified, that’ll be packaged and sent to you. Otherwise, the product will go back to the seller, and you’ll get a full refund. 

Damaged Product: If you get a damaged, defective, or wrong product from Poshmark, you’ll be able to return it within 3 working days. And you’ll get a refund as well. That being said, you can’t return products if there are any issues regarding size, color, etc.

Why is Poshmark shipping so expensive?

The reason why Poshmark charges a high price for shipment is they deliver nationwide within 1-3 working days. Plus, Poshmark gives a full refund if the product isn’t delivered within 7 working days.

What to do if I don’t get the product?

You don’t have to worry about that in Poshmark, as they’d give you a full refund if the product isn’t delivered within 7 days. 


Let’s summarize how long does Poshmark take to ship! Poshmark can take up to 7 days to ship a product, but on average, they take around 1-3 days. 

However, if you need the product to be shipped within a day or two, it’s best to contact the seller and let them know. Ask them if they could ship the product within your given timeframe. 

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