How Much Does a Grand Piano Cost?

Buying a grand piano for a musical instrument gallery is a matter of passion for your music life. But how much does a grand piano cost? Does it really worth the investment? I mean how much money do you have to pay if you want to buy one.

This article will discuss the investment, including different grand piano types and their price range with a table. Without further due, let’s move on to our primary discussion.

How Much is a Grand Piano?

If you are a complete beginner, you might consider getting help from an expert or experienced musician in your genre. Because he or they may help you choose the best grand piano within your budget limit (if you have one).

However, if you practice music for some time, and now you want to expand your expertise with the grand piano, you can directly check the features. After getting the desired piano for your practice, you can check the price for your investment.

To ensure your maximum assistance here, we have shared the price comparison table for you. It will help you to get an at-a-glance idea on grand piano price.

Grand Piano Price Comparison Table (Brand-wise)

There not many companies are manufacturing quality grand piano for musicians. We were researching the two primary types of a grand piano that everyone is talking about. Our research ends up to some extent of the prices of pianos from different brands.

In the table below, we have presented the comparison table (price) for you so that you can choose before you buy grand piano within your budget. Without further due, let’s check the price table first, then we will discuss some essential things about pianos.

Grand Piano Prices Comparison Table
Brand NameBaby GrandConcert Grand
Young Chang$12,990$19,990
Mason & Hamlin$62,750$139,000

Keep in mind that some brands offer cheap grand pianos compared to others. Try to check their materials, features, build quality to get the most out of it.

In addition to that, if you have used any musical instrument earlier, then you know that you cannot use any instrument without tuning it. So, after buying a grand piano, you need to keep the piano tuning cost in mind.

Ensure that you are taking expert help while tuning your piano because, without tuning, your instrument may not work as it should be. Let’s understand the reason behind the high price of pianos.

Factors You Need to Consider Before Buying a Grand Piano

Several factors are playing a vital role in the price of grand pianos. We are going to discuss each of them for better understanding. It will give you extensive knowledge that will also help you to choose the best grand piano. Let’s go through them first.

Size of the Grand Piano

Size the main priority while buying any grand piano. If you don’t have an actual idea about it, it would be difficult for you to choose the best one. The price is also sometimes depending on the size of the piano.

On average, any 63-inches or 1.6-meter long grand piano from any reputed brand would cost you $35k if you want to buy one. If you want to go further to 79-inches or 2-meter, then you would have to invest appx. $58k for such large grand piano for the quality piano brand.

Color of the Grand Piano

Pianos always stay in open space wherever you want to keep them. So the look is very crucial, and you must consider choosing a better color for your piano. Choose the one that has the best quality coloring and polish. It will give you a long-lasting color on your piano.

Parts and Materials of the Grand Piano

If you don’t have enough idea about the materials and parts used to produce the best quality pianos, then this section is significant for you. Keep reading it carefully.

The pianos are made with a combination of hard & softwood, metal, and felts. Now, the price is depending on the quality of these materials.

As of the wood, ebony, maple wood, mahogany, and spruce are the most popular out of hundreds of different woods. This wood must be pre-processed before using to build the best quality pianos. The processing includes harvesting, air-drying, and transportation.

And this processing is costly and time-consuming. If the wood is not processed correctly, then the quality won’t be as good as processed.

Besides the wood, hammers are made from wool felts, leather, well-finished key-tops, and cast iron plates. You need to be very sure about their quality to experience the best quality of piano music.

Age and Condition of the Grand Piano

Firstly, the pianos are highly long-lasting musical instruments. With good care, a piano can last for more than a hundred years in good hands. If the piano is well maintained, then the price will be higher than the other one. You need to check the quality by yourself or take expert help who understands it perfectly.

Budget You Need to Buy the Grand Piano

Not much to say about it. Take expert help you don’t understand well. Check out our price comparison to get an idea about the money you need to buy a quality piano for you. Well, the price does matter because it needs lots of money to buy a grand piano. And you are not going to buy frequently.

Why Are Grand Pianos Expensive Compared to Others?

Well, we often get this particular question from people on different online community platforms, including our website. They ask about the price and why the price is higher than other musical instruments in the industry.

We can only tell you that the pianos are not just musical instruments, the size, shape, materials are the reason for their high price. Other than that, not many people buy grand pianos, and there’s the reason behind it. Only passionate people or music theatres buy grand pianos for their home or shows.

Another thing is that the pianos are made from the best quality woods from spruce or tough rock maple. Remember one thing: all of the pianos are made from top-notch woods and other materials. Best hammers, top-grade keys can give the best sound while playing.

The construction is also another reason for the higher price of the grand piano. It needs lots of hard work and dedication to make the best quality pianos. If the build quality is not good, then there’s a probability that the instrument will not bring better sound. Without giving better sound, you won’t be able to play it comfortably.

If you are a beginner, it’s crucial for you to choose quality grand pianos for your practice and learning. Make sure you have it and make your learning process smoother and professional. Remember, the best quality products give the best quality sound.

Different types of Grand Pianos

Well, there are mostly two types of pianos you can find in the market. We are trying to avoid making you confused by mentioning only two primary types out of them. Let’s check them and know about them first.

What is Concert Grand Piano?

Concert grand pianos are mostly made for brands or theatres as there different brands perform their shows. There are no different definitions available out there about concert grand. It was named like it because in the beginning it was used for concerts and halls where most people come to watch shows together.

The average price range of the concert grand pianos are between $20000 – $300000. However, the average size of the concert grand piano is 7-feet to 10-feet. However, you can check the price in the table. You will find the most convenient one for your budget.

What is the Baby Grand Piano?

Well, the smaller size grand pianos are known as the baby grand piano. The size of the baby grand pianos is between 5-feet to 6-feet. According to our price table, different brands are offering baby grand piano will cost you $13000 to $135000. You will get a better idea of how much does a grand piano costs from our comparison table. Check that out.

Finishing Words

We have tried to present to you everything you need to know about the grand piano cost. If you have gone through the entire article, then you will understand. If you don’t understand any part of our discussion, then read again and concentrate. You will understand.

Keep in mind that it’s your money to invest. So, make sure you are investing in the right one you should be. Our guidelines will only help you decide which type of grand piano is good for you. Our goal in this post was to show how much does a grand piano costs if you want to buy one. And we have shared everything you need.

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