How Much Does A Violin Cost in 2022

This is not surprising when you decide to buy a violin; you look for how much does a violin cost. Because you must nee a violin when you like to learn how to play it, this might be an individual one or rented. Some of the beginners like to rent a violin for some months during their learning period.

At this time, they prepare themselves for the next levels to buy their own violin. If you’re in one of the same stages, you’ll find the next question something like this: how much does a good violin cost. The range of the violin prices may indeed vary widely from $100 to $10,000.

But, as a beginner, you should choose the one that meets your current level instead of getting too pricey. Overall, you can budget between $400-$2,000 for a violin of the early stages.

Now, let’s know about the details of this issue along with the matter of how much does it cost to rent a violin.

What Does Affect The Cost Of A Violin?

There are many things that affect the cost of a violin, including size, age and maker, seller, and some others. Here is a short description of them:


As every person is not the same in size, all violins are also not the same size. When you’ll go for a shop around, you’ll learn the terms “partial” and “full-size.”

A full-size violin is suitable for most adults and a partial-size one is perfect for kids and smaller adults. Indeed, the size of a violin stands to the neck’s length of a violin in comparison to the player’s arm’s length.

Thus, you’ll find a wide variation in the price of these two types of violins mainly for two reasons. The first one is that it has been made for the needs of children and another one is it has not been made of the same quality as the full-size violin.

Age & Maker

While determining the cost of a violin, its age plays a great role out there. Usually, an older violin costs more than the new one, but it’s quite rare to find. However, you should not be swayed just by the age of a violin.

Instead, the violin’s condition will affect its price that including extreme varnish wear or cracks. In this way, new violins are just cheaper than the older ones. But, when it comes to the mass production of violins, they’re not higher in price regardless of their age.

There is another factor that affects the cost is the maker of the violins. That’s why a violin of a famous brand will cost more than that are unknown or less known items.


There are many types of violin sellers like chain stores, second-hand stores, boutique stores, and online auctions. You have a good chance to negotiate with these sellers at a lower price. But, you have to do it just when you know precisely what it offers and what you’re looking for.

Also, you should consider whether the sellers have a well-documented return policy without issue. Moreover, you’ll find some other types of sellers that don’t offer you a case, bow, or some other accessories that are essential to play the violin.

As you know by now the cost of a reputed stores’ violin may be a bit higher, you must have some individual things in your own like your personal knowledge.

As long as you have the proper knowledge, you can get the better one. Also, knowledge can help you to decide the question of how much does a Stradivarius violin cost.


You might be thinking a violin is just a piece of item that you have to buy to play it. Some other necessary accessories can affect the price of a violin. These include bow, case, additional strings, rosin, shoulder rest, tuner, music book, and music stand.

Although you’ll find some other accessories to buy, you can start with these that we have said here. But, note that usually, a beginner’s violin comes with some accessories like the case, bow, and rosin.

Some Tips for Buying A Violin

The first one is you should play the violin before you make a purchase. This is enough to look beautiful because it may not be perfect with sound. Also, sometimes the newer brands provide the best value of your money for the sound, rich tones, and responsiveness of the violin.

Moreover, it’s a great idea to get some additional pairs of ears. As it may differ from the sound that you and your audience hear when you play the violin. So, if you take some more listeners with you, they can help you to choose the right one for you.

Final Thought

When you’re at the next level, the intermediate stage, you should take some more time to buy a violin. In this issue, visit some different stores and also try out a large number of various brands.

Thus, you can ensure the perfect match for you to get the best result. Regardless of the question of how much does a violin cost, there is nothing as essential as buying a suitable piano to make beautiful music.

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