How Much Does A Pug Cost in 2022

The pug is a type of lovely dog with its own cuteness, compact, and fairly of clownish. You’ll also love this dog as a dog lover and will ask the question of how much does a pug cost. The adorable dog breeds vary their initial price range from $600 to $1,500.

But, the price may be higher in the range of $1,900 to $6,000 that depends on the pedigree. We’re talking about the price of the Pug as it’s the initial thing that you should keep in mind before you make a purchase.

So, it’s a big issue and you have to understand clearly the matter before you commit to a new dog. That’s why we’ll learn about some essential topics related to the Pug cost throughout this post.

The Initial Price Of The Pug

Like many other things, the prices of the Pug also vary widely. By now, you know the average price of the Pug. You’ll get papers with the dog, but it probably not shows the breeding rights or quality.

Also, you know the Pug with great lineage cost 3/4 times more price depending on the breed of the dog. You might be thinking you’re paying a bit pricier, but it’s good to know that the dog comes from a good breed line.

Other than the said prices or disregarding the question of how much does a pug puppy cost, the Pug cost $1,022.50 in average has stated by the NextDayPets. But, you can go through another way like getting to adopt the Pug to get a reduced cost.

Including of vaccinations and registrations, pet adoption ranges in between $350 to $550. Apart from saving some money, you’ll also provide a suitable home for the dog that really needs it.

Other Considerable Cost Factors Out of the Pug Price

Usually, the Pug is the type of dog that needs very lower maintenance cost. As their coat sheds, you should not worry about their grooming without baths and nail trims. And both of the tasks you can complete at your home for the least price.

You can invest in training your dog that will make it well-mannered and well-behaved pup. Luckily, the Pug breed is a type of people-pleaser dog and it learns quickly. So, it’s enough to avail it some group training sessions along with work at home.

Another associated cost of the Pug is its supplies. At the initial stage, a dog needs a collar and leash with some toys, food, and water bowls plus a bed and a brush. These all include how much does a pug dog cost.

Vet Expenses For The Pug

The average vet lifespan of the Pug is 12 to 15 years. But, they’re likely to fall some major health problems during their lifetime. The main health issues of the Pug are canine hip dysplasia and Pug Dog Encephalitis.

Also, there are some other minor issues like legg-perthes, patellar luxation, obesity, skin infection, and elongated palate. For all of the above-said conditions, skin infections and obesity are very simple to prevent.

Although it’s easy to put on the Pug, this is not good for the stout frame. So, if you can keep your Pug in a healthy weight, you can prevent their health issues. Also, ensure you have sterilized or neutered them right away if you don’t make plans to breed your Pug.

It’ll cost you within $250 to $500. Generally, vet bills are not avoidable, but you can reduce the medical expenses if you take the proper care of its health.

The Cost Of A Pug Feeding

If you have a Pug with more weight of 14-18 pounds, it’s a petite pup that has a decent appetite. In this case, the experts suggest that your Pug puppy needs about a cup of food every day. And it increases up to 1½ when it has fully grown.

The average prices of a quality Pug dog food are $2 to $3 every pound. Thus, you can get a portion of 30-pound dog food for $55 that’s equal to 120 cups of food for your Pug. So, a bag of the 30-pound dog food will go up to 80 if an adult dog eats 1½ every day.

That means you can buy a 3-month food just for $55. Also, you can stock up dog foods and it’ll cost in between $5-$10 per bag. So, there is nothing to be worried regarding the cost of a Pug feeding.

How To Save Money On Buying A Pug

If you have a dream of buying a Pug as a show dog, you may need to pay a higher price for lineage. But, when you just look for a simple family pet, you can save some bucks on its price.

Below are some of the money-saving ways while buying a Pug.  

Coat Color

You’ll find three different colors of Pug coat like black, silver, and fawn where fawn is the most popular one. This is why breeders charge more dollars for the pups of fawn color.

So, if you like to save some money, you should keep this factor on your mind. In this case, you can get the black-coated one as it costs lower.


Usually, speaking baby Pugs are very expensive than adult ones. It’s because the most possible buyers like to get the pug puppy. So, if you choose a bit of an older one, you’ll often get a lower cost than buying a puppy pug.

Although it’s difficult to resist of alluring a baby pug, these older dogs are also puppies in each way. But, when you’ll know how much do baby pugs cost, you may think another way. Moreover, you can even get the one that already has potty training.

Pug Rescue

Another great way to save money is rescuing while bringing a pug at your home. For this thing, it just cost $200 or $300 for an adopting pug. With keeping this in mind, it’s almost paid for its own when you adopt a new best friend for you.


We have learned one thing clear from the above discussion that it really doesn’t a big issue how much does a pug cost if you choose it accordingly. A Pug is indeed a great companion as an affectionate and playful.

But, when you like to save some money from buying a Pug, you must follow the above-said tips.

So, it’s doubtless that it’ll add some more joy to your life while adopting bold pups. However, you have to be prepared mentally for the higher tolerance and spend some more time on it.

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