How Much Does A Fursuit Cost?

Who can resist a cosplayer’s favorite fursuit? Well, not anyone who has a thirst for something fun. Now, the big question is: how much does a fursuit cost?

A full-body fursuit costs around $3000 or more without any customized details. The price will only increase depending on how you customize the head, paws, body, feet, and added features.

Let’s see in detail what will impact the cost of a fursuit.

Factors Impacting The Cost Of A Fursuit

For each customized body part, there will be a price increment that is given below.

Customized Head

The head of the fursuit can individually cost anywhere between $1000-$2000 depending on the brand. But depending on the design, the price may vary.

For a cost of around $1500, you can get a foam-casted head with a tongue made of mink fur for an aesthetic look, eyes made of vibrant colors to make it look alive, and fangs made of hard, shiny white plastic. The follow-me impression of the eyes, generated by clear and see-through pupils and iris, makes these high-end fur heads well worth the price.

It is better to choose heads from high-end brands because they will provide zippers or adjustable straps on that head to wear according to your comfort. It is especially recommended if you need to wear glasses with your fursuit.

Also, if you want, you can customize the size of the ears, add horns/fangs, change hairstyles, add piercings, removable eyelids for various expressions, etc. According to the customization, the price will go up or down.

Customized Hand Paws

The hand paws that come with your fursuit include paw pads made of faux leather and claws made of hard materials like plastic. Usually, there won’t be any distinguishing cost in the case of the hand paws’ hard material because companies will also use these materials for customized paws.

However, you can increase the cost by changing the designs of the paws. For example, you can choose to have

  • 4 to 5 fingers in each paw
  • Different Claws
  • Cloven hoofs or split hoofs rather than paws.

So, whereas regular hands cost between $250-$300, customized hands can go up to above $470. The Halloween famous feral claw paws can cost more than $450, and extra puffed paws cost $370+.

Removable Sleeves

Usually, the sleeves of your fursuit are made by the measurements you provide the manufacturers. So when you buy a full fursuit, you usually get hand and leg sleeves added. But you can decide to get one with an extra pair of hand and leg sleeves if you wish.

This way, you can choose to wear a suit with short sleeves or shorts but still have sleeves if needed.

Extra hand sleeves

These sleeves start from the shoulder and cover the whole hand up to the wrist. Usually, tailors add an elastic band that goes to the back of your costume to hold those two sleeves together.

These arm sleeves cost around $150. But the price will go up if you add extra features to them.

Extra leg sleeves

Leg sleeves come in three styles. You can choose to cover your knees from either above or the bottom part of the legs. Or you can choose to cover the full legs, from the thigh to the feet. The leg sleeves come with elastic to help you wear them.

These extra leg sleeves cost around $180+ depending on the length and how fancy you want to make them.

Customized Body

Simple Plantigrade suits will cost you $1400, but for wide Plantigrade suits, you have to have a budget of $1850+. You can pick suits with excessive cushioning, such as digitigrade suits, which feature detachable and adjustable padding. Or you can add $300-$400 for extra muscles or a feminine bust.

Also, those who want patterns on their bodysuits can add various patterns and ribbed styles. There are price variations for patterns too. However, if you don’t want heavy stripes, you don’t have anything to worry about. Because otherwise, you have to add more than $1000+ to your budget.

Also, styles like cut-off legs, falling from the body, or organ falling-out styles can cost you an additional $1200+.

Customized Tails

The usual tails start at $150+ and have a tuft to knee length. But for tails that drag behind you, it will cost you more than $350. Or you can go for medium-length tails at an average of $340.

Customized wings

You can choose to have back wings that range in size. The price range stays between $250-$500+. Or you can have wings on your arm that cost on average $260+

Customized feet

Fursuit feet can be found for as low as $145 if you choose the slipper feet that have only fur padding and plastic nails. But if you want to have extra comfort or style added to your feet, you have to add a few bucks to your budget. The three most popular styles of shoes:

Slipper Fursuit Feet: These have a smooth look and are constructed with only the fur. The inside has padding for support. They are similar to slippers and lack an underlying shoe or any further construction. These are comfortable and designed to be used only indoors. The price starts at $299+

Outdoor Fursuit Feet: these feet carry a croc-style shoe structure on the inside. So, they are both comfortable and snugly fit. As there is a thick sole in the bottom layer, these fees can easily be used outside. The price usually starts at $420+.

Stompy Fursuit Feet: These shoes usually have an extra built-in interior to make the feet look huge and tall. You can get them customized for both outdoor and indoor use. For these, you have to have a budget of over $500.


How much does a fursuit cost? Well, now you know the answer, it costs a lot. However, these costs are worthwhile because they can surely be a great extension to light up any boring party. Kids will surely be chasing your furry-animal-look everywhere.

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