How Much Does A Handgun Cost? | Updated (2021)

If you’re one of them who are looking for the answer to the question ‘how much does a handgun cost,’ then this is the right post for you. Many people like to get armed themselves with a handgun for their self-defense. But, it’s a very complicated process to but a gun because of its different pros and cons.

Although the prices vary, we’re just giving you an idea to prepare yourself about how much you need to spend for a handgun and it ranges from $250 to $500. In term of protection, you might be thinking that a rifle is more protective of your home and asset. But a handgun is the best for your protection.

In this case, a handgun would be the right choice for you and the protection of your beloved ones. Thus, there are many things to know regarding this issue and let’s know about them in short.

What Is The Price Of A Handgun?

When it comes to price, a handgun like a 9MM pistol always beats a shotgun or rifle. You’ll be able to buy a rifle within an average price of $600 to $1,000. If you want to buy a good handgun, it’ll cost you under $500.

But, don’t forget one thing that the price varies depending on geographical location. We’re talking just about guns and they have an association with some other costs. These include ammo costs, gun accessories, training fees, extra magazines, licensing fees, and maintenance costs.

Why Do Experts Recommend 9MM Pistol?

The reason to recommend handguns like 9MM pistol by the experts is that it’s very practical to provide you self defense. It’s because this one is not just easier to grab, it’s also simple to aim and shoot compared to shotgun or rifle.

Also, 9MMs are an ideal choice to some other handguns like revolver as its user-friendliness and the capacity of ammo. Moreover, they’re super lightweight to carry and hide. This is a great thing when you like to avoid drawing attention.

How Much You Need To Buy A Gun?

If you’re from a country where guns are not largely owned then you’ll be surprised to know that guns are very cheap to buy in the United States. From the hotel room of Stephen Paddock who is a Las Vegas shooter found handguns that cost as little as $200. It’s much cheaper than a Chromebook laptop.

But, there were Assault-like rifles that recovered from his room that may cost up to $1,500. There was a total of 23 weapons in the whole hotel where 19 were recovered from his room. it means that he has spent an amount more than $70,000 on his firearms and the accessories like tripods, ammo, cartridges, and scopes.

What Is The Price Of Guns On The Black Market?

When it comes to the illegal firearms, they have a price spiral up to triple in the last five years. Its forcing criminals to their sharp weapons, police say. The best choice of the underworld is the semi-automatic handguns that have increased prices from $2000-$5000 to over $15,000 in the black market.

It has been reported by an inquiry of illegal guns. The report also said that more criminals are holding some special guns for the highest prices. That means prices of firearms on the black market increase up to double and even triple than their regular market prices.

What About The Permit To Buy A Handgun?

Apart from the 5 states and some municipalities allow licensing for their residents to purchase a weapon legally. Also, another 12 states along with some local governments require precursory licensing and permitting for handgun sales after checking background by the standard NCIS-FBI.

If you’re a resident of New York and New Hampshire, you already must have a carry permit of concealing buying a handgun legally. But, it doesn’t need for the residents of North Carolina, Connecticut, Minnesota, South Dakota, Maryland, and Iowa.

What Are The Registration Processes?

In any case, 14 US states and many municipalities allow handgun registration out of the requirements of central record-keeping rules. For example, some states have state agencies that retain their records of all deals regarding handgun.

The states include California, Maryland, Connecticut, New Jersey, Washington, and Pennsylvania. But, there are some other states where their law enforcement agencies file all handgun deals.

When it comes to Hawaii, New York, and Michigan, these states require registering private properties before buying a handgun.

What Are The Concealed Carry Permits?

Licenses and permits of concealed carrying is an issue to carry and get a handgun. We said it as an issue because it’s very expensive to pay for in 10 US states. But, there are 7 states among this 10 where the laws of pre-emption are comparatively weak.

It means that local authorities can approach their requirements for concealed gun permits. For example, it’s just a $10 charge for a license fee of one-year to carry.

But, local law enforcement agency issues some of them in years in the state. For all states, concealed carry permits require higher costs and long time spans.

What Is The Grand Total To Buy A Handgun?

If you choose the Glock 19 Handgun, it’ll cost a total of $525 with Gun Lock, extra magazine, and a cleaning kit. Also, there are some other inclusions like practice & defense ammunition, eye & hearing protection kits, etc.

They cost another amount of $147 and add a 7% sales tax of $47. So, the total is $714 that you have to spend when you look for buying a handgun.


This is as always when it comes to the question of how much does a handgun cost, the range is not constant. You have options to choose from an expensive handgun and a cheaper one. Also, there are some other costs that we have said throughout the post are crucial.

You can’t avoid them, so when you know the price of a handgun that might be just the cost of the single unit. So, you always should spend some more amount than the original price of the gun.

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