How Much Do Corsages Cost in 2023?

Whether you’re going to a wedding, prom, homecoming, or graduation, a corsage will add that extra bit of spice to your formal attire. You’ve certainly come across scenes of the lead of a coming-of-age film standing at the entrance to his date’s house with a corsage on prom night. And, now it can be your turn.

When choosing a corsage for yourself or your date, it’s important that you pick one that combines the theme and colors of the event. So, how much do corsages cost and how can that vary based on the type of flower and the design of your choice? You’ll find everything you need to know before buying one here.

How Much a Corsage is Going to Cost?

A typical fresh flower corsage can cost you somewhere between $10 to $65. However, the cost can vary based on a number of factors. The main cost determining element is your choice of flower. The design and the amount of the florist’s labor also affect the price.

Depending on where you purchase it from, the location and reputation of the vendor can play a role in deciding its price too. Here’s a list of factors that you need to pay attention to when setting aside a budget for your corsage:

The Type of Corsage

Type of Corsage

Corsages can come in various shapes and forms. You typically want to pick one that goes well with your outfit. The cost can be different depending on the type with your preferred method of wearing. The most common types of corsages are:

  • Pin-on Corsage

A pin-on corsage is typically worn on the bodice or the strap of the dress. The stem comes wrapped securely in floral tape and with a pin for attaching it to your dress. Pin-on is considered to be the more traditional style of the two.

  • Wrist Corsage

As the name suggests, you wear a wrist corsage on your wrist like a bracelet. It typically has flowers fastened to either a bracelet or a decorative elastic strap that you wear on your non-dominant hand. Pin-on corsages are suited for more formal attire, while wrist corsages tend to go with practically anything. For sleeveless and strapless dresses, a wrist corsage is your best option.

They tend to cost $5-$15 more than their pin-on counterparts since they’re usually larger. It’s recommended that you pick this type in case you’re unsure about what your partner will be wearing.

  • A Boutonniere

A boutonniere in plain words is a pin-on corsage for men. Derived from the French word for “Buttonhole Flower”, it’s usually worn on the lapel of a man’s jacket and a loop holds the stem in place behind the lapel. If you’re going to an event as a pair, you typically want to coordinate the corsage and boutonniere with your partner as a display of your connection.

Boutonnieres tend to be cheaper than their female counterparts and range somewhere between $10 to $40.

The Flower

The flower is unarguably the most important element of your corsage and contributes the most to its cost. Generally, you want to get a flower that matches your outfit for the event. The flower’s color will set the tone for your corsage. If you’re not sure about which color to pick, white flowers tend to be the safest option since they go with everything.

Additionally, most flowers used for occasions have their own meaning. You should look into the floral meaning of the flowers to understand what they convey before you choose one for maximum significance. In general,

  • Carnations tend to be the cheapest ranging from anywhere between $5 to $20.
  • Alstroemeria is also a fairly inexpensive option and can be found for a similar price.
  • Roses and Orchids are quite popular choices as well. You can find a decent rose or orchid corsage starting from $20 with some costing over $45.
  • Corsage including Calla Lilies and Stephanotis are usually on the more expensive side and can range from $30 to $65.
  • If you want silk flowers, it’ll cost you around $10 to $20.

Number of Flowers

A corsage typically comes with at least one focal flower that’s usually displayed on a bed of green plants or a baby’s breath. Depending on the size of the, it can contain up to five flowers grouped together. The price of your corsage is going to be determined by the number of flowers.

The Design

The design is the second-most cost deciding element of your corsage. Complex designs with multiple flowers require more effort. For example, a wrist corsage requires more work compared to a pin-on corsage and can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. That’s why the price of your corsage is going to differ vastly based on its design and how long it takes to create.

Designs that take more time and effort will be more expensive. If your design requires a lot of embellishments, the overall price will be higher. Depending on whether you buy a pre-made corsage or a custom-made one, the cost will also be different as pre-made corsages are comparatively cheaper.

The Season

Depending on the season when you’ll be purchasing your corsage, the price of some flowers will be different. You’ll find flowers that are in season for much cheaper than off-season flowers.

The Location

Your location is also an important factor when determining the cost. Since flowers have to be shipped carefully from all over the country, local flowers are always going to be cheaper than other options since shipping adds to the price of the flowers.

You should also take into account the florist’s reputation since more popular flower shops can charge extra for quality.

Additional Expenses

If you’re shopping remotely, you’ll be charged for shipping. When ordering a corsage, you generally want to order it a couple of days in advance since last-moment orders sometimes can have additional fees tacked on. You’ll also have to pay extra if you want same-day delivery.

How Can I Cut Costs?

If you’re looking to save a bit of your budget on corsages, your best bet is to look for discounts. Flower shops often tend to offer discounts during big events and wedding season.  Buying in bulk is another method of saving a bit of money. You can also order in advance and have it delivered on the day of your event, to avoid additional charges.

If you’re not particular about certain flowers, you should prioritize local in-season flowers since they are going to cost less. Check your local supermarket to see if they sell corsages. You might not be able to find quality corsages but it’ll be less expensive than a dedicated flower shop.

Final Words

A corsage is an extension of a person’s fashion and therefore should match the overall look of the rest of the outfit as well as the atmosphere of the event. You want to get the right corsage for yourself and your partner when attending a formal event. So, it’s best to have an idea of what to look for when purchasing a corsage and how much does corsages cost.

As a general rule, it’s recommended that you expend around 5-15% of the price of your dress on a corsage. The corsage’s price typically includes the cost of the flower you picked for the event, the florist’s labor in styling, arranging, and decorating the flowers along with the ribbon and wrap that come with the final product and can be anywhere between $10 and $65.

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