How Much Does Betterhelp Cost Per Month? | Updated (2020)

One of the largest and leading online-based counseling platforms is the BetterHelp. The organization works many ways to face the challenges of human lives. That’s why they provide affordable, discreet, and convenient access to their licensed therapists.

When it comes to the question of how much does BetterHelp cost, it varies from $40 to $70/week and they make bill monthly. for this cost, you’ll get their professional counseling from anywhere and any time as long as you have an internet connection with your PC, laptop, and other supportive smart devices.  

What Does Affect The Cost Of The Betterhelp

It’s almost impossible to find any therapy without charge. But, some therapies come to a trial offer. If you find someone has received free mental health care is lucky. Most of the people in the US should pay for their counseling.

No matter how much does Betterhelp cost per month, you must pay every month. But, it depends on your choice of therapy that you like to get according to your mental state. Unlike some other organizations that have free and discounted therapy, Betterhelp offer nothing in free of cost.

Another considerable factor is that the cost varies as per the number of sessions you’ll be continuing in a year. It means that the fees vary on therapy type and the total number of your expected sessions. In this case, you might have chosen a couple of therapy and getting it with one of yours.

But, if you select to get sessions, not including your partner, you’ll have to pay for you and your partner. That’s why should know all things in details that will help you to avoid a higher amount of monthly bills. Let’s know some other factors that affect the cost.

The circumstances make a difference, and you should make sure that you know how much the therapy you need, costs. Remember that therapists don’t get paid unless you or the insurance company is compensating them for their services.

The Living Area Matters

Where you live it matters very much when you look for the availability of mental healthcare. Regarding your current geographical location, the cost of therapy would be less or more. For example, you can find counselors charge less of their counseling fee in the Midwest.

Besides, it could be higher for those who are living in the West and East coast. Also, the cost differs respectively for the large city and the rural community.

Counselors and therapists in remote areas typically charge less to accommodate patients with lower incomes because therapy needs to stay affordable for their patients.

Treatment Length

Treatment length may affect the total cost of Betterhelp. It’s because all counselors are different from their treatment method. It’ll decide the treatment length depending on what therapy type you choose. As a mental health advisor or counselor, many of them look after a patient for a term of 3 months.

But, some of them like to treat them for a longer time, for years. Apart from this issue, the other thing arises if the treating person has any mental illness or any type of chronic mental health issue.

Different Mental Health Conditions

It impacts widely on the counseling length the amount of money you’ll spend. Someone goes to a therapist with his or her specific mental health problems. Among the problems, there are some chronic issues like depression or bipolar disorder.

Also, there is another part of people meets a therapist to get solutions to their life’s challenges like the death of a beloved person. The quantity of time varies when different people meet a therapist that depends on the issue you’re looking for treatment.

Moreover, you could decide to keep on therapy even if your primary problem is convenient. Because it puts in your life’s value, you can choose to continue to therapy. If this is the case, don’t forget the issue of the cost for treatment into your financial plan.

Making Budget for Therapy

It’s open for everybody to choose to improve their problematic mental health by getting therapy. Some people may not be qualified for community mental health agency or therapy of sliding scale. If it happens with you, you’re likely to squeeze some money from your planned budget to avail this handy step.

Just get sit and review your entire budget if you have a chance to cut something to create space for it. Remember one thing that if you get a situational or short-term issue, it’ll not be a permanent item in the budget.


So, you have learned many factors affect the answer to the question of how much does Betterhelp cost. This is very important to get a reasonably priced healthcare. But, in reality, enough people re not getting this access.

That’s why the private healthcare service providers come on existence. They serve people offering some different health plans like Blue Shield, and Blue Cross. The most stunning point of this service is that you can get it from anywhere and anytime.

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