How Much Does An Electric Wheelchair Cost in 20223

Electric wheelchairs are also known as power scooters, power chairs, or electric scooters. They usually take less body movement to function as an electric wheelchair function by pressing a button or controlling a small joystick.

The most common question to arise whenever an electric wheelchair is mentioned is “how much does an electric wheelchair cost?”. So, in this article, I am going to explain how much electric wheelchairs cost. Usually, the cost of an electric wheelchair will vary from about $1,000 to $15,000.

You can also buy or customize electric wheelchairs with a particular function and need in mind. Depending on the brand, efficiency, size, functionality, and necessities, an electric wheelchair’s cost will vary. However, the average electric wheelchair for active users can be assumed to be priced at about $2000 to $3000.

For starters, your electric wheelchair’s cost will depend on which wheel type you are choosing for you. There are three types of electric wheelchair– rear wheel, Mid wheel, and front wheel.

How Much Does a Front-wheel Electric Wheelchair Cost?

Front-wheel electric chairs come with four wheels-two are big wheels used for the push, and two are smaller rear castors to assist with stability and versatility. They make sure to keep you stable while driving.

These front-wheel power chairs are perfect for people who want to climb obstacles or higher places. They are also suitable for alternate control drivers. The cost of these wheelchairs will be between approximately $1699- $1922.

How Much Does A Mid-wheel Electric Wheelchair Cost?

Mid-wheel power chairs come with six wheels, which give traction while driving. Usually, people consider mid-wheel power chairs as the best option, as it has the benefits of both front-wheel and rear-wheel versions. It has a small 3600 pivot radius, which makes it entirely user-friendly.

The price range of mid-wheel wheelchairs can vary from $2249- $7468, depending on the brand and other specifications.

How Much Does a Rear-wheel Electric Wheelchair Cost?

Rear-wheel power chairs come with four wheels, which help in maintaining perfect traction. If people want smooth drive and comfort in their wheelchair rear wheel is for them. The cost of rear-wheel wheelchairs can stay between approximately $1575 to $7000.

Apart from these three types, your specification of accessories and function can also impact the cost. Some of these specifications can be battery life, control feature, usability, size, etc. Here are the costs based on some of these specifications:

How Much Does an Electric Wheelchair with the Best Battery Life Cost?

If you are a person who wants your electrical wheelchair to last more than usual in one full charge, then it can affect the cost of your charge. A wheelchair that can drive 20-32-miles per complete charge can cost up to $5,605.

How Much Does A Foldable Electric Wheelchair Cost?

If you feel the need to fold your wheelchair whenever you are not using it, you can use an electric wheelchair that can be folded according to your need. Some wheelchairs come in various folding styles. The average cost of these kinds of wheelchairs is approximately $2,423. However, if you add more specializations, the cost can take a hike

How Much Does A Standup Electric Wheelchair Cost?

If you are trying to improve reach so that you can actively participate in daily activities like reaching out to pick something or cooking, flexing your muscles, moving, etc. with your electric wheelchair, in that case, you will need standup electric wheelchairs. They are more likely to be costly. In a good brand, you can find it for $8,950.

How Much Does A Compact Electric Wheelchair Cost?

Compact electric wheelchairs are best for traveling and keeping away the wheelchair unless needed. These kinds of wheelchairs can be disassembled into many smaller and lightweight parts to fit in small places. The cost range can be approximately $1,495.00 -$6000.

How Much Does A Mouth-Control Electric Wheelchair Cost?

People who are bodily disabled but can talk often need these types of electric wheelchairs. These wheelchairs work with voice commands and can be more costly than other kinds. The cost of these wheelchairs will start from $6,000/$8,000 depending on the other needs of the user.

How Much Does A Full Size (XL) Electric Wheelchair Cost?

These wheelchairs are commonly known as “XL power wheelchairs” as they are larger. People who need more weight capacity and durability choose these types of wheelchairs. The cost range will be approximately $1600-$3500.


Now that you have a clear idea on how much does an electric wheelchair cost, you can decide better. But if the mid-range wheelchair is what you’re looking for, my recommendation will be to budget about $4000. Also, consider the chair with accessories, features, and additional batteries that you may require in that range.

However, if you’re considering a standup wheelchair like mentioned above, you have to budget for a substantially higher price.

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