How much Does a Massage Chair Cost | Updated (2022)

You might be one of them who love massages and it never can be enough. When you get loads of stress in your neck and back, you may look for a massage chair. It’s a great way to release your tension with relaxation.

As it’s very useful to keep your mind and body stress-free, you can look for how much does a massage chair cost. It’s not as easy to answer as simply you asked because the cost of a massage chair varies on some factors. Among some others, quality is the leading one that influences the cost largely.

For example, it may cost around $2,500 of a medium and decent featured massage chair. Also, you’ll find expensive ones that price ranges from $6,000 to $10,000 and even $15000. These types of massage chairs come with additional features and upgraded massage styles.

Besides, there are some very cheaper ones that may cost around $200 to $500. Well, let’s know about the issue in brief.

Low Cost Massage Chairs

When you love to get massaging, but your budget is low, you can go with low-cost massage chairs. Although they’re cost-effective, they have many useful features regarding body massage. While getting one of them, you’re not spending your fortune on it.

But you’ll be able to reduce your mental stress and muscle strain on a lower budget. If you go with an economic massage chair, you don’t need to get a loan for it. It’s because the price is very reasonable and you can get one just within $500 to $1000.

However, it’ll offer you the most essential features for the highest comfort. That means when you want to calm down your body and mind, and affordable massage chair can be the best fit for your needs. So, if you have no better options without saving some money, a low-cost massage chair is your right choice.

Medium Cost Massage Chairs

If you have a bit more ability in terms of budget then you can get a medium cost massage chair. It may cost from the range of $1100 to $5000 with some more useful features. You can think the price range is very considerable, but you’ll get endless advantages in return.

This type of massage chair provides you duration settings, a calf, neck, and foot massage. Also, it’ll avail you of a heated massage for your lower back. It may fit on your budget when you’re in search of a soothing, simple, and painless massage without going out of your home.   

High-End Expensive Massage Chairs

The latest and high-quality products are always higher in prices. High-end and top quality massage chairs are not an exception to this term. They’re as pioneers in the market as come with the highest cost in a range of $10000 to $15000.

As their price is higher, they come with higher quality and with some most recent features. These include full-body massaging and sessions on zero-gravity are the latest inclusions. Also, they’ll give you a feeling that you’re floating in the sky where you have no stress, no weight, and no pain.


Here it ends up the search of how much does a massage chair cost because you know most about the prices of the massage chairs. It’s your turn to measure the depth of your pocket to afford the one from the different types and prices.

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