How Much Do Angelfish Cost in 2023?

Angelfish has always been adored among fish-lovers. The reasons are obvious too. They are easy to keep, have majestic fins, and spirited attitudes.

If you are a beginner and want to get an angelfish, it’s normal to wonder how much do angelfish cost. I’ll talk about it today.

How Much Do Angelfish Cost?

How Much Do Angelfish Cost

Angelfish come in different sizes. So, the price depends on the size. If you want to get a small angelfish, you will have to pay somewhere between $4 and $6.

In comparison, the angelfish price will go up with the size. For a bigger angelfish, you may have to pay between $17 and $25.

Some angelfish breeds cost a lot more. For instance, the conspicuous angelfish cost are nowhere near the usual breeds. Even if you consider a fish that’s bred in captivity, it can cost you around $4000.

Blue Angelfish Price

Blue angelfish bred in captivity are cheaper compared to saltwater fish. Freshwater angelfish are also comparatively easy to maintain. If you are a beginner, it’s better to stick to freshwater blue angelfish.

Depending on what size fish you’re buying, you may have to pay somewhere between $15 and $30.

Blue angelfish are on top of the list when it comes to lifespan. Unlike most other angelfish that live around ten years, a blue angelfish can survive for up to 20 years. As for the size, it’s similar to most other angelfish, which is around six inches.

Black Angelfish Price

Freshwater black angelfish that are bred in captivity don’t cost a lot. If you want to decorate your aquarium with different colored angelfish, the black one will certainly be a diverse choice.

As for the price, it can fluctuate from $10 up to $50, depending on the size and species. You will find variety in black angelfish. Not all of them look the same. Some of them are more grayish than black.

Black angelfish can live somewhere between 5 and 12 years, depending on the aquarium environment. As for the size, they tend to grow about six inches.

Panda Angelfish Price

Panda angelfish are comparatively cheaper among the freshwater angelfish breeds. You can get one for about $10. However, some of them may be more expensive and can cost you up to $30.

Like most other angelfish, panda angelfish also reach about 4 to 5 inches in length. However, if you keep them in large aquariums, they can reach from 6 inches up to 12 inches. Besides, they also have long lives.

Golden Angelfish Price

There are varieties in gold angelfish. So, the price also varies, depending on the type, look, and size of the fish. The lowest possible price of getting a gold angelfish is about $10. However, there are also some gold angelfish that cost up to $40.

Golden angelfish can reach up to 4 inches in size. But the interesting thing is that you can keep them in the aquarium for up to 10 years with good care.

Koi Angelfish Price

Another popular angelfish among aquarium-lover is the koi angelfish. There isn’t much variety with koi angelfish. But the prices can vary.

The lowest price you may have to pay for a koi angelfish is about $10. On the contrary, there are koi angelfish that can cost you up to $40.

Koi angelfish can get up to six inches in size and the price varies, depending on what size you’re getting.

Factors Affecting Angelfish Prices

As you can guess by now, the prices of angelfish vary drastically, depending on the type. So, what factors are responsible for these variations in prices? Let’s take a look.

Angelfish Size

You will notice that the larger the fish, the pricier it is. That’s why the same species that cost you about $10 can cost you $30 if it’s a grown fish. If you get a smaller size fish, you can make it grow to a much larger size, especially if you give it a large tank.

How much the fish will grow depends on the species. Most angelfish grow around six inches or 15 cm in size. However, the size can vary.

Angelfish Type

There are hundreds of angelfish types. These are freshwater breeds and bred in captivity. Some angelfish are more costly than others. For instance, a panda angelfish will cost you lower than a black angelfish. It’s because black angelfish are rarer compared to panda angelfish.

On the other hand, if you are considering saltwater angelfish, the price won’t be anywhere near what I’ve mentioned today. Saltwater breeds are rarer and cost a lot more than freshwater breeds.

However, they are also tougher to maintain, so I am assuming that you won’t want one as a beginner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are angelfish expensive?

Small angelfish are pretty affordable. Overall, the price varies from $4 up to $25. So, whether they are expensive or not depends on what size you are getting.

Q. How long do angelfish live?

Considering you are taking care of the fish properly, angelfish tend to survive around 10 years in captivity. However, angelfish can die if the water condition isn’t up to the mark.

Q. How can you tell how old an angelfish is?

You can tell an angelfish’s age by looking at its eyes. The bigger the eyes, the older the angelfish and vice versa.

Q. Do angelfish recognize their owners?

Angelfish recognize their owners. In fact, they can memorize human faces for years.

Q. What size tank do I need for angelfish?

The minimum tank size for an angelfish is 30 gallons. Grown-up angelfish can be large and require a tank of up to 55 gallons.

Final Verdict

Angelfish are amazing options for beginners. If you still have any queries, you can always ask a local professional about how much do angelfish cost. Freshwater angelfish will surely make your aquarium more colorful without making you work hard for it.

Besides, once you ensure an optimal environment for the fish, you can also expect them to breed.

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