How Much Does a Lie Detector Test Cost?

It’s been a long time that, detecting lies through analyzing polygraph generated by a machine. Most of the companies, even individual people, are taking advantage of this technology. Now the most demanding question people ask is “how much does a lie detector test cost,” and it’s a valid question.

Several lie detector service providers seem to be serving wrongful service that customers don’t deserve for some obvious reasons. People are spending hundreds of dollars finding the truth out of any people they want, and there’s a logic behind it. Occurrences happen more often than before, and there comes the necessity of purchasing a lie detection service.

In this article, we will show you the real picture of the lie detection industry. We will show you how much money you should really spend to get the truth out of someone by analyzing the polygraph and the lie detection service. So, keep reading and understand why a cheap lie detection service can be just a waste of money, and a super high price service can just be a fraudulent scenario.

How Much Does a Lie Detector Test Cost

In a few words, the range of today’s market a lie detection test costs between $185 to $1300. You may find the cost range is a bit unusual, and there are valid reasons behind it. Several factors are making this confusion, and everyday people are losing their money investing in the wrong services. We will address everything in the coming sections of this article. However, in this section, we will talk only about the price and its variations.

The lie detection service price depends on its nature or how you need it to work for you. Do you need an emergency service or want it the proper way where few hours are required. Another fact can depend on deciding the price, such as the voice stress method or polygraph method.

If you need an emergency service, then the provider will not get enough time to set up. It requires some extra equipment and effort to get comparatively accurate results. To obtain the emergency service for half an hour, you need to pay the provider a fee between $600-$800.

On the other hand, if you need a completely sophisticated and out-of-the-box service that providers usually do not serve, then the price may get a little higher. The higher price is that it needs enough time and effort to prepare the techniques and the equipment to obtain a better result. You may need to spend between $300-$800 for two hours or more for a single session of lie detection.

Now the price can be different based on the type of service you take from the provider. If you take a voice stress test, also known as De-FIB-ulator, then it may cost you $100 to $1000 for a single session or per employee. On the other hand, a polygraph test may cost you $300 per employee and $1000 for the entire day.

Why is the Price of Lie Detection Services Cheap?

I have seen many people falling for cheap services because it cost them less than others. In most cases, the price varies because of the level of experience and the expertise they have in managing the entire operation. Most of the cheap companies will not disclose their experts and the strategies they use in their services. However, here are some points you may think of how they manage to serve at such a low price,

Low-Quality Equipment

You should know that the whole process is based on the accurate signal generation from the equipment, and another one is the understanding of those signals. In this section, we will discuss the first one.

Many providers try to earn more profit from their service but do not maintain the optimum quality when purchasing equipment. As a result, their services show the result, and the customers are not aware that the result generating machine is not good. Customers are happy because they see the result is perfect.

An analysis shows that results from these low-quality services are 75% to 80% correct. However, customers do not know this report because they are not in this industry, and lie detector companies do not disclose it to them.

Operators are not Professional Enough

The second essential thing that a lie detection test needs are an expert operator and a professional trained to do it. Apart from a few companies, most of the others have appointed non-professionals to operate the whole process. People who have no proper orientation with the system and do not have any institutional expertise to manage tests have joined and are working as experts.

The cheap companies are hiring them and give pre-elementary training to operate the machine and run the test. They hire those people because they can recruit them for minimum wages. Customers are losing money without even knowing that their result may not be correct, and they could announce an innocent man as guilty.

Last but not least, experts are always recommending to select the provider who has proper authorization, and their experts are a member of the respective authorities.

Why is the Price of the Lie Detection Services Expensive?

Only a few lie detector service providers are charging a higher price compared to those cheap providers. To conclude the introduction of this section, you should know that the service quality depends on the features and the expertise with experiences. Let’s check the reason for their expensive lie detection services.

Best Quality Equipment

Best services come out with the best investment. Yes, a quality service provider in the business for a long time knows how to satisfy customers with honest services. The reputation does not only come with quality service; it needs lots of effort to improve and ensure a customer-friendly service environment.

We have seen that the most expensive and best quality devices are giving 95% to 99% accurate results with a little bit of expert touch. Besides these, the certified providers are bound to maintain some quality parameters. With that in mind, they cannot use low-quality devices, which makes them reputed because of their service quality and features.

Experienced & Educated Professionals

Reputed lie detector service providers cannot simply appoint non-professionals for their services. They must hire professionals who are certified by the respective authority and members of the respective association. Those professionals are also bound to maintain certain qualities and must have some institutional knowledge to run the best lie detecting test.

At the end of the section, we can say that the high-quality reputed lie detection service providers charge more than typical ones because of their service quality. You are spending money to know the truth from the test. If your truth is not worthy of such an unreliable provider runs the test, then what is the purpose of spending that money. Instead of fact, you should choose the expensive one to get the best result.

Are There Any Drugs that Can Manipulate the Result?

Yes, some drugs can throw off the lie detector machine. There are some tricks that only professionals and experienced experts can use to overtake the drugs and get the best results out of them. All you need to do is inform the professionals that the person is on the drug.

It is essential to hire an experienced and certified professional for lie detection service. They can do many things based on the result that comes from the device. We have seen many incidents where the person intentionally takes drugs to manipulate the outcome. Be sure that your facilitator is clean and informed the professional if you think he or she should know about the person.

Final Words: Cost of a Lie Detecting Test

We hope that after reading such an in-depth article on the cost of a lie-detecting test. We have tried to include all those factors to enrich your knowledge. It will help you understand the pricing system and the service quality based on various factors. Most of the time, people are falling for the lies shown in attractive advertisements.

However, in the end, you should know that not always expensive services are worthy enough. Sometimes, the provider’s profiting policy can make a difference, but it’s rare and cannot take as an example. If you read our entire discussion carefully, you should know how much a lie detector test cost. We have presented useful information so you can get the real picture of the industry. You can use our article to reference when you purchase the lie detection service for your purpose.

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