How Much Does a Tail Light Cost? [Repair & Replacement]

Vehicle models get flashier and fancier signature lightings with every release. However, most people often disregard one of its most important parts, the tail lights, until they need to replace them. And the first thing they wonder, how much does a tail light cost?

How Much Does a Tail Light Cost

To get straight to the point, the repair cost of a tail light varies widely. This depends on factors like the reason for the change, the condition of your vehicle, and the operability of the sockets & wiring required.

But don’t worry, because, in this article, we will go over every factor that you need to know about and will break down all possible options that are connected to the repair cost.

So, let’s get into the details, shall we?

What Is a Tail light?

Before we dive into the details behind how much it will cost for you to purchase or replace a tail light from your vehicle. Let’s take a look at what tail light actually is.

Tail lights are the lights that are in the back of your vehicle to let other drivers on the road know you are driving in front of them. Many people confuse them with brake lights, but brake lights only glow when you hit the brakes so that the other drivers know you are slowing down. Also, brake lights are brighter than tail lights.

Unlike brake lights, tail lights are always glowing. This way, people driving behind not only know you are there but can also estimate the distance between the two vehicles. They can be extremely helpful in foggy or hazy situations.

Taillights also provide information about your vehicle’s type towards the others. Due to this, no matter how difficult the weather condition is, the drivers will know your vehicle’s position, size, and type right away.

What Is the Tail light Made of?

Lights, in general, are made with a lot of complicated parts, and tail lights are no different in this case. The number of components that are involved plays a big role in deciding the price of the tail light. For example, the cost of an LED tail light will be very high compared to a non-LED one.

Nowadays, lights of all kinds are pricier due to being energy preserving. This type of light is made of halogen. The colors of tail light are generally white, but they come out as red due to lens covers.

There are also sockets from which the light bulb gets its power. And they come with wiring loops that don’t come cheap. The wirings can go up to 3 to 4 meters, and even that is being considerate. These wires are also connected to your vehicle’s brake switch, so one mishap can cause more trouble for your car.

That’s why you should always pick an expert when tail lights are concerned.

Keep in mind that you might have to buy all of these parts if your vehicle’s tail light is badly damaged. And once you add them all up, the price can be alarming.

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Repairment Cost of Tail Lights Depending on the Problems

The repair costs depend on the damage your tail light has undergone. If the problem is small, the cost will be lower, but if the damage involves all the important parts connected with the tail light, the price will go higher.

In order to determine the repair cost for your tail lights, you need to identify the issue. Here are the most common problems that will require you to change your tail light or some of the parts connected with it:

1. Faulty Bulbs

This is always the first conclusion to any issue that has a light connected with it. Every light comes with an expiry date. And if your tail light is not working, then maybe it has gone out.

If this happens, then you don’t have to pay much for the maintenance cost. You just have to go to the nearest automobile shop and purchase a bulb that is compatible with your car’s tail light socket.

Now, the price for a tail light bulb should be around 20 to 40 USD if you are going with a normal, standard brand. But if you want to add LED tail lights with energy-saving technologies and such, then you might have to pay somewhere between 100 USD to 300 USD. The price will also depend on your vehicle’s model.

2. Faulty Sockets

Another common issue concerning tail lights is a faulty socket. Your light bulb won’t work if the socket is unable to provide the necessary electricity. There are several reasons behind a defective socket. Maybe the wiring is off, or one of the parts is damaged.

Most of the time, if you have a faulty socket, you have to replace it with a new one. The price for a tail light’s socket can range from 5 USD to 20 USD. But the price can rise depending on your vehicle. The quality of the socket also plays a big role in determining the price.

3. Bad Fuse

Fuses are the safety feature that ensures that the electricity isn’t overpowering the system. While it prevents certain damage to your vehicle, a bad fuse will also cut the power to your tail lights. In this case, you will have to change the fuse from the fuse box. Fuses generally cost somewhere between $5 to $50.

Sometimes you might need to change the entire fuse box, and that can cost you around $50 to $100. But this only happens if your vehicle isn’t powering up at all.

4. Electrical System Error

There are times your car’s electrical system can have issues that can affect the tail lights. This is a very complex problem and requires the help of professionals.

IF you count only the labor, then you will need to pay around 100 USD, give, or take. But if you need to purchase extra parts for the repair, then the price can go up to 400 USD.

5. Damaged Light Sensor

Newer car models come with a feature called ambient light. This feature allows the car to automatically adjust the brightness so that it can save more energy. If the light sensor is damaged, then it will have a significant effect on the tail light.

The price for light sensors depends heavily on the car model. But if you want to go for low-budget options, then you can find sensors for around 30 USD. However, if you want quality sensors, you might have to pay around 200 USD.

6. Faulty Lens Cover

As mentioned earlier, lens covers are the part that makes your tail lights glow red. If the lens is damaged or has gotten foggy due to moisturization, then your tail light will start exhibiting issues. The price of lens covers mainly depends on the car model and brand.

You can work with some standard lens, then you can get the job done, but it isn’t the optimal option, and we only recommend it if you don’t find any other way. The overall cost can be around $30 to $150.

7. Damaged Tail Light

What if you have experienced a minor accident and your tail light was damaged. Then depending on the damage, your price will go higher or lower.

No matter what the case, if this happens, then you will have to pay a hefty amount of money. Because you will have to replace the bulbs, sockets, nodes, and wiring, you will also have to pay for the labor.

For this scenario, you can expect an overall cost starting from 200 USD to 2000 USD. The price will increase or decrease depending on the brand and the model of the vehicle.

If you happen to own a super luxury car, then the price will be extremely high. But if your car is on the cheaper side, the repair cost will also be more reasonable.

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Start Calculating Your Tail Light Repairment Cost Now!

Driving without a tail light is not only harmful to you and the other drivers; it is also a misdemeanor. You can get fined up to 1000 dollars for not having tail lights on.

That’s why if you are planning on repairing or replacing your tail light, do it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might have to pay the cost of the repairs along with a hefty fine.

And if you have come this far in the article, then we know that you know everything regarding how much does a taillight cost. So, do your calculations and get started with the tail lights repairment cost.

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