How Much Does a Zamboni Cost?

Have you ever wondered how much those giant vehicles around an ice rink costs when you’re at a Hockey game?

Or have you been tasked to replace your year-old Zamboni because it has been doing nothing but spitting snow all over the ice?

Maybe you are not operating it properly, or maybe it’s finally time to get rid of that decade-old resurfacer and get a new one! However, the only problem is you have no idea how much does a Zamboni cost.

If you are not sure how much funds to set aside, don’t worry! We have got your back, and we are here to give you a detailed breakdown of the different types of Zambonis and how much they cost! So, keep on reading.

Types of Zambonis and Their Costs

Before we move on to the costs, it is crucial to know the types of Zambonis available in the market as it highly correlates with its price. Here is what you can expect:

Model 100

This is a classic fuel-powered Zamboni. The Model 100 is a small tractor-pulled unit and might cost up to $10,000 or more, while the full-sized units could cost up to or under the lower six figures.

It is perfect for smaller surfaces, up to 5000 sf. Due to its optimal weight and down pressure, you can get the perfect ice resurfacing without having to pay for a full-sized machine.

Model 700

The Model 700 Zamboni machines can cost up to$100,000 to $200,000 or more depending on the specifications. For instance, HSBC Arena in Buffalo paid about $225,000 for the new Model 700 to their specifications.

With its wider blade and doubled ice-making mechanism, the 700 is built to handle larger ice sheets and reduce your workload to the bare minimum.

Zamboni 552

The 552 is a Lead Acid battery operated machine and can start from $160,000 and cost up to $250,000 or more. This electric Zamboni asks for a higher price due to its environmentally sustainable features.

With its 17.5 horsepower motor taking you on an extraordinary drive at 60 mph, the 552 is one of the top choices for tackling hectic arena operations.

Olympia Zamboni

Similar to Zamboni 552, this model is also electrically operated. However, Olympias are wider and less nimble. With time and skill, you can even learn to cut in lesser passes. They are used more in professional ice rinks.

These machines can cost around $200,000 to $250,000.


If you have been searching for an answer to how much does a Zamboni cost, you must have been incredibly confused at the varied costing.

The price varies substantially depending on the size and features of the Zamboni machines and the individual needs of each ice arena. But the question is, is the exorbitant cost worth it?

When purchasing a Zamboni, ask yourself whether you would rather invest in a more environmentally friendly vehicle that is expensive but provides better service over a longer period. Or, in a normal Zamboni with a lower shelf life that is fueled by unrenewable energy.

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