How Much Does A Muffler Delete Cost?

Modifying your car often leads to great outcomes. But, modification of your vehicle is not an easy or cheap process. A muffler delete process is comparatively cheap. It improves the performance of your car drastically without leaving a dent in your pocket. But, how much does a muffler delete cost?

The price of a muffler delete pipe can range from $50 to $100. You may need to spend $50 to $300 on parts. You will also need to spend another $100 to $200 depending on the mechanic. An expert may charge more while some may charge less than that. 

A muffler delete can amplify the vehicle’s horsepower. It is slowly becoming popular amongst young car owners these days. However, this process has its pros and cons.

In this article, we will be talking about how much does a muffler delete cost and whether it is worth the splurge or not. 

What Is A Muffler Delete? 

A muffler delete is a process of removing the muffler from the rear exhaust of your car and replacing it with a muffler delete pipe. Your car has a component called a muffler in its exhaust. The purpose of a muffler is as the name suggests, muffling down the noise the engine may produce. 

Many people prefer their car to not make any noise while driving. It is why there is a muffler in your car. But, if you are into performative sports, or do stunts with your automobile and want your car to seem more powerful, then a muffler delete can help you. 

A muffler delete reduces the overall weight of your car. It provides your car with extra power. In simpler words, a muffler delete will make your car roar. 

Muffler delete pipes come in many sizes. It is why the price varies depending on the vehicle. Most muffler delete pipes are made of stainless steel. 

How Much Does A Muffler Delete Cost? 

Muffler delete price varies from one vehicle to another. it may cost less than average or more depending on where you live, the brand of vehicle you drive and the brand of muffler delete pipe you are buying. Mechanics may charge differently as well. 

For a muffler delete process, you will have to pay for a muffler delete pipe, a few parts, and the charge for the mechanic. The average price for muffler delete pipe ranges from $50 to $100 depending on the brand and the material. You may need to spend from $50 to $300 for all parts including the muffler delete pipe. 

If you are planning to get the process done by an expert, you will also need to pay anywhere from $125 to $250. 

We have dug around and built an average expenditure report for different types of vehicles. All the information is given below.  

Brands Of AutomobileAverage Expenditure on Muffler Delete
BMW e46$135
BMW e90$125
Mazda 3$110
Dodge Charger$115
GMS Sierra$135
Nissan 350z$170
Infinity G35$155
Infinity G37$200

As you can see from the table above, the average expenditure for a muffler delete varies from one brand to another. But, on average, you can get a muffler delete done within $200.

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Factors That May Affect The Muffler Delete Cost 

There are a few factors that may affect the spending for a muffler delete. You will not have to spend more than the estimate we have given you. But if you do, here is why:

1. The Type Of Your Vehicle

The type of your car matters a lot. Some muffler delete pipes are not compatible with certain vehicles. So, if you end up paying more for the pipe and parts, your car type is partly responsible. 

2. The Type of Muffler 

Aftermarket mufflers are a “one size fits all” type of muffler. These are compatible with most cars and do not cost more than $50. If you drive a mid-sized sedan, you may have to spend $50 to $100 for the pipe only. 

If you drive an exclusive automobile and want a luxurious muffler, then opt for a high-performance muffler. You will have to spend $300-$500. 

Keep in mind, none of these prices are including the mechanic cost.

3. Other Components 

If you are removing the muffler of your car to increase noise, you may not have to spend as much on components. But if you are getting a muffler delete because a muffler removal is due, then you may have to pay extra for the components. It is because when a muffler is ruined and needs to be removed, you will also need to change other exhaust components. 

4. Where Are You Buying It From?

If you are buying mufflers directly from a manufacturer, then it will cost more. Because original manufacturers provide a warranty. Aftermarket mufflers cost less as they do not come with any sort of warranty. 

5. Where Are You Getting It Done? 

Getting a muffler delete done by professionals will cost you more. There are no fixed price tags for a muffler delete. Many states do not allow it, so many mechanics don’t do it either. Getting it done by a professional will cost you another $100 to $200. But if you can do it at home, then you will be able to save labor costs easily.

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When Should You Remove The Muffler Of Your Car? 

You will need to remove the muffler of your car at some point even if you do not have any interest in increasing your vehicle’s sound for vanity. It is because most generic mufflers stop working at some point. 

If your car is making a rumbling noise when it is starting or driving, it is time for a check-up. If it is not a rumbling noise, but your car is being louder than usual, you should still check it. Cars can often act this way if something is blocking the exhaust. 

If you do not want to make a trip to the mechanics, check it yourself. If the muffler is peeling away from itself, then it is high time you get a removal.

Benefits Of A Muffler Delete

If you are unsure about getting a muffler delete, this part is for you. Here are a few reasons why you should get a muffler delete:

  1. Muffler delete pipes are essential to exhaust flow. With a better exhaust flow, the horsepower delivered by the engine will increase. 
  2. A muffler delete pipe will reduce damaging back pressure on the engine. This will improve the engine performance significantly. 
  3. Old model cars have an old model muffler. These mufflers are quite suffocating and restricting the system of the vehicle. If you have an older car, then a muffler delete will help you to improve the performance of your car. 
  4. If you are into races or just want to increase the noise produced by the car, you should get a muffler delete. The powerful yet smooth rumbling noise achieved by a muffler delete is addictive.

Things To Remember Before Getting A Muffler Delete 

If you have decided to get a muffler delete, then here are a few tips to make your experience smoother. 

  • First and foremost, check the law regarding muffler delete in your state. You will not pass emissions if you have removed the muffler of your car. Mufflers don’t increase emissions. But modifying the exhaust of an automobile may result in you failing in the inspection.
  • We recommend spending on high-performance mufflers over aftermarket mufflers. The exhaust sound produced by an aftermarket muffler may not sound as appealing. 
  • If you have a newer model with a newer style of muffler installed, then a muffler delete can hurt the engine of your car. It is because unlike the older versions of mufflers, the new ones are less restrictive. 

Is Muffler Deleting Illegal?

Muffler deleting is illegal in some states while it is not in some. We would recommend checking the laws in your state regarding muffler removal before you proceed to install a muffler delete pipe in your car.

Mufflers are installed in cars to reduce the overall noise produced by the engine of the vehicle. Thus, using a car with no muffler in public streets is illegal in many states as it can cause discomfort to others.

For example, it is illegal in California to get a muffler delete. However, many states allow cars to get a muffler delete for off-road driving. 

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Muffler Delete Alternatives

Muffler deletes are not the only way to make your automobile roar. If you do not want a muffler delete, then looking for an alternative is the best option. To be honest, there are not a lot of alternatives to a muffler delete that provides the same performance as a muffler delete. 

If you want to increase the sound of your car while driving without performing a muffler delete, opt for a resonator delete. But before doing so, make sure your automobile has a resonator.

Removing the resonator will make just as sound as a muffler delete, except your muffler, will remain intact. But many states do not allow resonator delete just like muffler deletes, so be sure to check the road regulations. 

Another alternative to a muffler delete is installing a straight pipe exhaust. With a straight pipe, you will need to remove the resonator and the catalytic converters in the exhaust system of your vehicle. But just like muffler deletes, many states do not allow driving a car without catalytic converters on public roads. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a muffler delete worth it?

Ans: A muffler delete will improve the function and performance of your car. It will amplify and enhance the vehicle’s engine. By getting a muffler delete you will be reducing back pressure on the engine. If your car has an old model of a muffler, chances are it is restricting the performance of your vehicle a lot.

Newer models of mufflers are not as restricting. However, if you do not like loud noises from your vehicle, you would not like a muffler delete. 

Q: How much are a muffler delete and straight pipe?

Ans: Straight pipes do the same thing as a muffler delete except it is much cheaper. For a muffler delete you will have to pay $50 to $300 just for the pipe and parts. But for a straight pipe, you will have to spend as little as $20 to $30 for the pipe. You have to spend extra on installation. 

Q: Can you undo a muffler delete?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to undo a muffler delete. During a muffler delete, the muffler of your vehicle was removed. And in its place, an additional piece of the exhaust pipe was placed. If you want to undo a muffler delete, you will have to remove the additional piece of the exhaust pipe. Cutting it will make space for the reinstallation of the muffler. 

Q: How can I save money?

Ans: Getting a muffler delete done by professionals has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. A muffler delete will enhance the performance of your car, but it will still cost a hefty sum to get it done by an expert.

If you want to save money on a muffler delete, then doing it yourself is a great idea. It is a simple step but still needs to be done with care. Another way to save money is spending on a straight pipe. Straight pipes give the same outcome as muffler deletes but are cheaper. 

Final Thoughts 

The sound of your vehicle along with the enhanced engine performance will elevate your driving experience. Comparing the cost and the benefits, we can say that getting a muffler delete is worth it. But we will also recommend checking out the traffic laws in your state to find out whether it is legal or not. 

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