How Much Do Wheelchairs Cost in 2023

A manual or standard wheelchair can cost about $500 on average as per the survey of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It depends on various functions and quality. A daily usable wheelchair may cost from $1,000 to $2,000.

It comprises a personalized seat, a frame, and wheels options. This is not all about “how much do wheelchairs cost.” So, if you desire to buy an electric wheelchair, it’ll start from $1,200 to $30,000.

On average, an electrically powered wheelchair price $7,132 said in another survey. Although the price is a bit high, they give enough freedom and maneuverability.

Wheelchair TypeCost
Standard Wheelchairs$500
Standing Wheelchairs$5,000 – $16,000
Power Wheelchairs$1,200 – $30,000
Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs$700 – $1,995
Ergonomic Wheelchairs$500 – $1,895
Transport Wheelchair$100 – $300
Tilting Wheelchairs$300 – $1,700
Reclining Wheelchairs$300 – $800
Folding Wheelchair$500 – $1,895
Lightweight Wheelchairs$150 – $3,500
Bariatric Wheelchairs$300 – $3,000 
Active Wheelchairs$1,000 – $3,000
Pediatric Wheelchairs$150 – $1,500
Airplane Wheelchairs$90 – $250
Drive Wheelchair$1,000 – $3,000

How Much Does A Folding Wheelchair Cost?

Providing better load distribution, constancy, mobility, and use-friendliness are the primary purposes of using folding wheelchairs. The cost of a typical folding wheelchair starts from $500, and it might also be $1,895.

As you get lots of useful features at this cost, you can consider investing in it. From your pressure sores to spinal injury, this wheelchair could be your best friend for many health issues.

Besides, you’ll find them effortless to fold, long-lasting, and trouble-free store and its frame that’s light in weight. Thanks to its excellent blend of aluminum along with steel, the wheelchairs become heavy-duty, lightweight, and comfortable.

How Much Does A Basic Wheelchair Cost?

The price of the basic or manual wheelchair is lower than any other model of wheelchairs, and it ranges from $100 to $500. Coming with the basic and conventional features is the key reason for their lower cost.

Unlike the costlier models, they don’t have any essential functions. A few types of basic wheelchairs are out there, and they’re three in majors, including low, medium, and high prices.

In low-cost category, you’ll find a wheelchair just within $100 to $300 that’s comparatively a bit inexpensive to other models. But they come with fewer accessories and features for higher mobility and comfort.

Besides, medium-priced models have more useful features and higher in quality than low-cost ones. They may cost you from $300 to more than $500.

When it comes to the higher priced wheelchairs, they’re available in above $500 to some thousands of dollars. No matter they’re expensive, they offer unmatched quality and advantages, unlike the lost cost models.

How Much Is A Drive Wheelchair?

Durability and function are the key points of making the drive wheelchairs. They come in a wide-ranging of depths along with seat heights plus widths. The range of price of these types of wheelchairs is $1,000 to $3,000. You can control them using a joystick, which comes with their armrest.

Also, there are alternative options to control these wheelchairs. The features included with the drive wheelchairs such as front, mid, and reverse wheels driving capacities.

Moreover, some of them come with leg-rest and seating, along with armrest options. They’re also designed for excellent efficacy and constancy along with comfortable mobility. And they’re better than the basic or manual models in various ways from usability to user-friendliness.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Wheelchair?

On average, the cost of a typical wheelchair is about $500. But it may vary depending on some factors, from quality to stability and materials. Most models of hand-operated wheelchairs have made of the muscular frame of steel.

The nylon made of these chairs come with a seating span between sixteen to twenty-inch seating measures. Armrests would be removable or fixed that depends on the wheelchair model.

Some people don’t think about wheelchairs until they certainly need one for them. If someone goes through an unfortunate event that needs to depend on an outside gadget for mobility, it can cause a massive strain on.

When the case is more severe than has made big handicaps, they need wheelchairs of electric power. They cost more, and it could be from $2000 to even $15000. Usually, the cost varies on more handy options and the utilization of the latest technology.

Can I Rent A Wheelchair For A Day?

Sometimes, you might necessitate renting some types of wheelchairs. Also, you require it for one-day or multiple days to rent. When you get it rent because of someone’s medical condition, this is better and the initial step to ask your insurer for the better recommendations about the right vendors.

Often, they get a regular agreement with some vendors, and they just pay for a specific category of a wheelchair for particular days use. A coordinator of the health center can assist you in finding a suitable vendor when you discharge from there.

Also, your health insurer will approve it and can manage a wheelchair for you when you depart the hospital. Besides, you can look for renting an expected wheelchair from a local drugstore or medial supplier. It’s widely applicable if you don’t have any insurance or if it doesn’t cover the cost of a wheelchair.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent A Wheelchair for A Day?

Renting the cost of a wheelchair differs from one location to another. For instance, a manual, standard wheelchair’s renting cost is about $13/ day when you’re in Orlando and 27/day when you’re in Washington DC.

At the same time, it’s $30/day while getting in from New York, but it’s just about $12/day when you’re in Las Vegas. The notable thing is that this cost is for rental of a minimum of three days. Also, it varies depending on the service providers as well. So, you can shop around for the lowest price.

Wrapping Up!

Wheelchair prices differ from the models, brands, features, and the use of the latest technology. As stated previously, it may cost from $100 to some thousands.

So, you can choose from a wide range of wheelchairs in types and functions regarding your preferences. That’s why you should decide the features you need and the cost accordingly before you get into the marketplace.

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