How Much Does an NFL Helmet Cost?

Maybe you want to buy an NFL helmet for your child, or maybe you want to gift one to your niece or nephew for their birthday. Or perhaps you want to buy one for yourself. There could be so many reasons for someone to buy an NFL helmet.

But before going out to buy one, you must be thinking about how much does an NFL helmet cost and what are the factors that can affect its cost. While deciding to buy, you also need to figure out the frequency of the playing time and the position.

Fortunately for you, we are going to break down the cost of an NFL helmet depending on its many characteristics.

Features That Affect the Cost of an NFL Helmet

To help you get your desired NFL helmet within your budget, mentioned below are the contributing factors that affect the cost of an NFL helmet.


One of the features that affect how much an NFL helmet costs is the shell.

Hardshell helmets can absorb more force impact than softshell helmets. So, they are more expensive than the latter and range somewhere between $70 to more than $600.

Softshell helmets are mostly used in light football-playing where there is no hard tackle. They are anywhere between $20-$50.

Size and Age

The cost of an NFL helmet also depends on the size of the helmet and age.

For adults, helmets come in four different sizes. The price range for these is between $100-$1000.

On the other hand, the helmet market considers children aged 11 to 13 as youth. Youth helmets come in six different sizes and are made of ABS plastic which is lightweight and durable and gives lasting protection. The price range of youth helmets is somewhere from $70 to up to $300.


Types of materials used in the making will affect how much an NFL helmet cost. Leather and harder leather cost are a bit lower than the polycarbonate molded shells.

However, they are rarely used nowadays because of their shortcoming in absorbing the impact of force on the field.


Depending on the brand, the cost of an NFL helmet varies.

There are many high-end brands of helmets. VICIS ranges between $500-$800, Riddell ranges between $100-$500, Schutt between $150-$850, and Xenith ranges between $200-$600.

Whereas, if you buy it in retail, the cost starts at $35 and can go up to $1500.

Cost Affecting Safety Features

Increment of safety features can also affect pricing These features added are mostly based on the protection and comfort of the player, such as:

  • Padding or cushioning inside to reduce the impact of force on the head. Besides, TPU padding system has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to keep the player cool for long hours.
  • A quick-release system to remove the helmet quickly during emergencies.
  • During this pandemic, a part has been added where players place their face masks.
  • Airliners to snugly fit the helmet on your child’s head.
  • Stabilizers to keep the jaw stay in place.

Also, it will cost you extra if you want to customize your helmet.

Get Your Desired Nfl Helmet Today!

What are you waiting for? Now that you have an answer to how much does an NFL helmet cost, it is time to get one.

You do not have to be a professional football player to buy an NFL helmet. Just wear it while you play recreationally. Or get it for someone who needs the motivation to start their NFL journey. Just make sure it has the features that you need.

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