How Much Does An Ancestry Cost? | Updated (2020)

This is the most frequently asked questions regarding is how much does ancestry cost. You’re one of them who inquire its price, but the ironic matter is that it’s not an issue to answer in a short line. However, we have tried to make things brief for you that it cost US$19.99/month.

We’re assuming that you know well about Ancestry. But, we’re going to discuss some key topics that relate to the prices of And the first thing is that what and why for. Okay, let’s start with this topic.

What Is For?

It’s a large collection of various tools to research to build a family tree. No matter you’re using an app or its desktop version; you’ll not face any issue to use it. Also, you’ll get access to much more records than many other websites

Thus, it’s the top website for genealogy search and research. As it’s sated in the site, you’ll get complete access of over 20 billion records that have been collected from 80 countries across the world.

In compare to a site like MyTrees that has just one billion of resources to work with, is a leader on any similar site. Also, the site loads just about two million new records daily to their website. As a result, the collections are consistently getting higher regularly.

Membership Levels

As there are some different membership levels, you can pick from varying prices. Also, if you signup for the whole month, you can get a discounted amount to pay. Moreover, you have the option to hire a professional to you to do some research on the genealogy with additional costs.  

Free Trial of Ancestry

If you pick a trial membership of, regardless of how much does ancestry DNA cost, you’ll get access of free trial of the site. However, it offers free trial separately with the geological aspect. For example, if you select the trial with US records, you’ll be able to access to just US records.

Besides, if you go with a World trial, you’ll get full access to their entire records. But, don’t forget one thing that it’ll be billing after a 14-day trial period if you forget to cancel the trial membership.  

How To Use Ancestry For Free

Yes, you can use free of cost its large database without knowing how much does an ancestry DNA test cost. You just have to create a guest account to do so. But, you’ll be able to access a part of their full database with a free account.

So, if you like to use their site, it’s a good start for you before getting a paid membership. After that, you can upgrade your membership when you’re serious about the matter of genealogy.


By now, you know how much does ancestry cost. Also, you know that it has trial membership and limited free accessing offer. But, we suggest going with a free offer for your satisfaction and then upgrading to the paid membership.

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